Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Blooms in the Garden

Spring has sprung here on our farm in the Oregon countryside!  More sun, more warmth, and every day a new flower is in bloom!  This Rhododendron is usually the first to bloom, this year it was second.  It's a bell shaped one with a pastel pink bloom and dark pink buds.  I don't know the names of any of these as they have been on the property long before we were... and we've been here 30 years!
These ones are kind of droopy.. but I like them.
This rich deep red one usually doesn't bloom this early.. but here it is! 
Love this red! 
Next to the red rhodie is this elderberry bush in full bloom! 
Wild bleeding hearts edging our front lawn. 
Not the best year for our Star Magnolia - it bloomed early and then suffered through a lot of rain and hail.  Only the last buds are unblemished. 
The ever faithful red Azalea gives us another eye-popping display unfailingly. 
And everyday I check my lilacs to see if they are ready to cut.. nope.. not yet.. soon.. hurry! 
I have laid the 3rd of my collection of 3 hand crocheted lace tablecloths.  The table is awaiting the lilac bouquets. 
Tiny thread, lovely lace.. beautiful. 
My daughter-in-law reminded me that I had not finished the Teddy Bears for the 2 littlest grandchildren... so they will be my next 2 projects.  And can you believe I ran out of yarn for the legs?  And can you believe after 2 yarn superstores, that they don't make this color anymore?  I have a hopefully clever way to finish this.. stay tuned. 
We got two pots of tulips at the farm.. they both look interesting.. I'll show you when they bloom. 
My cactus gift from Shirley is sending out little shoots.. flowers?  Plantlets?  We'll see! 
And my house violet is blooming up a storm.. I thought I'd share.   
I'm jetting off in moments for a lunch with Gracie.  I hope you are having a great day!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Lunch with Gracie!! Am I'm missing it! Sad face here in Spokane. :-(
    I do love your flowers. My favorites are the first two and then the bleeding hearts.
    Do you still have the ball band for the teddy bear yarn? I'll look around the stores here for it if you have the color and brand, etc. I meant to tell you that at knit night and I forgot.
    It's a beautiful day here. I stayed at the trailer last night so I could run the furnace and keept the pipes from freezing. It got down to 22F!!!! But I was toasty warm inside and finished my pillow. I'll post pictures tomorrow.
    Say hi to Gracie for me.

  2. Teresa~
    A trip through your gardens is always a trip to paradise for me! I love your rhodos (esp. the pink ones), the bleeding hearts (more pink)...honestly, I just love all of your beautiful plants! Thank you for sharing and have a great lunch with Gracie:)

  3. So many pretty flowers! It definitely looks like spring where you live!

    The teddy bear you're making is adorable. Can't wait to see the solution you come up with for finishing him with different yarn.

    Pretty tablecloth.

    Have a beautiful day!

  4. Your life always seems --- In full bloom --- in full colour -- really alive and vibrant--- really the best kind of house -- ENJOY XX

  5. Goodness! You are surrounded by beautiful blooms! Actually here in Ohio we are too. My weeping cherry is just glorious right now as is my magnolia. We had big storm last night and another due tomorrow night into Friday so I am sure this will be a short lived blooming season. I amxiously await my lilac bush to come into bloom too. I love to smell them in the house! I love your little teddy...maybe you could just use something that would look like little pants color? That is on my to do list...learn how to make animals for my 4 yr old granddaughter. I hope I accomplish that before she is too old to want any. Have a great evening. ~Hugs, Patti

  6. I don't know where to begin, Teresa! All the flowers are so brilliant. The rhodies are so mature and the red is just stunning. Is there a pattern for the teddy somewhere on ravelry?

  7. Beautiful plants, inside and out. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the teddy bear. Did you make the tablecloth? It's gorgeous.

  8. Your flowers are simply lovely! And your lace tablecloth is beautiful.

  9. Love being amongst your garden, beautiful.
    Hope you have fun with Gracie, lucky pair to be so close.
    Lovely tablecloth and will be waiting to see the bears finished ☺☺

  10. Love seeing all of these blooms! So beautiful. Some blooms here, but not a whole lot of color, unlike you!

  11. One of the things I especially appreciate about you, Teresa, is your ability to appreciate detail! You see and then help me see and appreciate what is around us.....and you know the names of flowers and trees! Thanks for another good post and another good visit today :)

  12. What beautiful blooms!!!
    Hope you and Gracie had a lovely lunch!!
    xo Kris

  13. How beautiful your blooms look in the sunshine Teresa. Spring really has sprung in your neck of the wood. I hope you had a fun lunch and I hope that little bear gets some legs soon ;0) Jane x

  14. Teresa, your garden flowers are wonderful! just like in a fairy tale, I absolutely love all of them! You are a Queen of Flowers :)
    Table cloth has a very nice pattern and looks great on the dining table, very cozy. Lilacs would definitely look awesome on it!
    Have a nice day !

  15. Spring has definitely arrived around your house Teresa!I have blooms but not like that.....everything is just gorgeous! and my favorite are those Lilacs and Tulips....beauteefull! I can't wait to see them upon that one gorgeous tablecloth. We are due for yet another cold front coming in later we haven't seen in a few weeks, they are saying it will get down into the 30's by tomorrow night....maybe that's why my flowers are not's this crazy weather!
    Have fun with Gracie!
    xx Shari

  16. Hello, Teresa..
    I am a new reader to your blog and do enjoy so much the photos of your surroundings and your beautiful home.
    I asked my son and husband to venture some guesses about your rhodies. (We have a wholesale nursery half way between Drain and Elkton...just south of Eugene, and we raise rhododendrons, thousands of grafted Japanese Maples, and other things.) Best guesses are, in order of photos, Misty Moonlight, then perhaps a Williamsianum, and last perhaps a Hino Crimson. The magnolia could be Magnolia Stellata. The person who would really know if he had photos would be Harold Greer at Greer Gardens in Eugene.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week. I shall be inspired to take some outdoor photos myself, although it's a bit windy and the plants won't sit still!

  17. Wow, the flowers are bursting with color, so, so beautiful. Give Gracie a big hug for me, hope you have a wonderful time together.

  18. I am enjoying all the wonderful blooms in your 'neck of the woods' Teresa cos they have not shown up here yet. Hope you had fun with Gracie. Anne x

  19. I just love all your photos and have so missed visiting you and seeing them!! They were lovely again today but the pictures of the tulip farm....well...what can I say...they just take your breath away!! I thought the lace table cloth is beautiful....and am really looking forward to the puzzle of the legs!! Joan

  20. Oh wow! The tulips in your previous post are absolutely amazing -- so, so, so gorgeous! Sure is looking beautiful in your neck of the woods, too. Everything here is mostly blah. :/ Have a great weekend. Tammy


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