Monday, September 16, 2013

Autumn in the Countryside

Hello there!  How was your weekend?  We only left the house to go grocery shopping on Saturday.. the rest of the time we just hung out, I crocheted, I finished the book "The Knitting Circle" on my iPad.  It was sad.. but good.  Last evening I began "The Language of Flowers".  Oh my.. it certainly isn't what I expected!  Too soon to say more.  I put out some of my fall decor on the dining table.  I won't be able to put out too much as we're using it for the 6 of us to have dinner together. I rescued the 5 legged oak farm table from my grandparent's chicken house 25 years ago and had it refinished.  Just a few weeks ago we were used to having our dinner on our laps in front of the TV.  Now we are more like the Waltons with the family around the table!  Here are my 3 little pumpkins that I crocheted.. love them!  For the pattern, click HERE. It's halfway down the page.
I love decorating for the season and holidays.  I don't do a lot of it, but my table usually has a centerpiece or some flowers.  It makes me happy.  As for the big holiday coming up, I get a bit extravagant... :-D  My friend Shirley gave me the felted acorn on the right last year, too.
I try to pick up one new decorative item each season, and this is mine from last year, a handblown glass pumpkin from the glassblower at McMenamin's Edgefield.   
My sister Denise and I made ourselves a little scarecrow some 25 years ago, too.  We created them from scratch.. we used aluminum foil to create a "skeleton" and sewed up some blue jeans and stuffed them and sewed on patches.  We used a circle of red felt for a hat, etc.  I love putting him out each year. 
On Saturday morning we were watching the Food Network while I crocheted and they were doing this long series on chili.  I'd been wanting to make homemade chili for a while, I do this every autumn, so off we went to the store to get the ingredients.  Here is my chili simmering on the stove.  We used red and black beans.
I don't follow a recipe - we quick soaked the beans for 2 hours, then simmered them until they were done, another few hours, then I sauteed up 3 1/2 lbs of ground beef, along with a chopped green pepper and a whole Hermiston onion and minced garlic.  When that was cooked I added chili powder, ground red pepper, salt and pepper and cumin.  Then added 1 can of tomato sauce, 1 can of stewed tomatoes and 1 can of tomato paste -- added that all to the beans and voila! - home made chili!  
Dayle made a big pan of cornbread while I was working on finishing up the chili.  Everyone enjoyed it, even the little guys! 
My daughter sent these adorable photos of my two granddaughters in a sunflower field.  Sweet! 
I miss them so much.  wah. 
This photo of Paige bowled me over - the braids.. oh my.  I used to braid Amy's hair when she was young.  We plan to go visit next late summer or fall.. way too long between seeing these precious girls.
Our son Travis and his wife Kristi have been working on cleaning up our barn - way too many things have been put in there, never to be dealt with - but those two are amazing and have filled a big trailer with stuff that needed to go.. they are off to the metro recycling center (aka - dump) as I type.  The boys were "helping" out and this is the result - do you see the dust and dirt?  They went straight into the old claw foot tub when they came in.
The weather here is finally fallish.. to be honest, I was ready for the high temps to go away.  I guess I'm an Oregon girl at heart and was ready for the cooler temps and even.. gasp.. some rain!  I hope you enjoy your week.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Such beautiful photos. Seeing that chilli has made me very hungry indeed! The boys look like they had a great time helping! :D

  2. Your chili and cornbread look so delicious! That's one of our favorite go-to meals in cool weather. I love all of your fall decorations. Your grandchildren are so cute! The boys do look filthy and I love that they take a bath together! Mine don't anymore because he's too rough and she cries because he splashes her, what a soap opera. :) Paige's hair is so cute and I think she looks a lot like you in that photo. Her eyes are the same as yours.

  3. I like your Fall center piece arrangement and the chili sounds good. Your grands are very cute.

  4. I love your Fall decorations - always enjoy your seasonal decor. That photo of Paige is gorgeous - bet this one will be framed. xx

  5. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us :) It's like catching up with old friends :) I enjoy all the pics & stories about the Grands - such memories you're building with them all. Another blogger I follow made some crocheted pumpkins too...I guess it's time I switch over to some fall crafting as well :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  6. Always love to see your holiday decorations Teresa. Chill looks yummy. Delightful photos of the children. Very Autumnal here - I like it :-) Hugs Anne x

  7. the chili looks yum! I love those pumpkins!

  8. beautiful post Teresa always enjoying visiting here ☺

  9. Teresa, your decorations are so lovely and Autumn-ish. Love the pictures of the girls, they are really getting big even since we got to see them this summer at your house. Dirty boys are usually happy boys, they are adorable.

  10. How funny! We both posted little pumpkins on our blog today! And we must really be in-sync because I bought all the fixins for chili this weekend. We like kidney and black beans in our chili too. Wish we'd get a little of that fall weather and rain! We need it so badly! Love all your decorations.

  11. Hi, Teresa!
    Your autumn decorations are too cute, and I really like them. The scarecrow is a sweet little chap, isn't he?
    I also have two crocheted pumpkins and want to make 2-3 more when I accomplish at least half of my big blanket.
    Your grandchildren are all way so cute and beautiful! God bless your family :)
    Take care!

  12. I love the crochet pumpkins, and the scarecrow!!! I haven't gotten my Fall stuff down yet, too hot!!
    xo Kris

  13. A lovely autumnal post! And I love the flower field picture at the top! Loved seeing those fall decorations especially your clever crochet pumpkins.
    Wishing you and your family a happy week.
    Helen x

  14. Hi Teresa! Great minds think alike. I just put chili in the crockpot to simmer away all day and then I read your blog. We're having some cooler weather over here too. I guess I'm in denial-I still have my summer decorations out. I'll probably change it out when I go home tomorrow. Next week Portland and little Piper!! Your granddaughters pictures are gorgeous. My heart hurts for you and the distance they are away from you. I know that Grandma ache.
    See you soon my friend!

  15. Yum! Chili and cornbread sounds SO good! I love your little scarecrow--very, very cute! And your grandkid photos are adorable as always:)
    PS: Any color change in the Gorge yet?

  16. Thanks for another good visit, Teresa :) Your grands truly are grand !!!! We had macaroni swirls with spaghetti sauce while you were enjoying chili, but I have been thinking fallish thoughts as well. MK had a burst of nesting energy yesterday and we got all sorts of sorting and cleaning done. In the process we unearthed my fall wreath and I hung it up outside, but I will have to get my crocheted pumpkins out, too. The contrast of your grandgirls' spick and span glow with your grandsons' grime and glee left me chuckling. I volunteered to type a schedule (changes every day since :) for a women's group at church, and in general have just been trying to get resettled after all my galavanting around the country the last few months, so have hardly done any stitching :( But I am so glad you have been getting some done! Hugs from Gracie PS the eggs are soooooo good; thanks again!!!

  17. Hi Teresa,Love your table decorations!!!I also love to decorate for the holidays and can't wait to unpack!!!Your chili and cornbread look really yummy!!!Such lovely photo's of Paige and Amy!!!Have a fun and crafty week!!!

  18. Oh my, as much as I have hated the hot humid weather, I kinda hate that summer is nearing its end. I see you have brought out your sweet little pumpkins and decorating for the Fall season. I bet your little guys are all geared up to get some real pumpkins and decorate them, and then there is Halloween for those who indulge in costumes and candy. And look at your pretty little darlings in the sunflower field, how adorable. I love the braids too, what big happy smiles. I can understand missing them because they live so far away. Chili sounds good. I am having my brothers and their wives over the last Saturday of the month for a fire pit, to roast hot dogs and maybe I will make some chili too. This cooler weather is perfect for a big stew pot over the fire. Have a good weekend.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  19. Love your centerpiece Teresa, and your chili looks yum! I was kinda looking forward to Autumn too, but now that it's here I'm not so sure. It's wet here, with a complete lack of sunshine, and I've caught a cold already! Good thing there's my crochet and knitting ;-) Have a lovely week x

  20. Hello you wonderful friend!!! Looks like life on the farm is heavenly. I know you love having everyone there. Have a lovely weekend!

  21. Chili is great. I like making it in the crockpot then it's ready to eat when I get home from work. I use S&W canned beans, usually bought on sale so I stock up. Black beans and white/cannelli beans are our favorites. Was going through blogs I follow and forgot I'd signed up for yours....oh yeah, I remember you now! We had some rain this afternoon here in the valley of OR. Good to have the cool weather come again.


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