Friday, September 20, 2013

The Language of Flowers

Where to start.  How about from now and then backwards?  OK.  First, I'm not a morning person.  But today the iPhone 5s was in the stores, so we set the alarm for 7 am so we could be at the Verizon store at 8, when it opened.  We got there at 8:15, not a big line, yay.  We get to the door.. NO gold phones.. not even any white ones, just black.  Bummer!  So, we came back home and I just ordered one on the Apple site.  It's disappointing, to say the least.  I thought I'd be trying out the camera on my new phone right now. :-)  

Last night I finished the book "The Language of Flowers".  My oh my.. it's about a girl who was abandoned at birth and grew up in the foster care and group home system.  It's pretty good.. and I learned a lot about the old way of using flowers to convey meanings.  Above is a begonia that Dayle has wintered over for several years now.  It's meaning is "Beware".  Below is a bromeliad that my daughter used as a centerpiece at her wedding reception.  I've kept it going for 13 years now! 

I love having an Autumn wreath on the back door..  

There are 3 colors of these begonias in his 2 baskets.  He repotted them this year and they are HUGE! 

The orange hanging begonias we got this Spring. 

I had a mole removed on my temple day before yesterday and egads, I didn't know he was going to cut it out!  And he froze to moles on my chest, too.  THEN, to add insult to injury, we got the 3rd in a series of Hepatitis B shots, a shingles shot and a flu shot.  UGH! 

We re-potted my miniature red and white rose into a bigger pot and oh my gosh.. it just thrived and grew and is covered with flowers!  A red and white striped rose means - Unity.  The rose below is only the size of a silver dollar. 

Another shot of my Lantana.. I expect the first frost will kill it.  :-( 

Pammy Sue made Dayle's honey wheat roll recipe and this is her gorgeous pan of rolls and she loved them.  Cool!!

So.. we've been cooking a lot.  Last night I taught Dayle how to make ground beef Stroganoff from scratch.  I made fresh green beans with a bit of bacon and onion to go with it.  It's easy to make Stroganoff.  Saute 2 lbs of burger, add 1 chopped onion and 5 minced cloves of fresh garlic, then add sliced fresh mushrooms, salt and pepper - when it's cooked, sprinkle flour (1/3 cup) over the meat mixture, brown that a bit, then add milk (2 cups), stir on high heat until it thickens, then add 3 cups of sour cream, stir in and serve over cooked wide egg noodles.  Well, I hope you have a stupendous weekend.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Teresa, I read The Language of Flowers, It was beautifully written, I was so pulling for all the characters. Have you read Orphan Train? I think you would like it. I had a cyst removed from the top of my head last week, the medication they used to freeze it slowly moved down my face all weekend, I looked horrible. It was an interesting experience. I looked like a commercial for Botox gone bad, lucky for my there was no Botox so after one week I look normal again. Love your flowers.
    Hugs to you,

  2. I read that book too and I loved it. The other book Meredith mentioned, Orphan Train, is on my waiting list from the library. I'm sorry about the shots and the mole removal, that does not sound like a fun medical visit. I am in awe, as always, of your gardening. You and Dayle are both very talented.

  3. Hi Teresa, I haven't heard of that book, sounds an interesting read. Your flowers look so pretty. Glad you have had all your medical bits sorted, it's good to get everything out the way. The flu vaccine annual programme starts at work in 2 weeks here...always a busy time. Enjoy your weekend, Jane x

  4. I think I need to read that book. What a fabulous photographer and plantswoman you are, so inspiring. I hope the doctors visits are done with now, that sounds like enough for six months!! Fiona x

  5. Hello Teresa - beautiful blooms and scrumptious looking rolls. I am due to make an Autumn Wreath tomorrow at card making workshop,however feeling decidedly unwell at the moment :-( Hugs Anne x

  6. Happy Autumn Teresa, Your blooms all look beautiful.. I have never read that book so I will put it on my List to Read.. Hugs Judy

  7. Hi Teresa,
    I read your comment from my iphone while waiting to pick up Noah from school. I came straight home to see the color of my blog background. Funny, mine is a olive green. You say yours is brown? The black text stands out just fine for me. But I changed it to a sort of yellow/green color. Let me know if that helps! We wouldn't want you to miss anything!!! I think I am all caught up with you now. Phew! The iphone things....bummer!!! The flowers are magnificent!!! The stroganoff...oh my...a favorite of mine! The chili in previous post...yum! The dirty boys in the tub..priceless!! The gorgeous girls in sunflower field...stunning! The sweet!!! All of your shots and mole removal...OUCH! I had my shingles vaccine too. Don't ever want that again! Been at Mom's all day cleaning the boat, and the patios for tomorrow. I have my eulogy written and ready to go. I will make a big pot of potato salad tonight. We ordered the food, but each of us in the family is making something that was one Of Nana's specialties! We will have a separate table of just Nana Foods!!!! I will be taking some photos.

  8. I'm also very interested in the new iPhone but will wait till the rush is over. In the meantime I'll look forward to your thoughts on it after you've played around for awhile. The camera is what I'm really interested in. What a coincidence ... I had a lump removed from my right temple on Tuesday 17th . The plastic surgeon did a good job - I have a little flap and will get the stitches out next Tuesday. Hoping for no scar. I also saw those great looking rolls on pammy's blog. They do look very yummy. Have a lovely weekend. xox

  9. That sounds delicious. I also have that book sitting on my bookshelf and hope to read it soon.

  10. I love your autumn wreath Teresa! (I think I shall have to hang one on my front door again) those golden leaves look so pretty...
    Your flower photographs are always beautiful and I'm sure you'll get lots of lovely pics with your new phone!
    I'm off to add the book to my reading list as it sounds like my kind of read!
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x
    P.S The honey wheat rolls look delicious!

  11. Hope you are recovered from your trip to the Doctors, sounds quite the ordeal.

    Lovely photos, I love your autumn wreath. My darling daughter helped me this morning to put all my autumn décor out on the mantelpiece and fireplace.

    Let the season begin!


  12. Lovely flower pictures....and how good you are at keeping plants alive for years and years, Teresa!! Hope your exciting new phone arrives very soon! I love your autumn wreath, it looks so pretty hanging on the door. Wishing you a happy week ahead!
    Helen x

  13. Your recipe sounds good! I haven't had Stroganoff in ages!

  14. Great flowers. Have a great weekend! XOXO

  15. All your flowers are so pretty. It just makes me want to run out and plant something, but autumn is here today and it sure feels like it too. Chilly!!!!! I actually put on a long sleeved blouse before I left to go see my mom. Maybe next summer I will have some flowers to share with all of my friends. Stroganoff sounds like a good dish to be making now that the cooler weather has arrived, but I like it well enough to eat it all year round. Sadly I think it has been ages since making it from scratch, mine usually comes straight from the Hamburger Helper box :(
    Ouch! having the moles removed and getting all those shots at once. I had the Hep. B shots way back when I worked at the Rehab hospital, all 3 in the series and recently got that Shingles vaccine and last Monday the flu shot. I am better at giving shots than receiving them, lol. You and dayle should be all set now for the winter flu about the pneumonia vaccine? it is good for 8-9 years if I remember right.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  16. Thanks for the floral bouquet of flower photos, Teresa! I love seeing them! Good for you getting your medical work done! I volunteered to help set up a Women Connect event that was held on Thursday and Friday night at church. It was fun and informative. We had a speaker from the Rockwood Community Development organization, and it was exciting to hear about the positive changes they would like to help bring to the region!
    Gracie xx

  17. You make me want to rush out and make a colorful autumn wreath right now! Love your begonias--so pretty! Your post reminds me to check on getting our shots -- ick. I never did like shots--both getting and giving them :(


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