Friday, October 4, 2013

Saint Kristi

OK.. for those that have been visiting this blog for a while, I've mentioned that I have a "studio" which in reality, looked more like an episode of "Hoarders" than a lovely space all decorated with vintage treasures like in a glossy magazine spread.  WELL.. my wonderful daughter-in-law, Kristi has been working for three days to "organize" my room for me.  My new nickname for her is "Saint Kristi".  I told her my dream was to have the desktop cleared and have my vintage sewing machine there so I could use it.  

Now.. I'm going to tell you that this project is only half done.. and I'm doing a reveal now only because I was too embarrassed to show you the "Before" photos.  But dear readers, we are making progress!!  I am envisioning frilly valances on these 3 windows.  What do you think?  Or maybe crocheted valances?

Here is my beloved pie safe with pierced copper panels in the doors, which used to be our TV cabinet back when TVs were 32 inches.  When we got the 55 " TV, the cabinet was moved to my studio.  Now it is where my yarn is, but there is not enough room using bins for all the yarn.  Kristi researched yarn storage ideas and has just discussed with me taking all the yarn out of the bins and arrange it by color and cotton or acrylic, etc.  Yes!

THIS, my friends, is my wonderful desk storage area which is a disaster of stacked up this's and thats.  I am planning to spend a lot of time tomorrow going through all this stuff and getting rid of a lot of it. 

This is my huge wooden cabinet that my mom had in her kitchen and when she was going to move, I snapped it up for my studio.  Kristi has taken all my Halloween and Christmas decorations out of it and put them in bins.  Kristi has issued some orders.. NO more tote bags and no more yarn!  :-)

This is looking from my desk chair.. see all those things stacked in front of the French doors?  That is all YARN in bags and baskets.  My view out the doors is across the deck and of the barn.  My view out the windows is the creek and waterfalls and bamboo.

Homeless yarn.. but it will have a home.. St. Kristi has plans. :-)

UNDER the desk is more stuff for me to go through.. I have my work cut out for me to go through all this stuff.  I have worked in here on several occasions and got a lot done, but then the migration of all the things I didn't know what to do with would end up in here and I'd be back to square one.  I can't just dump whole bins of things because last time I found almost $100 in between papers and in envelopes.  I also found a silver dollar in an envelope that was meant to be given as a gift long ago but it didn't make it to the recipient.  ::blush::  SO.. I wanted to show you what my wonderful DIL is working on - do you have a "hoarding room" or are you perfectly organized at all times?  

In other news, I had pre-ordered this book on Amazon, by my blog friend Susan Pinner of the blog Suz Place - and it finally arrived and I devoured each page and it's WONDERFUL!  I love each project and can't wait to make some of them.  She has good information on tools and how to crochet, good for a beginner and also for a seasoned crocheter.  Good job, Sue! Bravo!  

I am excited as in just over an hour, I will be meeting 3 of my blog friends for lunch at a small Italian restaurant in Gresham, Oregon.  It's been a while since we've all been together, Gracie, Betsy and Taci and I will enjoy our time together.  There is a yarn shop across the street, imagine that?  And an antique shop next to that!  Fun times!  Then I am off to go swimming for an hour.  Thanks for visiting today and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I have been coveting a granny square afghan with a white background.

  2. Bravo, Kristi !!! Because I have moved so many times, I have dramatically downsized my collections. BUT I have a particular weakness for books and yarn and need to do some purging :(
    I vote for crocheted valances for your studio.
    It was so much fun to meet with you and Betsy and Taci today, Teresa!!! Have a great weekend!!!
    Love with hugs,

  3. Oh I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My crafty room has been an issue for ages. I have posted about it a couple of times, and shamefully it would be right up there with yours, only.......I think you might actually have more stuff cause honey you have more space, lol. All that wonderful light and windows and imagine that, French doors too......I wish I could come and sit and watch you go through all your stuff. I get all giddy when it comes to yarn, books and all the other things. I share with you the ADDICT SYNDROME. I bet your Kristi found stuff in there that you had forgotten about. And, now that you can spy out all that wonderful yarn you have toted up you have the perfect Suz pattern to use it on. (Isn't the cover of her new book eye candy!) I am expecting a lot of crocheting to be going on at the Kasner house in the next few months. Have a fun weekend. I wish I was there. heavens, why is it that everyone else's stash always looks more interesting than your own. It reminds me of being at the checkout at the grocery, the gal at the register beside yours, she always has better looking food in her cart, lol.
    (((HUGS to you friend))) I throughy enjoyed this post
    Susanne :)

  4. Nice craft room for sure. I think I have a basket just like yours, in picture 3, from top....basket on the far right. Does is have a handle in the middle as well? My sewing desk is a mess but it is getting cleaned soon. Once I get my desk area situated. I need to get to sewing soon. Never enough time. But want to get a quilt made for granddaughter before she gets to be a teen ager! LOL! (she's 5). Celebrating my mom's 90th birthday tomorrow!

  5. I think I'm going to have to get that book too. It looks quite addictive. I really like the pictures of your studio and glad I looked at them on my iPad, (not my iPhone), because the pictures are bigger. I love the yarn, yarn, and more yarn! Kristi is indeed a saint and you are blessed to have her toiling away for you. :-)
    Lunch was SO much fun. I love Boccelli's. yum! And the company was absolutely marvelous. I so look forward to our lunches together. Somehow I need to move to the Portland area so we can see each other more often.
    Blessings my friend and lots of hugs,

  6. Wow, what a fantastic space!!! And boy, that Kristi is working like crazy over there at your place. What a sweet gal!!! I love how it is coming along!!!
    XO Kris

  7. Now that is one fantastic space for storing and creating! My whole house is disorganized. Getting things in order is a task I just keep putting off. Even if I clean out one drawer, there's always wayward stuff that I then need to find a home for and so I stuff it somewhere and like you said, back to square one. Kristi is a saint for getting that room cleaned up for you. You will then realize just how much you have and will be inspired to create even more because you will actually be able to know where to find everything. I am totally guilty of buying totes and then stuffing them with yarn and all sorts of crafty stuff. They are sitting here, there, hanging off door handles and chairs, everywhere. What a mess! Definitely a project for winter break. Your room is gonna be fantastic when all done. I think crocheted valances would be perfect for those windows. You certainly don't want anything to cover up those lovely views. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend, Tammy

  8. Oh dear! I think you've got me beat! LOL! I organized my craft room ( or should I say rooms, as I seem to have taken up several of the rooms in the house) awhile back but it still can get a bit out of order from time to time. How very nice of your daughter-in-law to help you. I think crochet valances would look really nice on those windows! Happy sorting through everything. I bet you find all kinds of long lost treasures ;-) I know I did. In fact that's what started my whole stint with organizing. I was trying to find my favorite chunky monkey crochet hook! LOL!

  9. Great job on your studio Teresa. It's so wonderful to have a "saint Kristy" in your life. Makes it so much more enjoyable when you have someone helping... It's a great bonding experience. I just had my MIL here to help me move for about 10 days. She worked so hard and helped me so much.... so happy you have "saint Kristi". I cannot wait to see when you get it all done :) it was wonderful to see you today :)

  10. I have to agree about your DIL. Can she come over here when she's finished with you?? Actually, I have just finished clearing out an area and it feels so good to have it good when I get the rest cleared! I hope you enjoyed your lunch together. I'm wondering whether you bought more yarn at that lovely, must visit yarn shop across the road from your lunch? If you did you hide it from your DIL I'm wondering! Joan

  11. I agree with Taciana ... How lovely to have a project to share. My daughter and law have spent many hours crocheting together. Love your room and such special treasures. Can't wait to see the next photos. Oh! And definitely crochet on the windows ... Zig zaggy panels. Bet there are some on Pinterest. Love the book too.

  12. Teresa what an amazing studio was being hidden there. Your DIL is a real saint, how lovely to get back your creative space. As I live in a tiny terraced house I do not have the space to hoard anything at all! I agree that I don't think you need any more yarn ;0) Enjoy your blogging lunch x

  13. Saint Kristi, really is a Saint. First the barn and now your room, she is a keeper that is for sure and you can tell you really love each other by the wonderful way you talk about her. I am actually pretty organized, I have my room and I have some things stashed in my closet, but nothing tipping over in piles, I am by nature a very organized person. I hope your homeless yarn makes it to a school or church where they knit and crochet blankets. I used to donate my yarn to my kids school for art class. I am sure you had a wonderful, wonderful lunch with the Ladies.

  14. Your studio is looking great Teresa and what a fabulous daughter-in-law you have there! (Not sure Kristi is going to be too happy about you visiting the yarn shop just yet though...I can't see you coming out of there empty handed!:-) )
    I have the crochet book too and it's fab!
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  15. Crocheted valances with a row of tiny granny squares about 2/3 of the way down.

  16. I hope you had a wonderful time with the girls. Your studio is going to be awesome. That's a really nice space and I can see tons of possibility there. Saint Kristi is a fantastic daughter-in-law, I think. She has really good ideas for getting jobs done. Hey, we have the same gun safe! We can be gun safe twins! Haha. :)

  17. Gosh, girl. You have a wonderful daughter-in-law! How nice of her to help you out with your room. I think all of us yarnies and crafty people have spaces like this in our homes. It's impossible not to unless you take all the fun out of it by being OCD about keeping it clean. I got mine cleaned up earlier in the year, and it was a several-day job. What a mess. Enjoy your visit with the girls!

  18. Can Kristi come here. My husband would fall over laughing if you would ask me if I am organized!!! At work I am, But at home....
    Your room looks so nice and bright!!!

  19. My paint table and bookcase are a mess. I keep threatening to go through them, but just paint instead of organizing! Kristi is a real blessing and I can't wait to see your finished room. I love your windows. I too have lots of windows in my great room and love being able to see outside and have all the lovely light in the house!

  20. Hi Teresa...seeing your post on your sudio I popped over to se you creative space lol and find you have received my book, glad you like it, thanks for adding it to your post.
    Loving the crafting space and lucky you to have a wonderful daughter in law who wants to help you have a sort out....can't wait to see what she does with your space for you.....crochet valences for me lol to give beautiful inspiring dappled shadows in your studio, for sure.
    Hugs xx

  21. I don't know how I managed to miss this post but I did !!!! So pleased to see that you (and many other commenters) also have a room full of stash. The 4th bedroom in my house has been renamed 'the craft room' and its a horrible mess waiting to be cleaned up. I don't think I'll be able to share any pics though as it will probably still look like a mess when I've finished. Need to do a de-stash urgently. Your DIL is an angel. BTW, I was browsing on Ravelry just now and came across a lovely shawl called Multnomah named after your beautiful part of the world. Its a knit pattern but I thought I'd mention it to you. xox

  22. My craft room is also the study/store. I have to keep sorting it or I'd never find anything. My/our weakness (even more o than fabric/yarn) is books,.
    I think patchwork curtains would look good.
    Carol xx


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