Wednesday, July 1, 2020

4th of July Pincushion Update

Ok.. so I fudged.  I am okay with the result.  In fact, being kind of a laizzez faire hippie type person (lais·sez-faire /ˌlesāˈfer/noun - a policy or attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering.) I'm happy with it.  In fact, when I was doing Native American bead work I learned to add a planned mistake, or "spirit bead.  

"A misplaced bead in a piece of beadwork is called a spirit bead in many Native American cultures. ... The Native American women who have traditionally created intricate, beadwoven pieces intentionally string on a bead of the wrong color in a pattern. This bead is called a spirit bead and is a reminder that nothing that is created by human hands can be perfect."

I have a few more things to fix before I sew the work to the red cotton I bought for the backing.  Dayle got my Singer Featherweight sewing machine out for me and I will use it to do the sewing.  I'll show more of that next time.  I have cotton batting for stuffing it.  I've even wondered how I could add a crocheted lace around the outside.  :-)

We also found a few more of my patriotic decorative items to put on the table.  Kristi got me the cute Uncle Sam candle holder and I found the fun Statue of Liberty last year or so.  I also got this Betsy Ross doll several years ago to use in a display for "Constitution Week" for the Daughters of the American Revolution.  See her sewing basket with red, white and blue thread and a sewing needle?

We ran some errands yesterday and when we returned home I snapped some photos on my walk into the house.  I am in love with these Hot Lips Salvia.

The orange-y red Lantana is looking lovely.

The fun speckled Begonia that Kristi gave us is thriving.

An exotic Lily is in bloom.

Kristi's Angels Trumpets are doing well.

The Jasmine is scenting the air near the pond, if you look close you can see all three of the waterfalls in the creek.

We love the Creeping Jenny in this pot.

I'm thinking this may be a banner year for our Bonfire Begonia Boliviensis and it will be fun to see how the new pink one keeps up with it.  :-)

I'm also loving the variety of colors in the mixed pots of Lobelia we put in this pot.  

I have my work cut out for me today.  I look forward to using my adorable vintage sewing machine.  I would like to buy more fabric and make some of our own masks to wear.  The one I have was made with very short elastic and it pops off my face which is not good.  But that will mean a trip to the craft warehouse for fabric and elastic.  I wish I had a stash of fabric like many crafters have!  OK.. stay safe my friends.. it's a wild and dangerous world out there!  

-:¦:-·:*'""*:·.-:¦:-·* HAPPY 4th of JULY! *·-:¦:-·:*'''''*:·-:¦:-

((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. Your stitching looks wonderful Teresa, you did such an incredible job. Enjoy sewing with your vintage machine and enjoy all those beautiful flowers surrounding your wonderful farm. Stay safe.

  2. I love your outdoor area. So beautiful! I love the idea of a spirit bead. What is perfect, after all?!! Stay safe!

  3. You made a very clever adjustment to your stitch count! I hope you enjoy machine stitching the pincushion together. This morning I knit another inch on the preemie blanket I am making while online on a Zoom meeting with some church friends. Thanks for letting us enjoy more photos of your gorgeous flowers!

  4. Love the Spirit Bead story, Teresa. Your cross stitch piece border looks great! I enjoyed seeing the variety of flowers you have. So beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your vintage sewing machine.

  5. I love the idea of a spirit bead, wonderful. The cross stitch project is beautiful, enjoy the finishing of the project with your vintage sewing machine. The blooms in your garden are so pretty.

  6. This "fix" is barely noticeable, well done you. I am waiting for three different salvia plants to be delivered.

  7. It looks great!! I can't believe you finished it so quickly. Araignee

  8. I have to sew some masks also but I think I will use fabric from tshirts and other clothes that we don't wear anymore. I even saw where you can make stretchy ties from tshirts. So you might look into that if you don't want to head to the craft store. Great way to reuse and recycle! Love the cute cross stitch and your other patriotic decorations!

  9. The pincushion is lovely and I love the idea of a spirit bead, how wonderful. The begonia is amazing, and it probably has a lot of growing still to do. Hope you stay safe too, CJ xx

  10. Hi Teresa I think it looks really gorgeous and you have fixed it so well, no one would realize unless you pointed it out. Such a pretty pin cushion. I'm glad to see you have been out and about running errands and staying safe. Have a fabulous 4th July! Hugs xx

  11. So many people strive for perfection but I definitely agree that handmade does not and should not have to be perfect. Your cross-stitch is very cute. Seeing as it was only the checkerboard border that was off, it would be an easy fix. Every single stitching I've done lately has either had a mistake that I fudge or my floss gets knotted up and drives me crazy. I used to cross-stitch all the time but now a little something always seems to go wrong. Love seeing all the varieties of plants and flowers around you. Take care.

  12. Thank you for your blogging Teresa xoxo

  13. I'm late, but I'm here! What a crazy week it has been. One I'm not wanting to ever do again.
    Love your cross-stitch. I think you make it so nice no one would know unless you told them. I hope you and Dayle have a great 4th of July even if it's different than normal. We're pretty much moved into the trailer. Just a few more things to bring from the house after it sells.

  14. Your garden is looking wonderful guys. Can't see the fix in the cross stitch, looks lovely. CN x

  15. I love all your plants, but Creeping Jenny is awesome. I may have to get some seeds for my friend Jenny!

  16. My goodness, you have so many beautiful flowers!


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