Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Day in the Columbia River Gorge

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! I volunteered at Multnomah Falls today in the Visitor's Center with my younger sister, Denise.  We volunteer 2 Thursdays each month together.  I so enjoy meeting people from all over the world, we always have a special interaction and below you can see one today.  We have drawers full of horns and animal skins for kids to discover and learn from - here are two boys from North Carolina having fun with deer antlers and bighorn sheep horns.  :-)
Below is my shot of the falls for the day.  You can follow the seasons at the falls with me and this is what it looks like in January... no leaves on the deciduous trees, nice amount of water coming over, the sun not yet high enough in the sky to be seen here the whole day.
Now don't scold me but I took this photo with my iPhone while driving.. :-)  See that little bump on the bluff?  That's Vista House.  I was one of the founders and then the executive director of the Friends of Vista House for 15 years.  Now I volunteer for the organization.  Someday I will show you better photos of the building, it's on the National Register of Historic Places and quite the neat little stone building.
I am not driving for this photo.. LOL.. but this is from the top of the overpass at the Corbett exit, I was enjoying the pastel colors of the sky and river as I was coming home and wanted to show you.  This is looking East up the gorge - that's the Columbia River.. I live up on the bluff above this river.
Below is a artsy shot I took yesterday of a dandelion in BLOOM when I came home from my dentist appointment.  I couldn't believe there was a flower in bloom here in January!  I see in our yard that a large patch of Snowdrops are nearly ready to open.  Fun!  There is hope that Spring will come!
I always take some crocheting to work on while I volunteer at the falls, today I took a brand new skein of "Stitch Nation" by Debbie Stoller - "Full o' Sheep", 100% Peruvian Wool in *THE* most delicious fuchsia color - "Passionfruit".  I'm making a Queen Anne's Lace scarf with it, I just tried to take a photo but the color is not coming through with incandescent light.  I was pleased to get about 18 inches of the scarf done.  I'll show you a photo when I get a good one.

OK, time to enjoy the evening, hubby is making home-made fried rice!  Thanks for stopping by!

((hugs)) Teresa


  1. I love your new background!!

    I have a friend that lives somewhere close to you. He's sent me pics before of the Columbia River and they all are beautiful.

  2. I love your photos! You really do live in a gorgeous area. I know I've said that a hundred times, but it just bears repeating. AND you had some visitors from my state! Did you think they talked funny? Whenever we hear someone from North Carolina away from North Carolina (particularly on TV) we like to say it's nice to hear someone who talks right. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  3. Love all the pictures of the Falls. I can't wait to see the seasons change with you. I'm glad you are giving the scarf another go, I agree with your the noro was scratchy. Can't wait to see your new one.
    Have a wonderful day,

  4. The piectures are stunning!! I wish I had a sister to share things like that with...
    I can't wait for the spring and flower blooms! I moved to my actual town in August and I've heard a lot that spring is specially beautiful here!!

  5. Beautiful area you live in! Love your pictures, can't wait to see you scarf I bet it is gorgeous! ♥

  6. Love those pictures as always. So nice to see some green.

    You new font is easier to read, now.

  7. Such a gorgeous place to do some good volunteering. The boys are obviously enjoying themselves.

  8. i've enjoyed all your lovely pics.

    your beautiful blog is just my cup of tea ♥

  9. Love, love, love Multnomah Falls at any season. Your pictures of the gorge are beautiful. Teresa, I'm getting a spinning wheel for my birthday. I'm going to pick it up Tuesday. I think I'm going to get an Ashford Traveller so I can take it everywhere. It has double drive and double treadle. I'm so excited. I'm getting the unfinished one and finishing and assembling it myself!

    Betsy in Spokane


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