Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rainy Autumn Weekend

It's official as of today, the season is Autumn and our weather and my mindset are in sync with it.  It's been cloudy, cool and rainy off and on over the weekend.  So, crocheting on Caleb's blanket has been the order of the day.  

Dayle was in the kitchen making chicken noodle soup and biscuits for our dinner and the boys were being rambunctious - so I said, would you two like some honey and raspberry jam on your biscuits after you eat your soup?  YES!  Okay, why don't you sit in grandpa's chair and fold your hands and watch the cartoon I have on for you?  I had to record this moment and I find it just a hoot.  

We use these great "Bear Creek" soup mixes and Dayle adds more noodles, celery, carrots and lots of chicken.  They have a delicious flavor!

Yum yum.

When Hayden got done with his biscuits - one with honey and one with raspberry jam, I spied him licking the plate to get all the goodies off.  :-) 

I made up Caleb's biscuit, one side with homemade raspberry and one with strawberry jam.  Poor guy has a bit of a cold and his left eye is swollen.  It always seems this weather brings such things.

I did a look-about this morning to see if I could get a photo that conveyed the season and weather.. not sure I accomplished that.  The dahlias across the road are starting to wane. 

I'd stepped out on the old front porch to snap the photo of the flowers, when I came in I glanced at the Hoosier cabinet and my cake plate with some old green handled utensils laying upon it.  I kind of liked the look of the greens together.

The moss on the garage and shed are very lush and happy with the rain.  We're contemplating putting a new metal roof on the garage, I'll miss the moss, but it's not good for the roofing. 

Kristi brought in an old box she found while cleaning the garage out - it was full of my old schoolwork, some letters from my classmates when I moved away in 7th grade, some of my brother's Russian worksheets, and a few old lost photos.  I was thrilled to find this photo of my twin brother and sister (6 years older than me) - Robert and Roberta at their graduation.  I called my sister and she did not have this photo and was thrilled I'd found it! 

This photo was also in the box, of my and my friends dressing up for Halloween when I was in 7th grade!  I don't know what I was trying to look like!  I'm in the middle. 

Today Chef Dayle has decided to make Tamale Pie for dinner!  I'm going to crochet and paint some dinosaurs for a diorama Hayden is supposed to make for school.  Dayle is now cleaning out the pellet stove so we can start having a fire in it.  What are you up to?  Has Autumn arrived at your house?   ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Our first day of autumn has been hot and sunny, four loads of washing hung out and dried! We have a short drive around our local countryside, not much yet in the way of autumn colour, but yesterday we went north to visit relatives and a lot more colour in evidence there.


  2. Autumn has definately arrived here Teresa....the new series of Downton Abbey started tonight...great fun as always. Enjoy your autumn with your family x

  3. Hi Teresa. What a nice feel good post! I saw your photo on fb, and it is darling! It is fun to find those old photos. We have all been going through photos for Nana's funeral, and we found some pretty funny ones too.
    I adore the moss on your roof! I wondered though, does it cause any harm at all to it?
    Those nasty colds have been going around here too. I am over mine now, but the little ones always like to share!
    Love Caleb's blanket. So nice!!! I am in the mood to hunker down with my yarn and sit in front of the fire too. But even though we have cooled, we are not at fire temps yet.
    XO Kris

  4. Autumn has arrived here in Montreal, Teresa, with all its glorious colours to boot. I love that blanket, beautiful. The food looks delicious!

  5. Well I put my pretend fire/heater on in the fireplace for the first time in over three months, and it is feeling much more like Fall today with a steady gentle rain. I love the colors and pattern you chose for Caleb's blanket and can imagine seeing him loving to be wrapped up in it :) Kristi is finding treasures, and I loved your mossy green photos and the waning dahlias as well. Your chicken noodle soup looks perfectly yummy, too!!! I'm headed to the kitchen to saute some mushrooms and garlic to enjoy with a baked potato.
    Gracie xx

  6. I love those photos, they're wonderful and I'm so glad you have them. I really enjoyed that photo of the boys sitting with their hands folded, how funny! They look so angelic! ;)

  7. No matter that the Autumn has arrived, you always have warmth and coziness of your house, and lovely family time! I loved the homely photos, and your grandsons look, yes, very angelic, I agree :)
    That moss is indeed very bright and fairy tale like but perhaps it can spoil your roof, so better get rid of it.
    Have a nice week ahead, Teresa!

  8. You've successfully put me in the mood for chicken noodle soup!!!! There is a fall chill in the air here as well and I'm loving it. I think most knitters and crocheters do love this time of year. Crocheting Caleb's blanket, home made soup and a fire in the pellet stove sounds like the perfect weekend to me! :-)

  9. Wonderful post Teresa. Soup looks yummy. Your grandsons very cute. Love find old photos and remembering past times.
    We've had beautiful weather this weekend.
    Yesterday our GD was 6 -where does time go? We went out to celebraye but I felt unwell. Have nasty cold which I suspect might become chest infection. Sigh. Hugs Anne x.

  10. Teresa I love the pic of your two boys on the sofa both with they're hands together.. And the flowers they still look so beautiful like a wild meadow. Autumn has not arrived here yet. Still resisting to put the heating or log burner on. Kitchen always warm because we have an Aga which stays on all the time . So spend most of the day in there.
    My son ill today terrible sore throat so has gone back to bed and no school! Always catches everything from school this time of year.

  11. Hello Teresa, Your photos are ALL so super wonderful to look at.. Caleb's blanket is looking fantastic. Autumn is just starting to show its colors here too.. Hugs Judy

  12. Hi Teresa! Yep. It's feeling like fall here too. We had a rainy cold weekend and had to turn the furnace on in the camper last night. I woke up to 39F this morning. Brrrrrr! I'm afraid not only is summer over by the calendar, but also by the weather. Ick.
    I enjoyed the boys picture on FB yesterday and really liked everything about your post today. That soup looks delicious. I want to borrow Dayle sometime!! :-)
    See you very soon my friend.

  13. Good work on Calebs blanket Teresa

    Love your old photos, it's great that you had them :D

  14. That is hilarious! I love that photo of the boys.

  15. Aren't old photos fun ? Such great memories. Caleb's blanket is coming along nicely - great colours for a little guy. Poor fellow - he really doesn't look his usual happy self. Hope he gets better soon. xoxox

  16. Rainy, stormy at times this weekend--made for some 'excitement' hydroplaning over the mountain! I am already looking forward to the forecasted return of the sun coming later this week--I miss drying our laundry outside:)
    PS: Hope your grandson feels better soon.

  17. Hello Teresa, it's a pleasure to meet you. I am coming over from Vee's blog. Great photos and the food looks so yummy. perfect for a Fall day. From your newest follower, Linda


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