Monday, October 22, 2012

Caravan Dreams in a Storm

We headed off on our beach trip yesterday - the weather was dry so the trip down was nice.  This is a shot of the forest as we zoomed through the Pacific coast mountain range.  
Before we hit the forest, we passed through the Willamette Valley, there are many old filbert (hazelnut) orchards in the valley.  We grow a lot of them here! 3.5 million filbert trees are planted in Oregon, the biggest producer of them in the USA.
Another product that Oregon is gaining fame for is wine making and grape growing.  There are many successful wineries in the Willamette Valley.  This is a shot of one of the lovely hillsides on our trip south.  To learn more about winemaking in Oregon, click HERE.
We arrived in the afternoon just in time for a rainstorm - but we're warm and cozy in our caravan.  My British and Australian friends call travel trailers that and I like the name as it evokes thoughts of old shepherd's wagons.  Here is the view out our window on the right side of the caravan.  Stormy seas, but we're cozy inside.  As you can see, this RV park has a row RIGHT on the ocean - isn't it cool?
Dayle enjoys the sofa in here and this is his view towards the ocean. 
The first night in the caravan is always an adjustment - our bed at home is king-sized and this one is queen-sized - plus the dog always jockeys for a good spot right in the middle. :-)  So.. I had a restless night and remember waking to dreams of blogs about crocheted foxes.. don't ask me why.  The 2nd night is always better. Egads, the clean sheets stashed up in the glass cabinets isn't very attractive, is it? LOL! 
SOMEONE is comfortable.. :-) 
I have put out my Halloween decorations to make it homey.  I found my tiny pumpkin I made last year, it was here in the caravan! 
My "nest".   
Dayle's "nest".  I love the color that my rainbow granny stripe crocheted blanket brings to the place. 
It's stormy today, but we don't mind.  I just got a call from our youngest son, Travis - he and his wife Kristi are staying a few nights at a beach hotel one and a half hours north of here.  Her mom is keeping the little boys.  They are heading down this way for a visit!  Their arrival will coincide with a low tide so we plan to go beach-combing for agates.  Then we will go to a late lunch at a beachside restaurant I've always wanted to try.
I see some blue sky showing and sun is shining in places.. I think we have a great day ahead of us.  I hope you have a great week ahead of you!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love your crochet blankets - so bright and cheerful.

  2. What a place to park your caravan!! Wonderful! I love the bright cheeryness that all your crochet brings to make it even more homely. Are the footsteps in the sand in the last photo yours?? Joan

  3. Helo Teresa all looks bright and cosy in your 'caravan'. Love the photos of the sea. Have fun. Anne x

  4. Hi Teresa, Wow, quite the storm!!!! BUT the view is Super! ALL your crocheted afghans look so colorful and cheery especially in the rain. Love the last ocean picture, nothing like the ocean waves for me. Definitely my favorite body of water.

  5. A rainy day at the beach is always so restful to me. Hope you have a wonderful visit!

  6. All your blankets and that great pillow make your RV so cheery. A stormy day keeps the crowds away from the beach!

  7. It all looks so wonderful! And the colors of your afghans just pop.

  8. Teresa, I have now followed you on many beach trips and I am always so happy to see the beautiful area where you stay. Have a wonderful time and a big Happy Birthday to my buddy Dayle.
    hugs to you both,

    1. Your caravan always looks so homely Teresa. Have a wonderful holiday how good your son and DIL can join you. Keep snug and happy birthday to Dayle,
      Jane x

  9. That looks like so much fun!! I would love to do that! How cute that you decorated the RV with Halloween decorations. Have a great time and I hope the weather stays nice for you!~Hugs, Patti

  10. A rainy day at the beach in your camper looks perfect to me! I love the rain! Have a wonderful time. We are finally out of here in the morning. Ta-tah!

  11. Oh my...what a lovely little spot! Your camper looks so cozy...what joy. xo

  12. I think the trip in your caravan sounds so delightful. Just the perfect getaway.

  13. Teresa, you and Dayle do have such a great spot by the Pacific! Your photos remind me that stormy days at the beach can be so exciting...wonderful waves! I hope you find some pretty agates. I am watching an old National Geographic special about Lewis and Clark's explorations [they made it to Astoria north of you(:] Your crochet really does help cozy up your caravan. I have started crocheting a little orange pumpkin. [now Buddy, be a good dog, not a bed hog, please] Happy Birthday week celebration!!! xxx from Gracie

  14. Wow...great pictures!!!
    XO kris

  15. That looks like a good trip...a little cold, but that is Oregon , right?

  16. Your caravan looks so cosy, hope you are having a great time!


  17. Your caravan is sooo cosy! It looks like Buddy knows where the best spots are, lol! Your dream about crocheted foxes made me giggle, I have JUST finished a crocheted fox, I'll post him today on ravelry! :-) xxxx


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