Monday, April 15, 2013

Fields of Tulips

There is a place about an hour away called the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.  I've seen photos in the past and dearly wanted to see it for myself.  We had some free time yesterday so I "convinced" hubby that we should head south, have lunch out, and go see the tulips - it's the perfect time.  
See the pink John Deere tractor and the windmill afar?
The day turned out perfect, no rain (while we were there), puffy picturesque clouds, warm sun. 
I'm not sure why the pink tractor.. :-)  Unfortunately, the horizon was clouded - had it been a totally clear day, Mt. Hood would have been in my photos!
I must tell you, it's a FEAST for the eyes.. you just drink in the brilliant colors and the delicate petals.. it's amazing. 

I loved the candy stripes of this one. 
Everyone was enjoying themselves.. cameras were a'snapping. 
The skyline was punctuated with huge oak trees, the leaves just barely emerging. The Willamette Valley is very fertile and stretches from Eugene to Portland.  If you'd like to learn more, please click HERE.
These were a pretty coral pink. 
Reds, oranges, purples, yellows, whites... 
I love the red truck behind this group of tulips. 
And of course they had to have a pretty red, white an blue windmill, right? :-) 
On the end of the field were two huge patches of mixed tulips.. instead of long lines of the same ones.. isn't this fun? 
I loved this group in a raised bed in front of the windmill.. all ruffled petals. 
I saved the BEST for last.. of all the tulips in the world, these are my favorite.  They're like a watercolor painting.. green and white and pink and orange!  I have made this my desktop photo.  What are your favorites? 
My son took his oldest son fishing the other day, Hayden had caught his 2 in just minutes! He reeled them in and was sooOOOOooo proud!  My son, Travis, is a wonderful daddy!
I went to "Knitting Night" at Taci's house and Gracie and Betsy were there, along with 4 of Taci's regular group.  It was fun to meet more like-minded people.  We had a very enjoyable time.  Betsy brought one of the crochet lace pineapple tablecloths she's made. Isn't it amazing?  Taci is a wonderful hostess, with fresh baked pumpkin cake and warm cookies and a choice of tea!  I brought my new KnitPicks yarn to show the girls.. they all agreed it was soft and pretty!
Guess where we went for dinner on Saturday night?  Dayle was worried that it would be too busy, but I called them and they said they'd "sneak" us in.  
Yum!  We always bring home half of it... :-)
Today I will be preparing for a falls meeting tonight.  Do you have any fun plans for the week?  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow!!! Those tulips are stunning! I would love to visit there someday. Oh my goodness, that is just incredible. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh my, how beautiful and such fantastic photos.
    How lovely to spend time with bloggy friends.
    Carol xx

  3. Such lovely photos. The tulips are amazing.

    I love, love, love the pineapple tablecloth that Betsy is holding. So beautiful.

    Blessings always

  4. Wow!! can you imagine what those tulips look like from the air? I bet it is just mind blowing. I think it is so awesome that you enjoy what is around you. It so easy to forget what is around our own home to enjoy. It is indeed a treasure. Speaking of treasure..that wonderful a thready I am drooling. Can you ask her next time you see her where she found that pattern? It is spectacular. I enjoyed visiting you today..what a joy

    1. Vicki, click on Betsy's name on my blog and it will take you to her blog where you can leave a message for her.

  5. Yea! I was SO hoping you'd make it down to Wooden Shoe! The tulips are so amazing this year--it was definitely a feast for flower lovers:) My favorites were the pink/white multicolored, the green/white ones and the white tulips that looked like their edges were touched by hoar frost--but I liked them all!
    You are killing me with your photos from Tad's you know...I want to reach right through my laptop screen and eat everything on your plate!
    Congrats to your cutie of a grandson on his fish bounty:)
    PS: Is it sunny where you are? So pretty with the light shining through the new leaves and blossoms. A bit of beauty on this sad day.

    1. It's sunny here, with pretty puffy clouds.. a gorgeous day!! Love it. I agree on the sadness re: the bombings in Boston. ::sigh::

  6. Hi Teresa, I read your little comment on my post just now and I had to come check out the tulips you were talking about......"I AM IN TULIP HEAVEN!".....Oh my gosh, how lucky are you to see such beauty in person! What a amazing site!
    Dinner looks r e a l l y I am hungry for chicken!
    Hugs, Shari

  7. Oh my goodness Teresa! Those pictures are so beautiful. Nobody can do color as well as Mother Nature. I especially love that cute pink tractor. How cool is that? I always enjoy your post. They are so "newsy". Thanks for visiting my blog. Sometimes I just need a little reminder about what is going on in blogland and your blog is always such a treat.
    Take care,

  8. Did you see me? I didn't see you, but am so glad you were able to go! Fabulous photos!!!

    1. We looked and looked for you, but you went much earlier than we did. What time were you there?

  9. Did you and Gracie go visit the tulips on the same day? She just commented that she had gone. I love tulips and I am in awe of the spectacular beauty of row after row of them. I have always wanted to see them in Holland, When my niece lived in Amsterdam we visited twice but it was in the summer, too late I am afraid. That table cloth of Betsy's is pretty amazing, too. Wow the patience that must have took. SO glad you are all having such a wonderful time together. Bloggers first and now great friends.
    Hugs to you Teresa.

  10. Oh my gosh Teresa, those photos of the tulip farm are just stunning! LOVE the pink JD tractor!!
    Cute pic of your son and grandson!!
    Glad you all went to a knit group. It is such a wonderful thing to belong to such a group. I get so much from mine. Wonderful ladies!! We laugh, eat, support one another, teach one another, share, and have become like sisters. Betsy's tablecloth is gorgeous!
    Hey, they fixed the sign at he restaurant! I liked the other way!! That place sure does look good!!!!
    Have a good week!!
    xo Kris

  11. Gorgeous tulip pics! Thanks so much for sharing them. I highly doubt I'll ever get out there to see them in person, so this is the next best thing. Love, love, love your pics! :)

  12. What a beautiful place, I love the pink tractor. I live in John Deere country and seeing a pink one made me happy. Those tulips are amazing. Might be inspired for a new striped blanket. Dinner looked yummy too. XOXO

  13. It looks like Holland! And in particular the Keukenhof. Only the skyline is different, we don't have mountains. Beautiful tulips. Groetjes, Gerda

  14. Wow! I just read Gracie's blog and now I see the tulips on yours too. Here I was in Portland and we could have gone too but I didn't know how close it was. Sad face! The tulips are just beautiful-mere words can't describe them. Thank you for taking us along. Also thank you for posting a picture of my tablecloth. Such a fun evening! I wish I could go every month.

  15. Just a feast for the eyes, Teresa! I love the mixed tulips, just eye candy and as good as all the colors of yarn too : )
    What a wonderful visit and such a great idea for a Sunday!

  16. Holy Cow!!!! Those tulips are unreal! Glad you had an enjoyable evening with your ladies :) Betsy's tablecloth is gorgeous!

  17. Wow, how gorgeous and I love them all! I would love to see that in person sometime. I know there is Holland, Michigan and that would probably be the closest to me. I think the area you live in is so pretty...I wish that the Mountain could have been visible in the background. What fun you must have had with the knitting group. I want to join a local one here but it seems Thursday nights there is always something going on. Looking forward to spending time with my 4 yr old granddaughter this week! ~Hugs, Patti

  18. As I said to Gracie, I love tulips.
    How happy the little fisherman looks ☺☺

  19. Hi Teresa wow! Wow! Wow! Stunning ans inspirational colours....lucky you I've always wanted to visit the Dutch bulb fields, one day maybe....just fabulous colours and a favourite flower.
    Waiting for my new pot of 'black' tulips to come out.
    Hugs x

  20. Hi Teresa wow! Stunning and inspirational colours, lucky you I a
    Ways wanted to visit the Dutch bulb day maybe.
    Thanks the book seems to be doing ok....really please with the response so far.
    Hugs Sue xx

  21. WOW! Beautiful scenery as usual! I think I love Portland! It's beautiful there! That pink tractor makes perfect sense there amongst all those tulips. It's so nice how you girls have so many fun crafty get togethers. Betsy's lace table cloth is amazing!! It must have taken many hours of work to produce that!

  22. Wow Teresa...this's just wonderful! These tulips are just beautiful and thank you for the post about our group ...I love having you there. I'm having a problem with my log not updating anybody's blog I just saw that u had a new post through Meredith's. I
    L try to fix it tomorrow and try to do a post.

  23. What glorious tulips Teresa, I agree that the parrot tulips are my favourites too. Your photos are superb...such glorious colours. You certainly have fun with your blogging friend get togethers. I sent you an email re my bag charm,hope you got it? Yes I can make you something very similar with the singer sewing machine charm. I will hopefully "speak"to you later. Happy Tuesday, Jane x

  24. Hi, Teresa! I am in LOVE with your blog and things you show..those tulip fields are amazing! I showed your pics to my colleague, she was also saying "wow" and "so beautiful"!
    You had a nice knitters meet :) I also had one once, but since then we didn't organize such again.So seeing your cheerful gathering I want to renew our club meeting too !
    Have a wonderful day!

  25. Gorgeous pictures! I thought the pink tractor was really darling too. Sounds like you had a good day out there. I love the parrot tulips too, and had one come up in my yard a few years ago, amongst some other types that I had planted. Have no idea where it came from. It was such a surprise! I have to keep my tulip patch inside an enclosed area though, because the deer will eat them up otherwise. (((hugs))) ~Vicki

  26. Hello Teresa I am just trying to catch up with all your wonderful posts. I have been away in sunny Spain. It was so wonderful to have some warmth and sunshine. To sit outside and eat and spend wonderful time with my son, D.I.L. and granddaughters - priceless.

    The tulips are just stunning- they are one of my favourites. I also just love the pink tractor :-)
    How wonderful that your son was fishing with Hayden and didn't he do well. I too am proud of what good fathers my sons are.
    I am looking forward to seeing my knitting group again on Thursday.Betsy's lace cloth is wonderful.
    That chicken looks yummy. Will try and leave a comment on your other posts- have had a look at them all. Stunning photos as always.
    Love and hugs Anne x

  27. So in love with those colours...and my heart is doing a flip over that pink tracker...adorable. We have tulip fields like these and hope to get to them soon...before they are gone for another year. xo

  28. Amazing tulip fields and such beautiful pictures, Teresa! I loved seeing them! The colours are just breathtaking. Thanks for sharing! Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  29. It looks like you were in the Netherlands. :-)

  30. That tulip farm is simply breath taking (I spotted the pink tractor!) Thank you for sharing the photos.
    Hen x


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