Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Many Moods of the Pacific

We saw every kind of weather yesterday.  BLUE is the presiding color.  Our day began with rain, it poured, but we were snug as a bug in a rug in our caravan.  Then the clouds parted and the blue sky appeared and there was sun and big puffy clouds!  This is the view from our "home".
I have an app on my iPhone for tides.. and it said there would be a low tide at 2 pm so we headed outside - hubby and Buddy went down to the beach but I stayed up top to take photos and I knew I would be getting cold as it was blowing and chilly.   
Dayle is looking for agates.. he brought back a small bunch of very tiny ones.. Buddy just loves smelling the scents and running on the beach.
Pouffy clouds, blue sky, cobalt colored deep Pacific, aqua waves breaking into white foam. 
Look at that dog run!  Wild ocean waves.. crash, boom..  
A snarled pile of sea weed, like coiled snakes..  
Several groups of Brown Pelicans flew by while I was watching my husband and dog walk on the beach.. I love this image of the birds and the mix of blues, greens, whites.... like a watercolor... 
A trio of pelicans.  
I adore the color of the water as it breaks... aqua. 
We got a call from our son, Travis and he and Kristi were staying up at Garibaldi, a few hours north of us at the beach, they were going to head down for a visit!  We drove north a half hour and met them at a place I'd wanted to try, Kyllo's Restaurant in Lincoln City on the "D River" - World's Shortest River.  :-)  Here is the guest of honor, Dayle, who will be turning 65 on Thursday!   
Kristi ordered a cheeseburger and we all got a kick out of this big monster! 
This is my dinner - prawns and they were DELISH!  Travis got fish and chips and Dayle got smoked salmon alfredo.
After dinner we came back to our caravan and the sun was shining off the waves..  Kristi surprised Dayle with a German Chocolate birthday cake and a card from them and another from the little guys - and a bag of Swedish Fish (his favorite).  Not only that, they bought our dinner!  What wonderful kids we have!
Dayle grabbed the camera and went out to snap these shots of the sun as it descended into the ocean. 
The ever-changing sky and sea. 
Dayle snapped this of Kristi beach-combing.  She'd promised to bring a shiny rock and some sand to her little guys. 
Our pretty, smiling daughter-in-law. :-) 
We had quite a stormy night!  This morning we had pouring rain, hail and a flash of lightning with the longest rumble of thunder after it.  We pulled the down comforter up around our chins and the dog was wedged between us.  There have been sun breaks since.. silly weather.  Today we will head south and do some adventuring.  Have a super duper day!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Happy Early B-day to your Hubby. :)

    I love the ocean pictures...I haven't been to the ocean in so long...I really needed to see those beautiful pictures...thank you. :)

    Hope you have lots of fun....hitting any yarn shops while you are gone?

  2. These pictures really sum up the power of nature - I love the ocean.

    How brilliant that you were able to get together with your family - and that food looks very tempting!

    Happy birthday to your DH for Thursday!


  3. AWESOME!!! Thanks for taking the time to capture glimpses of the fantastic sights around you, and the joy of you and yours. I am torn between sitting here scrolling through your photos again or leaping in the car and dashing for a quick trip to the ocean to enjoy it in person (: xxx from Gracie

  4. Your pictures are amazing! I love the blues, and birthday boy looks very happy. I think a storm sounds perfect when you can snuggle in and wait it out. Enjoy your day,

  5. Beautiful photos. I love the crashing waves and the colors of the ocean. What a wonderful time you must be having.

    Happy Birthday to Dayle!


  6. Teresa,
    Your photos are awesome! The colors of the water, the spray as the wave is breaking in the wind...just great!!!
    Looks cooooold!!! Your meals had me drooling too! Sounds oh so cozy! You do have some very special kiddos!
    Happy Birthday to Dayle!!!
    XO Kris

  7. Hi Teressa!

    I'm so jealous of you right now. The Oregon coast. One of my favorite places in the world. We too have eaten at Kyllos, right by D'sands. Very good food. It's been sunny, rainy, sunny in Portland this morning too. I'm heading back home to Spokane tomorrow, but hubby and I are coming back next weekend. He's having baby withdrawals. I'm sure this Grandma will be shedding a few tears when I leave tomorrow.

    Enjoy your beach time and think of me. :-)



  8. Beautiful beautiful scenery Teresa...I love the sea. I can tell the water is so clean and clear as it rolls in...the Gulf is not that way. I can also tell how "cold" it must be...you are all bundled up to your necks and noses look a little red! Can't wait to see what is next! Take care, Shari

  9. Such beautiful pictures! Happy Birthday to Dayle!!! I didn't realize that his birthday was so close to my hubs. He turned 50 today!

  10. Beautiful pictures Teresa! They make me feel all fresh and give me a desire to visit the seaside so desperately. As for the food....nom nom nom! The cheeseburger looks AMAZING, would love to have given that a go ;-)
    Matt xxx

  11. Gorgeous pictures! Happy Birthday, Dayle!!!! :-) xxxx

  12. Wow. I miss the ocean so. Thanks for sharing. I must have looked at that burger picture for 1/2 hour. I licked the screen for a taste of those fries. That is my most missed meal. Dripping ketchup of course. Happy, Happy on Thursday.


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