Friday, February 7, 2020

I May Be Slightly Blanket Obsessed 😁

I thought I'd stack up most of the blankets I've made inspired and designed by the amazing Lucy at Attic24 blog fame.  I've been asked "what are you going to do with another blanket?".  Well.. I use them!  I have also made blankets for wedding gifts, baby showers, grandchildren, etc.  It's my hobby and it makes me happy and the recipients, too.  I don't drink or gamble or spend oodles on clothes or shoes.  To me, it's all good.  Right?

My first Lucy blanket.. a rainbow of cotton in her granny stripe.  

This one has brightened the interior of our travel trailer for years!  I've also made several throw pillows in fun colors.

This is my second Dune afghan for my 2 granddaughters who live way way way far away in Ohio.   

This is the first one and it's already wrapping my oldest granddaughter in love from her grandma.

This is my Sweet Pea Trellis.. love it so much. 

Here it is spread out on our king size bed.

The Woodland.. such pretty Autumn colors, mosses, water and colorful leaves.

Here is the whole blanket spread out.

My current WIP - work in progress.  Dahlia!

I think this was my 2nd blanket, a lap sized Neat Ripple.  

Over the years I have never missed a blog post of Lucy's and have rarely missed commenting on each one.  I've been with her through the addition of her youngest child and family losses and also celebrated with her as she's become a huge success with a massive following on her blog and Facebook. She is a "Blog Star"!  She has led workshops in France and has been asked to be a consultant for large yarn companies.  She posted this photo I did on her blog, I was so thrilled!  I just love and admire her so much! 

When Lucy asked those working on the Dahlia CAL to share a photo of their blankets #CrochetInTheWild - so Dayle and I took my Dahlia up to Portland Women's Forum for a photo shoot.  And Lucy posted the photo below on her blog post today.  WooHOO!  Thanks, Lucy!!

So.. there you go.  And so if I'm a bit obsessed, there are certainly worse things to overdo on.. right?  Have a fabulous weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Lovely!some of the colors in these remind me of the Navajo blankets my mother had.

  2. Whau!! Your crochet work is beautiful!!! You have an abundance of work all done!

  3. Your blankets are all so beautiful. I just love the colors in all of them, so cheerful! You do beautiful work!

  4. Fantastic Teresa and I too have made Ripple. Granny stripe some a few times over and much loved by all. Lovely post to read today 💖💖😀😀

  5. I've also followed Lucy for years and have enjoyed seeing her children grow and go on caravan trips with them among other things.
    I loved seeing your beautiful blanket in YOUR caravan last year. I have lots of crocheted blankets in our trailer too. You have quite the pile of beautiful color in your blankets and there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. I have the same yarny obsession so how could I find anything wrong with that? :-)
    I finished my granny rectangle today. I need to measure it to get the accurate size, but when I laid it on the queen size bed it covered the top completely. I crocheted until I ran out of yarn!
    I hope you and Dayle have a wonderful weekend planned. I wish we were closer and could run over and meet you both for lunch or dinner. Kyllos sounds good about now!

  6. There are worse vices than crochet! xx

  7. Oh Teresa, I now have blanket envy. They look so bright and cheerful

  8. I can totally understand the obsession :). All your blankets are beautiful. It won’t be long before I make another one lol. Have a lovely weekend. B x

  9. Your blankets are gorgeous! I have only made and gifted 3 crochet items; 2 small blankets and a shawl. Like you I don't drink, smoke or gamble on the lottery or anything and crocheting is my only vice. I've seen your photos on Lucy's blog. Best, Jane x

  10. Beautiful the stunning array of colour in all your projects is a delight. I am working on one at the moment for a gift for my youngest Grandaughter.

  11. Not overdone at all, there is always room for another blanket. Yours are beautiful and I really love seeing the one in your trailer. I always read Lucy's posts as well and I spotted your photo taken over the Colombia River Gorge - stunning. Keep up the crocheting! CJ xx

  12. As CJ says, there is always room for another blanket. We have so many, we could probably trade one or two for food in case of a zombie apocalypse :-)

  13. I so admire your beautiful blankets! It is great fun and inspirational to follow your blog and Lucy's. Thanks for posting!! ((hugs))

  14. They are so beautiful colours Lucy is a wonderful lady i have tried so many times to subscribe to her web page but it comes up with a load of numbers and writing i know i am missing her newsletters but i do try and visit her web page when i can and your wonderful blankets are great.

  15. Hello Teresa- your blankets are all gorgeous.
    I have followed Lucy for many years, there before she had her youngest. I went to the first Yarndale and was lucky enough to meet her. She is lovely. I have a photo somewhere on my lap top, I must try and find it. Take care. Hugs Anne x

  16. So many gorgeous crochet blankets Teresa! Lucy is so inspiring and a great tutor! Your crochet is always soooo neat, and I love seeing your pictures!XXX

  17. They-are-gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And all your creations!!!!!! How very talented you are!!!!!!

    How could anyone, _not_ be cheerful, in your home????? With such cheerful colors around.

    "All you need is love.
    But a little chocolate now and then
    doesn't hurt."
    ~Charles M. Schultz


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