Monday, March 26, 2012

A Day on the Farm

We were treated to a 4th day of beautiful weather after a long run of rain, snow and sleet - delicious!  Our youngest son came to visit and brought our 2 youngest grandsons.  The youngest, Caleb, goes.. "wide on twactow gwanpa?"  So, of course grandpa got out his riding mower and put one boy on each knee and off they went.  The grass is growing and is very green.. Spring is here!
Up the hill they went.. and back down.. grandma watching and snapping away with the iPhone. :-)  That pile you see is our burn pile which never seems to go away.   
The mower wasn't running.. lest you worry.. and the Kubota diesel lawn tractor is pretty quiet.  Two wiggly boys on his lap.  The house you see is the neighbors..  
Don't wun into gwamma! 
Looking back towards the farm house.. see our son's VW bus?  He just rebuilt the motor and he loves that thing! 
Grandpa stopped for a minute and a mutiny ensued.. the 2 year old running thataway and the 3 year old climbing onto the top of the tractor... the dog smelling the earth..
We pulled up some comfortable logs.. (not!) and watched the boys digging in an old mole hill. 
Dig dig dig... dirt.. arrrr arrrr.. boys..  
Grandma thinks she'll mosey towards the house... son's VW... dawg..  
Then I spied these little darling flowers were in bloom.. last year I posted photos of them but did not know the name of them.. one of my dear readers told me they are "Speedwell" or "Veronica".  Tiny orchid-like flowers.
We chopped up the leftovers of our last roast beef, potatoes and carrots and made beef stew for all of us.  Hayden has begun to help with the cooking, so here he is with grandpa "helping".
We ran up to the Grange for a bit and I stayed in the VW bus with the boys while the guys went in.. and sang songs to the boys while we waited.  I asked them for the "cute face". :-)
We then sat in the sun on the deck and visited while the boys ran about enjoying the woods and the fields... and I noticed that our first Trilliums were in bloom!  I sent my son up with my phone to grab some photos.  Do you have Trilliums where you live? 
Hubby went back up and got this photo, too. 

And then the clouds gathered in and it got cold... and the boys headed home.  Now, hubby can't find his wallet that we took on our errand and he's been looking *ALL* over the house, in and out and up and down and in the fridge.. poor guy.  Wish him luck that he finds it.  Have a great week and thanks for visiting!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)  (ETA: Grampa found his wallet.. on the seat of the tractor, in the barn. LOL!)


  1. The blue skies and billowy clouds of the weekend were certainly a WELCOME sight here too! Looks like you had your hands full with all that help :) I know we have Trillium in this part of Washington but to be honest I don't think I've ever seen any! Here's to a nice long spring and an even longer summer... I hope!


  2. Awwww! Looks like you had a great day. Hope hubby finds his wallet :)

  3. What fun Teresa! That blue, blue sky, with white puffy clouds....just the best! I love your son's VW bus! We had a 77 Volkswagon Camper Bus and loved it. Boy do I wish we still had that thing!!!
    Hoping Spring weather is here to stay!!

  4. What a lovely, happy day on the farm. I always enjoy reading your blog and today's post brightened my day. Thanks. xoxox

  5. What a lovely Spring day. I've never come across Trillium, looks beautiful though. We do have a lot of speedwell though, lovely little flowers, but grows all over the allotment so more often than not I am pulling it up!

  6. What a nice day! Thank goodness Grandpa found the wallet. That is one of the worst things.

  7. Glad he found his wallet! I know that feeling, it's not a very good one at all. I never did find mine. Some mean person picked it up and never returned it. I had things in it that can never be replaced. :o(

  8. What a lovely visit. Those boys are adorable! You know that I love that VW van :)

  9. What a lovely day you had with those darling boys Teresa.The weather looked perfect for have SUCH a lot of grass to cut there! Glad the wallet turned up in the end. I loved your Triliums, I have never seen them here?
    Hope the sunshine holds for you,
    Jane x

  10. Such fun! My Monday started out with the grand girls coming into my room, and spreading a blanket on the floor in a spot of sunshine for a picnic...I'll post some pictures [they wore their sunglasses!] The Trilium and other flowers are so pretty, and I am fairly certain we do not have those varieties at our place. Thanks for sharing!! And I am so glad Dayle found his wallet!!! <3

  11. It's really a nice day !
    Every think look perfect.
    Your son's VW BUS is also appreciated in Europa and is became more expensive here in France.
    I wish you many and many others fabulous days !
    Read you.
    Julie x

  12. Hi Teresa embarrassed to admit have not heard of trilliums never mind having any. Beautiful photos as always. Glad @Grandpa' found his wallet. I went to sugarcraft this morning and have been making a stargazer lily. This afternoon I spent finishing rose leaves for a posy (form sugarpaste) for the top of a cake my sis is making for her MIL who will be ninety. Hope you have a great week. Anne x

  13. Glad to see that you had a great day and that you had some beautiful weather. I LOVE your son's VW bus! That is so great! As for your question on my blog...when we travel we have a college student who comes and cares for our cows/dogs/house/farm chores, etc...while we are away.

  14. What a fun day for the boys. Grandpa looked like he was having just as much fun, too. Happy he found his wallet. That can be a heart stopper when you misplace your wallet.
    Love that you have a Cairn Terrier. We have a Cairn & a Scottie (rescues). Their such sweet little guys.
    Hope we have more sunny days - SOON.

  15. What fun...and what a blessing to have the boys around...thank you for sharing the jOY! xoxox

  16. Hi! You have so lovely blog! Now I am following you.

  17. Oh Mrs. Teresa, thank you for sharing a day on your farm. I have to say the weather did look so wonderful there and that VW bus.....I want one soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly! I have been searching and searching to no avail!

  18. What a great day, it look like so much fun!

    I see that you were having trouble finding the pattern for the Union Flag cushion I mentioned on my blog. I think if you follow this link to The Royal Sisters etsy shop you will find it there. I recommend it, it's been a lot of fun and I feel it was worth the money as I am going to be making it again.


  19. What a great day with the kids at the farm. Love their happy faces. I can't beleive how well your trillium are doing there already. They really must love that weather better than mine back home. And no way, no how, here seaside, I'm guessing with the heat.

  20. Wow, you have had a very busy week filled with antiquing, Ebay, farm chores and grand-kids. Love getting caught back up and hope Dayle isn't hurt from his fall.
    Hugs to you,


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