Thursday, October 31, 2013


For those of you who celebrate All Hallows Eve...

 *H*A*P*P*Y* *H*A*L*L*O*W*E*E*N*!*

This is my old paper lantern I found years ago, it's rather huge and Dayle hangs it up for me every year to brighten the dining room as the days grow shorter and nightfall comes early.  It really does cheer me up and it chases the darkness away.  The kids are taking the little guys over to her sister's house for trick-or-treating - it's in a neighborhood, whereas here in the countryside, houses are few and far between.

Yesterday we went to visit Dayle's sister Darlene and her husband Bill.  They moved from Gresham which is on the east side of Portland to Hillsboro on the west side several years ago and we wanted to see their home.  We met for lunch and then headed to their house for a nice long visit.  They have the most fun dog, a Labradoodle.  She is so cute!

I was delighted at how they have decorated their home!  Their old home was traditional with some country elements - but they have decorated this home with wonderful Chinese decor!  The cabinet on the left is antique and just beautiful, my eyes took in each decorative item.. it was beautiful!

It is a great room style, no enclosed areas, all open, very nice.  This is their dining area and I'm standing in the kitchen.  Notice the little photo bomber in the bottom of the photo?  :-)

Darlene even made a lemon cheesecake for our visit.. yum!!  It's the recipe of their sister Eileen.  It's delish!

They have a courtyard out back with room for lawn chairs and a BBQ - they had a potted Japanese Maple which had turned beautiful colors.

There is a story about the cute little Asian figurines below.  Dayle's mother had made these years ago, she was very crafty and made ceramic items for years.  She even had her own kiln and Dayle remembers helping her fire the items in their basement.  When all of his siblings were clearing out their parents home after they had been moved to an assisted living facility, they found these and Darlene said she'd like them and Dayle countered that he'd like them also.  So, they flipped a coin and Dayle won.  After we brought them home, Dayle felt remorseful and decided to give them to Darlene after all.  It was neat to see them in her home where they fit in so well.

We chatted away the afternoon and enjoyed our visit with them immensely.  Below is Hayden's school photo, he has the biggest grin, so cute!

I had to show you something I got a kick out of the other day.  Caleb pulled his little chair up to the TV cabinet and began "dusting".  I thought that was so cute.

Dayle and I are heading out to run some errands later and are bringing some Halloween candy back.. just in case anyone stops by.. and it will be our favorite kind.. just in case no one does come by.  :-)  Have a great day and a fun weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Have a great Halloween, Teresa! The paper lantern is so cute and cheerful. Dayle's sister's house really is beautiful and I love those Chinese figurines, how pretty.

  2. What a talent Dayle's Mum had Teresa, those figurines are amazing. How kind he was to let his sister have them and they are obviously treasured by her. Happy Halloween! X

  3. How talented Dayle's Mum was Teresa and how kind he was to let his sister have them. They are obviously treasured by her. Happy Halloween! X

  4. Hope your little ones have a statistic night tonight, there is nothing as exciting as Halloween when you are little. I have snickers bars and M & M's do you want some of mine?

  5. Teresa you left me laughing. We have never had any trick or treaters since we have lived in this house, but while I was at the store today I thought I should get something to hand out, just in case. Of course I bought a bag of something our family would like :) Hmmmmm Yummmmm
    Gracie xx

  6. Dayles sisters home is beautiful. Alex would fit right in wouldn't he? The figurines are exquisite. It also explains Dayle's patience with all of your crafts! He was used to it from mom. :-)

  7. Fun pics Teresa! We had fun watching our grands trick or treat!
    xo Kris

  8. Hi, Teresa! Halloween is such a fun holiday, I do enjoy celebrating it, though it is not in Orthodox Christian tradition. Your house looks cozy, and that lantern brings so much warm light to it.
    Dayle's sisters' house is awesome! I love their red walls, and all little decor things.
    Have a happy weekend! Hugs!

  9. That little photo bomber is darling! And so is Hayden's school photo! And how nice is it to have a cute little helper with the dusting? We never have trick or treaters either but that just means more treats for us. Happy Halloween!! :-)

  10. Love that lantern. You could not help smiling when you look at it. I love seeing the creative ways people decorate their house and Dayles sisters is beautiful. I al
    So love that story of the figurines. It says so much about the bedrock of your lives together.
    Thanks as always for your support over at Chalky's x

  11. Hi Teresa, What a beautiful home Dayle's sisterr has.......Dayle's birthday celebration continues!!
    Hayden looks so cute, what a cutie! Have a great weekend, xoRobin

  12. It seems way too soon to be getting dark earlier in the evening, and this weekend we fall back an hour with our time. When darkness falls I feel like putting on my night clothes and housecoat and snuggling up in my chair, crocheting and watching a bit of tv. That big pumpkin would send a warm glow in the house. Oriental decor is very simple and uncluttered. Some days I wish mine was like that, then other times I am glad for the creature comforts (dust collectors) that surround me. I think I need your grandson to come here and dust for me, what a little worker, he must get that from his mom and her desire to reorganize and clean stuff. Oh, by the way how is that craft room coming along? The school picture is cute, and so is the one with the photo bomber, lol.
    Hope you have a happy weekend. Leaves are falling here and it has been very cool and rainy.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  13. Beautiful little figurines! How sweet of your hubby to gift them to his sister:) Lemon cheesecake sounds divine--I one of those who love lemon year round. Cute photos of the grandkids--two of ours came over last night to pick up their harvest baskets. It was fun to see them, and remember earlier times...


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