Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Babies, Kids & Collections

At my sister's party the other day I was talking about my green dishes I've collected and my older sister said - "You have so many collections, where are you going to put them?".  I didn't have an answer.. lol!  But I've seen Jadeite collections all stacked up in china cabinets and such - so I opened up my cabinet and took everything out of the 2nd shelf and dusted the shelf and commenced to putting my dishes away.  And they all fit!  So.. that's where I'm putting it!  :-)  On the bottom shelf are a set of vintage Johnson Brother's dishes and a collection from my houseboat era, some WWII Ward Room china Navy dishes that they used aboard Navy ships during the time of Pearl Harbor.  Looking at all this I guess I could serve an army on these dishes.  LOL!  (I crocheted the lace edging to fit the 3 shelves in the china cabinet.)
Remember me telling you about the monument I arranged to have installed at Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint?  It's done!  We drove up to the park on Sunday to see how it turned out and it's AWESOME!  I'm so proud to have had a part in getting this back up to the park where it belonged.  :-)  The stoneworker said he had an old capstone that would fit on top and it's perfect and wonderful.  What do you think? 
If you turn to the right while looking at the monument, this is the view you see.  I'm happy to see the smoke is clearing.  This shot is unzoomed.. this is how far Vista House is from the viewpoint.  This is THE place to take photos of the gorge.
A bit of a zoom in.. you can see Vista House better and Beacon Rock and if you look close to the right of the big rock, you can see Bonneville Dam. 
Zoooooooom... Vista House with cars and people... I love this Lumix camera! 
My friend Shirley has collected miniatures for years.... she keeps them in old type drawers hung on the wall.  At her birthday the other day she handed me something, I unwrapped it to find these sweet little miniatures she was giving me for my dollhouse!  A tiny pair of brass candlesticks with real hand dipped wax candles!  A teeny tiny inkwell with a tiny quill pen!  And a hand blown glass vase with a tiny handmade rose!  They are now in the dollhouse... thank you, Shirley!
Yesterday my friend Rocio (who went to school with my daughter Amy) came to visit and show me her adorable 5th child, Katherine, isn't she adorable?  I got to put the pink booties on her myself and tie the ribbon and they fit perfectly!!  :-)  They look too big but her feet just fit.  
Too bad I didn't make a dress to match! :-)
Rocio was suddenly surrounded by her 4 older blessings and our 2 youngest grandsons - I thought this was so cute.  
Our little guys were fascinated with her, touching her face and looking at her intently. 
All the boys were pretty fascinated with the pond and I let them feed the fish. 
The warm sun was low in the sky and cast an orange glow over the farm yard..  
My lady garden sculpture is being engulfed by the fuchsia..  
As it got darker I saw the little guys scrambling up by the lady and they remembered when I had them pose there last time and they were saying.. CHEEEEEESE!  I love the glow of the Chinese lantern that Dayle brought home from his Dad's back yard after he passed away. 
I have the table all set up for Fall, again.  I hope that my friend Shirley and her husband enjoy it while they are here for the week we'll be in Ohio.

I really am enjoying my 3 little crocheted pumpkins.  Did you make one?  OK, lots to do, talk to you later!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I've never seen green dishes like that before. They are so pretty. Where do you get them from?

    1. The green dishes are called Jadeite and are vintage and made in the 40s by Fire King and Anchor Hocking glass. They gave them away in boxes of oatmeal and laundry soap, and gave them to people at gas stations and movie theaters. I got these at antique stores, eBay and Etsy!

  2. Your garden looks beautiful and of course, I love the jadeite!
    Hen x

  3. What a sunny post Teresa. The little booties look so sweet on the baby. Your china looks fab on display now. Enjoy getting ready for your big trip ;0)
    Jane x

  4. Beautiful post Teresa, those miniatures are so cute ☺
    Gorgeous baby and love your booties on her. All of the children
    must love being at your place, lots of fun.

    wendy xo

  5. Wonderful. The edging you made for the shelves is so lovely. It all looks terrific. What a nice yard you have!

  6. A lovely post and so many beautiful photos Teresa. The views of the Gorge are amazing. The monument looks just perfect as you said. Your displays are so interesting. Cute baby and the bootees are just perfect. Love the views of your garden ours needs some work but weather has made it difficult to get out there and we have also been away for a long weekend to Holmfirth where my eldest son and family have moved to. They are also here at the weekend for Ella and Phoebe's joint party on Saturday. Bet you are getting so excited about the trip. Anne x

  7. it's always a joy to see what up out your way. Never a dull time and always so many things to take in and enjoy. Ok, we are out of here Thurs for 10. No wifi. Can I make it? Probably. Will I check when in town? Probably. Will I try to keep up with WWF? Probably. Hope to take lot of pictures. Fingers crossed that it's not to cold for riding. But fingers are crossed that it's cold at night for colors to pop. I think we are going to hit it just right.

  8. Hi Teresa, What a lovely day you had with ALL those kiddies and that adorable baby! Love the booties and the colors! The kids looked like they were having so much fun. Your boys seemed to be having fun showing the others around the Farm, soooo cute!
    Enjoy! I know you are and will continue to live it up! : ) xoRobin❤

  9. The monument did turn out beautifully, and your arrangement of dishes looks like it is ready for service! Your crochet projects are lovely and the children are precious. Your pictures capture this season so beautifully. Thanks for posting, Teresa:) xxx from Gracie

  10. Oh, so many fun things! Love where you put your dishes! Love the new miniatures your friend gave you! Loved seeing the pretty baby in her crochet booties! The grandboys by the pond. So cute!
    Your crochet pumpkins are darling! Now....are you just crazy with excitement to go see your daughter and grand girls!!!?????
    XO Kris

  11. Hello Teresa..Your collections are fab and I especially love the Jadette!
    The monument looks truly beautiful and well done you for bringing the whole thing about...such a proud moment!
    Love the pic of baby Katherine with all the little ones looking on fascinated..Your bootees are a perfect fit too!
    Hope you are having a lovely week,
    Susan x

  12. What beautiful scenery and wonderful photos! Really breathtaking! Your garden is so pretty and welcoming. YOur jadeite collection looks great on your hutch! I wish I could make a crochet pumpkin...still in the learning stage to attempt something like that. I love yours!~Hugs, Patti

  13. Beautiful pictures Teresa. I think you depart tomorrow. I wish you the most wonderful, magical, perfect visit with your daughter and those tow beautiful girls. I know you will have a magnificent time.

  14. Love those crocheted edgings on your china cabinet! And that picture of Vista House is so cool! It almost doesn't look real!

  15. I love displays all stacked up in cabinets...pure joy...the collections always look much happier all together.
    Hope you are well and love your photos...and you sweet pumpkins. xoxox

  16. Thank you for directing me to this post, Teresa. Your lace is so pretty! I would love to try making it someday.


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