Monday, February 22, 2021

This Happened and Son Update

OK.. so.. my dear husband has been trying to tamp down my jadeite obsession.  You have enough, he said.  No, he said.  So, imagine my surprise when Dayle was checking craigslist for car parts and then for fun.. he typed in jadeite in the search feature.  He says to me.. hmm.. there is someone selling their whole collection of jadeite...  ::perk:: What?  Where?  Aloha, Oregon, 1 hour to the west of us.  I go look at the posting.. I go.. WHOA.. a bunch of rare pieces,  75 to be exact, HTF (hard to find in Jadeite Junkies lingo) and ones that were on my bucket list.  She had no price on it, requesting an offer.  We discuss the issue.  He suggests I make an offer.  YES HE DID!  We discuss how much.  He low balls, I say, that would be an insult, we agree on a bit more.  The seller says she's expecting a few more offers and it will go to the highest bidder.  I have to wait a a few days and she emailed back and said she'd received a higher offer.  ::sigh::  She says if the deal doesn't go through she'll let me know.  The other party is coming on Saturday at 10 am.  At 11:30 she notifies me they were a no-show.  We go there that afternoon, I inspect the items, we hand over the dough, wrap it all up and were home before dark.  Whew.  

I know what you're thinking.  Yes, I do.  What is she thinking?  Where is she going to put all that?  Well.. good question on both counts.  :-D  But remember, I have a whole blue painted cabinet to fill.  :-)

It was an investment, she says!  I saved this nice lady's collection from being sold bit by bit.. it will be loved here.

For now I am enjoying seeing them on the table.  :-)

Just these 4 pieces go for way over half of what we paid for all of it.

2/3's it are Jeanette and glow in a black light.

Two pitchers, the one on the left is also a measuring cup with a juice reamer on the top.  The one on the right is a milk pitcher.

They have embossed flowers on the bottom.

A wonderful hand-mixer.  It works well!  So, that was part of the excitement of Saturday.

The OTHER excitement was Dayle headed to the hospital to spend the day with our son Travis who had a major heart attack one week from that day and found he was ready to be released!!  So Dayle was the one who got to bring him home! Hallelujah!! Kristi was so excited!  He is so happy to be home!  We visited yesterday and brought the boys home.  Kristi is being an excellent nurse, she has a blood pressure machine, an oxygen and pulse meter, and is doting on him.  We got her 2 cookbooks for his post heart attack diet and picked up a pill splitter for her.  Thank you to all of you who kept him in your thoughts and prayers!  PS, I made that blanket for him and it warmed my mamas heart to see it on his lap.

I had to share this photo of El Capitan at Yosemite which we visited last year.  I love this photo.

Well.. that's it for me.. thanks for visiting!  
((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. SO good to see Travis home, I hope he makes a speedy recovery, I am sending my very best wishes. The jadeite collection is just wonderful. I have a particular penchant for lemon juicers, so it's love to see those. Also the larger one with the lid at the front, that looks very unusual. And the set of cannisters are gorgeous. A very good bargain, and I know you will give it a very good home. Hurray for the refurbished display cabinet! CJ xx

  2. Dear Teresa, what a relieve Travis is back home!! He looks a bit pale, but with Kristi around, spring on its way, and when he takes his time, things will be better! He is home, so doctors trust he can!! Safe!! So now you can enjoy your new jadeite collection in peace! What a beautiful treasures you got on your table down there!! Good thing you got your blue cabinet to fill! Btw. I spend a lot of time exploring your doll house!! So inspiring!! I am totally in love with it!! Lots of love, stay safe, Janneke.

  3. I love the blanket on Travis lap too!! Interesting stitch! :)

  4. What an amazing collection you bought - wow! But I don't think you are done yet - collecting is addictive!

    Such a blessing to have your son out of the hospital and back home to recuperate. Wishing him speedy healing for sure!

  5. I did comment on your new jadeite collection and on how good it is Travis is home. I think I did something wrong! Sorry about that! Love and stay safe! XXX

  6. All cheer, and smiles! What heaps of good news you have to share. I am smiling, enjoying your lucky finds, and the happy improvements for your son. Enjoy! Enjoy!

  7. Sending much love from Liverpool UK xxx

  8. I enjoy seeing Travis' smile and glad he is home!!! Continued prayers for his healing and family!!! Was Kristi an nurse in her life or not? I got a blood pressure kit last year. Old one quite working that a friend gave us. It was free...both of them. That's alot of beautiful Jadite items you have. The square ones with flour, sugar, cereal and coffee and pitchers are nice to me!!! Enjoy seeing them and using them. X-----X

  9. How wonderful that your Travis is home and doing well. You really did add a lot to your collection... can't wait to see it in the blue cupboard! Have a great week!

  10. Oh my goodness how awesome all of that collection for you πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ TRAVIS hello and so good to see him under the special bkanket ❤❤ Gorgeous picture Teresa xo

  11. Travis is home!!!! He looks fantastic. ! !Im so happy for you.
    That's El Capitan , my pal. Half dome is is the second most amazing geo at Yosemite!!
    I love the ways the tops of the cannisters and pieces twist on.
    More good things will come your way!!!!!!!
    SO happy your son is home!

  12. Excellent that Travis is home! I hope he continues to have a good recovery. I have to say that I am impressed with that Jadeite! What a score!

  13. It must be such a relief to have your son home. Whew..
    As for the jadeite, WOW! That's some haul. I'm sure it's found a good home where it will be displayed beautifully. Araignee

  14. I'm SO glad that Travis is home. He looks great and like he's ready to go fishing! :-) I know that Kristi will take wonderful care of him. What a blessing she was to him and the family when she saved his life.
    Now...your collection. Oh my goodness Teresa, it's beautiful! I would stand there with you and stare too. All of those gorgeous pieces. I can't decide what I like best. I would love the set of canisters, the pitchers too. The set of mixing bowls are a favorite. I'm wondering what the piece is on the left front with the lid? It looks like a piece of tupperware I used to have for coffee filters! :-)
    Take care my dear friend. I know you're all celebrating! Tell Kristi and Travis we're so glad that he's home and we'll continue to pray as he heals.

  15. Nice acquisition of the Jadeite Teresa, but the best news is that Travis is HOME! What a relief. I'm sure Kristi is being an excellent nurse.

  16. Travis!!! How wonderful to see you home!!! Celebration!!! Teresa, your narrative about the jadeite prompted to laugh out loud several times and I am smiling at you as I type! Have fun filling the blue cabinet!

  17. So happy to see Travis is on the mend. Kristi did a terrific job and still doing it to help him on his recovery. I did not know of jadeite until I read your blog!! Beautiful!! Best wishes to you all.' Marion

  18. Beautiful.....everything.....your new collection and your son being home.
    Along and slow recovery, but I am sure with all the love and care being given by his wonderful wife, Travis will be back up and about in no time. Hugs to you all....and I love that your wonderful Man has encouraged your a good sort.

  19. Great news on Travis being home! xx

  20. Gosh!!! Just been catching up. So glad Travis is home and hope he continues to do well. Well done to his wife, such quick thinking. That is quite a haul!

  21. Dear Teresa,

    Well, that certainly is an amazing collection.

    You have introduced us to Jadeite which we had never heard about previously and these pieces certainly look not only interesting but, also, in beautiful condition. We are so pleased that they have found a good home.

    Perhaps you should catalogue your Jadeite collection too? It is surprising how little people know about one's treasured possessions and it is often fun to record all the details for future reference. Already, you can look back on this latest purchase and see that its value is far greater than the price paid, but it is easy to forget such details.

    Wonderful news about your son. And, our hearts lifted too at the sight of your blanket keeping him warm.

  22. Wonderful to see Travis home, he remains in our prayers. Heres hoping for a speedy recovery. Love the collection Teresa you have such a wonderful hubby, so thoughtful.

  23. It's so nice to hear that Travis is home now and resting. The collection of jadeite is beautiful.

  24. oh teresa
    your beautiful son is home. i am so glad i am crying. our children are so precious.
    you are out of control with the jadeite and i love to see it. when i scrolled down to see the first picture of it all on the table my mouth dropped open. well done!
    love from pdx,

  25. So good to see your son home and recovering. I'm sure Kristi will take good care of him. The new jadeite pieces are amazing especially that hand mixer which immediately caught my eye. It's been fun for us all to watch it grow.

  26. So very happy for you Teresa and your family that your son is back in his home. I am sure his recovery will be fast with all that loving care that he'll get from all. He does indeed look snug and cosy under that lovely blanket. Well I was amazed when I saw those images of all that jadeite you have bought. What a fabulous addition to your collection! As you say lucky you have the Blue cabinet to be filled :-) stay safe Amanda x

  27. Lots of good news at your home this week! Glad your son is home - relaxing, resting and recovering!

  28. So glad your son is on the mend Teresa. It must be comforting to know he is being so well looked after.
    What luck you had with that's beautiful.
    Jacquie x

  29. I am so happy to see Travis at home! That is really wonderful news, Teresa. His blanket is lovely. He has his Mama wrapped around him.
    Your jadeite collection is spectacular! I'm looking forward to seeing it all happy in your cabinet (cabinets?)...
    Your photo of El Capitan is awarding winning-gorgeous!

  30. Hi Teresa. I am so, so pleased to hear that your son is home.
    That collection is amazing. Love the mixer.
    Beautiful photo. Take care. Anne x

  31. Oh how I love your blog ! So good to see your son is home . Prayers for him !
    This Jadite story is amazing ! I love all those pieces . I collected reamers for some years and have a Jadite one somewhere ! Now I am trying to clean out my upstairs ( and whole house ) . I found this really heavy box , opened it to find reamer collection !!! Now what to do with it , haha . But I am enjoying your collecting story and your ''partner in crime '' helping you ! Also love that awesome photo of El Capitan . I love stories of the climbers of that rock . Love from Pa

  32. Congratulations on your jadeite find! Oh my goodness you are going to be so happy with all those new pieces and I am sure that woman was thrilled they will be loved. And another congratulations for Travis, he looks great!


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