Friday, April 12, 2013

Cotton Comes a'Calling

I do love the natural softness of cotton.  SO.. when KnitPicks brought out a new line called "Billow" cotton, I had to order some.  It's soft, looks hand spun with varying thickness and the colors are so earthy and wonderful!  I couldn't sleep last night wondering what I should make with it.  Blanket?  Throw?  Granny squares?  Stripes? Ripple?  Pillow?  What does this yarn say to you?  Ideas?
Here is my whole order.  The back 8 skeins on the left were on a close out sale of $3 each.  KP stopped carrying this line and I was so sad as I love it.  It's called "Simply Cotton Worsted", these are the only 2 colors left.  
Yummy or what? 
Love the "Sagebrush" color. 
My color in our trailer is copper, as in towels and such, so I plan to make some things for it with the "Golden Heather". 
I also wanted to try out the Comfy Worsted, 75% Pima Cotton 25% Acrylic.  AND, their "CotLin" which is 75% Tanguis Cotton and 25% Linen.  This is going to be fun to try out.  I think I'll take some of this to knitting night at Taci's in a few hours to show them. 
Our first Rhododendron to bloom!  It's a funny one, it looks pink at first and then as the flowers are open a few days they turn a creamy white.  I adore the pink tinges when they first open! 
Isn't it a gorgeous hue? 
A closeup of one bloom in the flower cluster.
Our Kerria which has infiltrated this poor Rhodie, but the Rhodie doesn't seem to mind. :-) 
For a pesty plant, it sure is pretty. 
Yesterday I met my sister Denise and friend Shirley for lunch at an Italian restaurant in Troutdale and Shirley gave me my first birthday card and this ADORABLE little hanging garden with these tiny little plants in it.. isn't it adorable? 
One of them bloomed this morning with tiny little yellow flowers!  *T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!* Shirley!
After lunch we headed to Multnomah Falls for our afternoon volunteer shift in the information counter.  Denise and I are training Shirley as a volunteer.  Yesterday we had one of the BEST days for meeting interesting people.  I took a photo of this family to give you an idea of how fun it is -- aren't they the cutest family?  
As we were driving home I stopped to get a photo of one of my favorite parts of the Historic Columbia River Highway - the trees close on top to make a tunnel effect.  I wanted to show you that we're greening up here in Oregon.. winter is gone.. YAY!
I will be heading out in a few hours to go to "Knitting Night" at Taci's house.  I'll take some pix.  Have a super DUPER weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

PS - "hop" on over to Shari's blog "Kashmere Kisses" for a chance to win her handmade bunny!!  Tell her I sent you!  :-)


  1. Now you will be busier then ever Teresa, with all that beautiful KP yarn!!!
    Love the colors. It will really match well with your trailer's color scheme.
    Knitting night sounds fun, Enjoy!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a kerria before-love the yellow! And rhodos, always and forever a love of mine:)
    What a great looking family! I hope they had time to hike or drive around a bit.
    Your bottom photo makes me feel all peaceful--today I need a whole lot of that feeling. Thanks!
    PS: Have fun tonight:)

  3. It says to me.... Time to get home tomorrow and get my hook out and get working on something soon. FYI - we are good to go after another good day for Scott. Never will be so happy to be back home.

  4. That yarn is so nice, I can't wait to see what you make with it. I had never heard of Knitpicks before you mentioned them on We Love Lucy but that is a really great website! I will definitely be checking them out some more. I get a lot of catalogs in the mail for yarn companies because my mother-in-law is an expert weaver and we receive mail for them while they are at their permanent home in New Zealand (they live here in the summer); she gets WEBS, Yarn Barn of Kansas and a bunch of others but not Knitpicks and I love learning about a new shop. I'll have to mention it to her too. :)

  5. Love the colours in that cotton yarn. I'm not sure what I'd be making - actually I've never actually made anything wearable in cotton as for some reason I have this thought that it might go funny or out of shape in the wash. I've done lots of dish/wash cloths etc. and my favourite placemat that I use every morning for breakfast - all in the Sugar & Cream cotton which we used to be able to get here but now have to source it from someone who imports it. Makes it a bit expensive. Bendigo Woollen Mills here has a 8ply cotton (sports weight for you) which is nice but again, I hesitate to make garments. Other people I know say it works up beautifully - maybe I should give it a go one day. Have a good weekend. xoxox

  6. The colors of your yarns are subtle and lovely.

  7. That yarn IS yummy. I especially like the "Billow". Thanks for bringing it tonight for all of us to feel. Tonight was such fun at Taci's. I just wish I lived her in Portland so I could go every month. The ladies are all so nice.
    Beautiful flowers and a very thoughtful gift from your sister. See you again soon, ( I hope).

  8. Ripples....I see ripples with all those soft cottony yarns. The colors are gorgeous! I would have had trouble sleeping too after all that yummy yarn arrived! Can't wait to see what you make and keep those spring flowers and lovely green tree pictures coming. It's my only spring fix right now since we seem to be stuck in winter.

  9. I think you could make a nice big summer beach / picnic bag with the cotton. I love the shades - they go together well. x

  10. Wow Teresa, those colours are absolutely gorgeous!! Can't wait to see what you'll make :-) xxxx

  11. Wow Teresa, this yarn is absolutely gorgeous and your flowers jus so beautiful.
    It was wonderful to see you tonight. Hopefully I'll have some time to blog about it tomorrow :)

  12. Your new yarns look beautiful Teresa...such pretty shades and your rhododendron is beautiful. Knitting night sounds great fun too...if only I lived a lot closer and I would be joining you!
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  13. Love the gorgeous yarn, the cotton looks so soft and the colours are lovely. I enjoyed seeing your rhodies too....they remind me of when I used to paint them as a student. I just love the pretty edges of the petals and the dotty markings in the centres! Thank you for sharing the beauties of your garden. I look forward to seeing more of your yarn-y makes soon. Have a wonderful weekend, Teresa!
    Helen x

  14. Awesome photos, as always. :)

    I think the yarn wants to become a cozy, soft blanket. It so so beautiful. I can't wait to see what you make with it.

    Blessings always dear friend.

  15. Teresa, that yarn is just yummy! I hate when they stop making something that we love!!! I MUST get an order in at Knit Picks!!! The colors are so earthy, as you say. I love them!
    Such pretty blooms! And a gorgeous highway scene! I am sure you had a wonderful time at Taci's for knit night. I so love my knitting/crochet group. We have all become so close!!!! At our meeting on Thursday, I taught a couple of the gals to make those adorable Maybelle flowers.
    Have a lovely weekend. And when is your birthday?
    xo Kris

  16. Thanks for bringing the yarn last night...feeling the product before ordering can be helpful :-) And thanks for all the lovely photos in this post. I love seeing the world around you through your life and camera much beauty...helps me have a happy heart! Love with hugs from Gracie

  17. Loving your posts -- they always seem full to bursting xx

  18. Love the colors and beautiful pictures!

  19. OH MY GOSH! I love it all....I didn't place my order just yet for we had the Festival this that is over, I will order some. I think you should make a blanket out of it all...Flowers are beautiful as always!
    Hugs, Shari

  20. I may have to start crocheting again....those gorgeous colors!!!!

  21. Those colours are wonderful! I envy you for being able to knit with cotton. It hurts my hands to knit with it, but I wonder about a softer spun one like Billow. I might have to give it a try!

  22. OOOOOh those yarns look wonderful and the colours are fab. I definitely think something for your caravan would be lovely. The view looks amazing and so nice to have some greenery, we have yet to get to that stage where I live but it is definitely feeling a little more springlike x x x

  23. Those yarn colors are luscious ! Reminds me that I really want to do some crocheting. Wow your flowers are really going to town there ... we just had our Daffs open, New England has had a long Winter. Beautiful sceanic highway spot . What a lovely time you are having .

  24. Oh dear, decisions, decisions....what to do. I know it will be gorgeous.

  25. Oh my word the yarn is fabulous such gorgeous colours. Your flowers are wonderful hardly anything out here. Love Anne x


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