Friday, June 26, 2020

River View, Tiger Lily and Tiny Stitches

The Historic Columbia River Highway has been closed from just before the Vista House and in front of Multnomah Falls area due to the Covid19 virus.  People Were not being careful at these popular attractions so the USFS and State Parks made decisions to block them off until further notice.  For new readers, this is the Columbia River which separates Oregon from Washington (on the left).

On Wednesday Dayle and I went on some errands - to pick up my cross-stitching supplies, fill the gas tank and do a drive-thru lunch.  On the way home we visited Portland Women's Forum which was recently opened.  I can't tell you how happy it made me to see this view once again.

A zoom image of four huge barges being pushed by a big tug boat.  These are common on the Columbia River.  I'm guessing they hold wheat from Eastern Oregon.

About a month ago this huge Douglas Fir in Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint was hit by lightning, look close and you can see half of it missing.  I wonder if the tree will survive?  I have been a member of Portland Women's Forum for many years and served as President for 4 years and am currently serving as Treasurer.  

Then.. I pulled up to the barricade heading to Vista House and asked the State Parks Ranger if he would let me through to get a photo of my beloved Columbia Tiger Lily wildflower which grows near a turnout on the way.  I told him that I was the Executive Director for the Friends of Vista House for 15 years and one of the founders of the group.  :-D  So, he pulled the barricade aside and let me pass.  I drove down the road and noted where some flowers were in bloom and then down to VH to turn around and head back and snuck a photo.  My beloved historic building is taking a well-earned break from the hordes of visitors who flock here.  

I was dismayed to only find ONE stem of the Columbia Tiger Lily in bloom.  Many times there are swaths of them in several locations.  The other flowers were all spent, I'm so happy this one was in perfect bloom.

Dayle actually had to do some climbing up into the bushes to get these photos for me using my iPhone.

I am absolutely in love with this amazing wildflower.

These are small and the circumference is the size of a silver dollar.  I do hope they re-seed widely for a good bloom next year.

Dayle snapped this cute little wildflower too.. it's a wild native Penstemon.

And now to my new project.  I have a wonderful blog friend named Helen Philipps who is a quilter, stitcher, designer and book author.  I am always amazed by her beautiful work.  On her current blog post she showed this adorable pin cushion and you can buy the pattern on her Etsy shop for an immediate download.  This design spoke to me with the red house, the flags and patriotic designs.  So, I went straight to her shop and bought it.   

I ordered the supplies via email from Craft Warehouse and they did the shopping for me and all I had to do was go in and pay for it. 

I got to use my new tailors scissors to cut the Aida fabric.  My friend Taci made the cover for it and gifted it to me one year.  

I saw some cool black scissors on Amazon and had to have them.  They're very sharp and only cost $16.99.  The handles are rubberized.

I cut the cloth bigger than I needed so I wouldn't run out of space.  :-)  Then I set to work.

I have to admit I got rather obsessed with working on this tiny little house.  LOL!  I blame my blog friend Vera who has been sharing her cute little cross stitch samplers she makes.  :-)

I changed the color placement on the roof, putting the blue on the outside edge.  The pattern calls for 2 strands of floss but I wish I'd used 3 strands as the 2 strands seem thin on my piece.  I see more stitching obsession again today.

I hope to get this done quickly so I can use it in my 4th of July decorations around the house.  I also must say that it did my blood pressure good to concentrate on this stitchery and not think so much about how dire the C-19 situation is in the USA.

Please wear a mask when out in public, Please wash your hands often.  PLEASE stay home and only go out for necessities.. (ok ok, floss isn't a necessity.. or is it?)  BE SAFE AND STAY WELL.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. I am so glad you got to go in, ; you've given so much to that organizations and historic landmark.....

    The flowers are lovely. So lovely. Im always wearing a mask if I'm in the car or past my driveway. We are , as you know, staying put. I miss my KIDS!!!!!! Zach is giving Troy a spanish lesson as I type this. This means there is hope. We want to go visit Zach and his friends as soon as we can.> I can't imagine when or I may cry. But he's here , on the computer right now next to me.

  2. Oh...that VIEW!!! I think I would just sit there and cry to see such beauty. I am so tired of being home. Our little piece of the world is feeling like a prison these days. Araignee

  3. Thank you for another beautiful post, Teresa and Dayle. The flowers are so pretty, and the views of favorite sites along the Columbia encourage me. Bravo on your stitching so far, Teresa! Lis and Gary drove me to the Freddie's in Sandy to pick up groceries. It was a joy to see what is growing along the route, and I got some photos on my phone of Mt. Hood! Happy Weekend! xx

  4. So much to love in your post today Teresa. I so love the Vista House and miss my visits there. Maybe someday soon. We can hope, right? I'm so glad you were allowed in.
    Your stitching is beautiful. I've finally been able to get the floss I needed for my project too. I don't know when I'll have time to work on it though. My next post will have the reason why.
    We hope you and Dayle have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your beautiful farm and flowers.

  5. Lots to love in this post :). Beautiful images of the river. Gorgeous flowers and I’m loving your cross stitch. A very therapeutic occupation. Enjoy. B x

  6. Those pictures of the Columbia gorge are stunning. We've never been to the Vista house. I will put that on our list for when we can travel again. The cross stitch looks very clever.

  7. love your visit to the Vista house. Hope to visit Oregon someday. What is the link to the scissors please. I need fabric ones that are affordable. hugs!♥


    2. thanks Teresa. got it! sometimes it cheaper to buy a new pair than get old ones sharpened. thanks for helping me. I will be ordering a pair on your recommendation. wearing masks where I live trigger people. They get rude, stare, etc. Me I am staying safe and healthy and you and Dayle as well!♥

  8. The views over Columbia river are really majestic, love the greens and blues and the vastness of the landscape. Enjoy your cross stitch project, it looks fun. I have a little cross stitch pin cushion my gran made many moons ago, it is very useful and pretty, just like yours is going to be x

  9. Wonderful pictures of your beautiful river.....and your July 4 pincushion too! Thank you for buying my pattern and giving me such a generous mention here! I agree that cross stitching is very therapeutic and absorbing. Hope you get your pincushion finished in time and enjoy the rest of your cross stitch project. Have a lovely week dear Teresa XXX

  10. Your stitching is beautiful Teresa. I have never tried cross stitch, I'm afraid my eyes can't take the tiny stitches. Glad you were able to see your beautiful Columbia River from the Vista House. Stay safe my friend, don't venture near Florida where things are completely out of control.

  11. Such a delight to visit your blog today and see Vista House and the view over the river such amazing views. A joy to see your cross stitch project. Take care dear friend and stay safe.

  12. Cute cross stitch piece Teresa! You got a great start on it and I'm curious to see how much you got done over the weekend! Love your pictures of the river and you captured some dramatic clouds too!

  13. Piękny projekt zdjęcia, pozdrawiam z Polski.


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