Monday, April 12, 2021

Change of Plans

Our dinner with our son and grandson and his GF had to be rescheduled to next weekend.  Michael was ill and Shawn let us know early so we could cancel so as not to expose us to something.  We did have our grandson Hayden with us for the weekend.  Our lilacs are advancing!  This is the white one.

Our peony is getting ready to bloom, too.

The corkscrew willow is leafing out.

Our son Travis came to pick up Hayden on Sunday and brought me something I'd found at Tractor Supply near their house.  Our boy is doing so well and has been back to work for a few weeks now.  His boss retired and handed over the leadership role to him and he's now the Engineering Department Chief.  :-)

Hayden holding Mocha before he heads home.

The daffodils are starting to wane but are still being enjoyed.

The two-tiered server I got to go with my jadeite.  :-)

Enjoying the tulips before they are done for.

Such pretty centers.

My daughter Amy took the girls for a spring break trip to Nashville.  Here they are taking in the sights.

When they got home Paige decided to get a short hairdo, I think she looks cute.

Well.. I must jet as I'm having a zoom meeting soon.  I need to put on my earrings!  LOL!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  


  1. She looks cute in her hair cut, and I like your flower photos. It is fun anticipating the blooming of the white lilac. My light purple one has two bloom clusters open. Love the scent.

  2. I saw a purple lilac on our walk today that was getting ready to bloom. There were things blooming out there that I never knew bloomed. It really has been a beautiful spring. Now if it would just stop raining....

  3. Our lilacs are a little (very little) more advanced than yours, but your peonies are ahead of ours by quite a bit! Our daffodils are waning too and they got beaten down last night in a very strong thunderstorm. Travis looks good - so glad he is doing well and congrats to him on the promotion. Paige's new haircut is darling!

  4. I discovered two pretty purple tulips blooming in the garden patch under the craft room window this morning and love seeing your pretty flowers now as well.
    This weekend I set up some metal trellises around the rectangular flower boxes on the patio so that the Sweet Pea vines and the Clematis have something more stable than the wooden trellises I used last year. It is wonderful to see some of your kids and grands doing well! Now I wonder what earrings you wore for Zooming! :-) ((hugs))

  5. Oh my goodness, Paige looks so cute in her new haircut. I love it! How fun to go to Nashville and visit the Grand Ole Opry too.
    The stand for your Jadeite is great. It looks made for it and how nice of Travis to bring it to you. Mocha looks like she has another person who loves her lots. :-) Who could resist her?
    Take care my friend. I'm off to bed!

  6. Paige looks absolutely lovely, and how they've both grown. Love the picture of Hayden with Mocha too, it's brilliant. I'm really glad that Travis is doing well, and it sounds as if he has a very responsible job. Your garden is looking pretty in the spring sunshine. My peony has been out for a while but we've had some sub-zero nights and the petals have gone a bit brown. CJ xx

  7. Glad your son is doing so well. It must be such a relief for you. Your garden is looking beautiful. I look forward to seeing your lilac. Ours is going to flower this year. B x

  8. It really looks like spring has taken hold... even the light looks warmer!
    Gardens, and friends... everyone and everything is active and looking up, busy, smiling. It's a treat to have this bright season.

  9. Dear Teresa, Your children and grandchildren are so lovely and cute!! You are so blessed! <3 I hope Michael is feeling better! Found your mails in the spam and tried to answer them. I am sorry! Travis has a nice car! :-) Your jadeite is so lovely in that stand! And your lilly is blooming very well! In the Netherlands spring is visible everywhere, a pity it is still so cold. A lot of buds are freezing. It is a problem in the vineyards in France. Too cold to add more color in the garden, too cold for summery flowers. So I put flowers all around the livingroom! For that is what I need! I have always loved my flowers! I will go to help out a school tomorrow, which is new to me. So I did buy some flowers to take with me. :-) I will be there for a while, so worth it. :-) Take care, lots of love, Janneke.

  10. Isn't spring wonderful? Surprises in the garden every day. It has been frightfully cold here in Glasgow, I fear some of our plants have suffered. Paige looks sweet in her new haircut.

  11. She is just so pretty .Her eye makeup is amazing! I'm working on a article , or a post or something about how those of us who must endure living far from each other can be just as close as a family that live in the same town. Your flowers are beautiful and make my day Teresa

  12. Yay to Travis and he looks good ❤❤ Hayden a real man now. Gorgeous grangirls


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