Friday, May 31, 2013

Hayden's Graduation & Bunny Dress Progress

We attended our grandson Hayden's preschool graduation party yesterday.  It was a lot of fun!  Seeing all those little people in their little green robes and floppy hand-sewn mortarboard hats... priceless.  It was raining almost the whole time and it was held outdoors, I'm so glad I wore a coat, hat and my shawl!  We were under a shelter, thank goodness.  Here is my little guy. :-)
MY baby, holding HIS firstborn son.  I love the look of pride on my son Travis' face. 
They had this little "bridge" that they used for the kids to cross over as they graduated and their name was called out.  Photo op!  :-) 
The cutest thing was that they had practiced a song to sing for us with hand motions and all.. the teachers tried to make an umbrella cover for them... CUTENESS!
Hayden making hand gestures for the song and singing.. sweet. 
After the song, they invited us to partake of a Fiesta meal - there was chicken chimichangas, Mexican rice, refried beans, tortilla chips, carrots and celery and lemonade, with watermelon slices for dessert.  They also had a "bounce house" for the kids to play in and 3 different dance groups performed.  It was really neat! 
I brought my knitting to the event and a few people asked me what I was making and I said, a bunny dress.. and they looked at me a little funny and said.. Oh... hmm.. :-)  I have a little ways to go before it's done.  This was a REAL challenge for me - I've never made arm holes of "knit front and back"  The next challenge will be I have to put 3 double pointed needles in the arm holes and knit them out a ways.. oy.   
We are having a nice day so far, sunny and some clouds.  We're off to Costco in a bit to get some salad and veggies.  We're on 3 weeks and 2 days of a lower calorie and smaller portion meal plans - and it's paying off.  :-)  Thanks for visiting and have a GREAT weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. They look very cute was a shame it rained. Good luck with the bunny dress, it's looking good. Happy weekend, Jane x

  2. How adorable! The graduation looks very nice, in spite of the weather. I love preschool graduations, they are so sweet. Congratulations to your big boy. I think the bunny dress is coming along nicely. Good for you learning how to do something new!

  3. Your little graduate is adorable, you must be so proud of him. Love the sweater dress, it is looking fantastic.
    Hugs to you my friend,

  4. Your love of your wonderful family shines through every post and I love reading about it ALL
    Thank you linda

  5. I love the graduation photographs, what a great time even in the rain. I am chuckling to myself thinking of your three double pointed needles for your tiny bunny sleeves a bit like me trying to thread my sewing machine! Why do we do it to ourselves? :) x

  6. Sniff, smile, sniff...the photos of your grandson's graduation are SO sweet! Congrats Hayden! LOVE Maggie Maria's dress so far--you are doing SO great:)

  7. Hayden's graduation celebration looked like great fun for all who attended :-) And Maggie Maria's dress is coming along great!!! I have never tried to knit something so complicated. Good for you, Teresa! xx, Gracie

  8. Wow Love your bunny! Dress is coming along nicely. Your little graduate is so adorable.

  9. Very cute Teresa and such ptecious memories. Hugs Anne x

  10. Such precious memories. You are so blessed to be able to attend specil days like this for your grandboys.

    Maggie's dress is coming long well. Don't be intimidated by the double pointed needles, you'll do fine. I use them all of the time. In fact I'm knitting a pair of ladies socks right now on a set of double pointed needles.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Congrats on graduation! He looks so cute in this green robes :)
    The dress will be great! I like the color you chose :)

  12. Those little graduates are just precious in their caps and gowns!! Just like the big guys. How cute! The bunny dress is coming along nicely. I can tell you the armholes will be a treat. It's probably going to be similar to me knitting thumbs in my mittens. If only one could find double pointed needles that weren't so long for such small projects like that. The dress is just darling so far. Good job!

  13. Your bunny dress is coming along nicely Teresa. Thanks for sharing Hayden's big day - so cute. xox

  14. Doesn't Hayden look smart, you must have been so very proud! Lovely to catch up with you Teresa, I've been away to Spain with no internet connection for an entire month, so glad to see you're doing great! Have a lovely weekend :-) xxxx

  15. Aww, look how sweet and handsome he looks in his graduation outfit! Congrats to Hayden! I bet you were all so proud of him. This brought back so many memories for me when Lauren was at that age. Miss Maggies' little dress is coming along rather nicely...good luck with those sleeves....reading what you have to do just made my eyes cross! It's a very wet and humid day for us so not much going on...just more crocheting for me.
    Hugs, Shari

  16. Hayden looks adorable, what a lovely time to share! Your bunny dress is looking good, I am sure you will manage the armholes ok:) Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Teresa.
    Helen x

  17. Congratulations to Hayden on his graduation and the photos are wonderful of his special must be so proud!
    Your bunny is looking very pleased with her new dress too Teresa... Good luck with the armholes...all will be fine!
    Happy Sunday,
    Susan x

  18. Hello Teresa !
    Congratulations for your little boy, it's an important day he grows !

    It's so important take care of ourselvs, to be in good health, go on.
    It's my second day for a big training at home with videos(during 3 months). I'm not sportiv at all and it's something !

    I send you some sun(it's so rare).
    Have a good Sunday !


  19. Hi Teresa,Cute!Cute!Cute!I love little people's concert!!It's so real!!!Congrats!!!Your bunny dress is coming along nicely!!!Have a great crafty and happy week!!!

  20. On a cuteness graph the Graduation would rate right at the very top.
    Yes, that is a real look of pride on your son's face.
    Love your bunny.
    Carol xx


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