Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mom's Apple Pie

Oh my goodness.. what a production it was for us to make an apple pie!!  I say "us" because Dayle used a vintage corer/peeler/slicer "machine" to produce the apple filling.  He worked out on the deck with this contraption clamped onto the kids picnic table while I was in the kitchen endeavoring to accomplish the home-made crust.  As you can see from this "lead" photo that we did indeed succeed in this project.  But, let's start at the beginning, shall we? :-)

My daughter Amy suggested we get this item to help in the making of "the pie".  I was looking online and Dayle said.. we have one of those.  I said.. no we don't.  He said, yes we do.  I said.. okay, where is it?  He goes beavering through a lower kitchen cabinet and triumphantly returns with said item.  Whatever!  This is obviously a vintage item.  White Mountain is famous for their well-made ice cream freezers, the old fashioned kind with wood bucket and a hand crank.  

The contraption looks like it was never used.  Ask Dayle why that might be.  :-)

Never-the-less, he brought in the bowl of sliced apples that were tossed in sugar, spices and some flour.  I, meantime, was wrestling my demons trying to make this two crust pie.  I made a recipe that was supposed to make a top and bottom crust.. and was only able to get the bottom crust out of the one recipe.  And then, I had to make a whole other recipe for the top!  Of course we were out of shortening by then and I had to use 2 cubes of butter (cold and hard to cut into the flour) for the second batch.  Dayle was now by my side telling me I was doing everything wrong.  He offered to make the second batch - not using a bowl, right on the counter.. at which point my voice got a bit .... shrill?.. and he was ushered OUT of the kitchen.  :-)  He brought the camera back to take a picture of me decorating the top crust just exactly how my mom used to do it.  In fact, since I am an artist, she had me do many of them for her.  The cuts allow steam to escape.  Her design was always wheat stalks.

The books, and my daughter, recommended that we put a strip of foil around the edge of the crust so it would not get too brown while the pie baked.

While he was "helping" me in the kitchen he was complaining about the mess I was making.  Heaven help me.  LOL.. it is a big old mess, isn't it?

One hour of baking and me checking and checking so it didn't get too brown.. and then.. TA DAH!!!!!!

While it was baking.. Caleb put the cape from his new pajamas on Buddy.. how cute is this? 

While the pie was going on, Dayle had a whole chicken in the pellet grill and produced THIS BBQ'd beauty for our dinner.  He used a beer can cooking rack - but he used apple cider in the can instead of beer.  Then glazed it with BBQ sauce in the final stages.  He served it with mashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread dressing and corn.  Oh yes, we had quite the feast!

After the dishes were cleared from the table I put the pie there to finish cooling.  Yes, it was pretty, but the final test would be in how it all tasted.

The boys had to go to bed so we cut them a small slice of pie and put vanilla ice cream on top.. and they liked it!

So, a bit later, we cut two slices of pie, added some Umpqua vanilla bean ice cream and settled in front of the TV to watch NCIS and perform a proper taste evaluation.

Want a bite?  The spices we used in the pie were cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice.  Does that help you envision the aroma of this?  It was yummy!  One thing I'll change next time is use a red apple and not green granny smiths.  They stayed firm, I like apples that cook down better.  All in all.. a very time-consuming effort but I'm glad we did it, next we'll tackle pumpkin pie.  :-)

My daughter sent a digital image of our oldest granddaughter's school photo - isn't that adorable?  She's doing very well in 3rd grade.

Today I'm going to swim some of that pie off.  :-)  A question for you - what is your favorite pie?  Do you make the crust from scratch?  When I showed that photo of the finished pie to my younger sister, Denise, she said.. "it looks just like mom's".  What a sweetheart, that is just what I was going for.   ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I love Apple Pie and like you I prefer the apples quite squishy but our very favourite is Blackberry and Apple Crumble. Delicious. Your photos are great ... Loving your Caleb and your Grandaughter is indeed beautiful xx x

  2. That looks amazing. I made a sour cream apple pie this weekend. Very good I used posy gets cozy recipe with sour cream is was delish. Love apple pie and you must have icecream!

  3. Your pie looks delicious, my husband makes me a sugar free apple pie with agave, it is so good I love it. He is the cook in our home so when I cook he is usually in the kitchen commenting on what I am doing, I usually usher him out, too. We make beer can chicken, but I had not thought of using apple cider, that sounds very yummy.

  4. I'll bet they liked it! Your pie looks wonderful but I understand about that contraption; I've used one before and it was not a happy event in my life. :) Your grandchildren are all so beautiful and they look like very happy little people, which I am sure must have something to do with you. :)

  5. I have to admit that pastry-making isn't my forte. I'm pretty good (a bit of trumpet-blowing going on here) at cooking most things (tonight's dinner is oxtail casserole with Guinness in the braising sauce; serving with jacket potatoes), but pastry? No! So, I buy Jus-Rol (which I think is a UK subsidiary of Pillsbury - but I could be wrong). Anyway, your pie looks yummy and I love the photo of Calbe and SuperBuddy :D

  6. I could almost taste your beautiful pie from here! There's a version in my old '60s Betty Crocker cookbook where you pour some cream into the slits before baking - decadent!

  7. Hello Teresa, Your Apple Pie looks just like MOM's pie and I am sure it tasted just as great. I would loved to have a piece to.. vbg How often do you swim Teresa.. I swim a couple times a week.. I would really love to swim 5 times a week if I could. VBG I am sad to say I am not a good pie maker.. Hugs Judy

  8. There's nothing like home made apple pie .... mmmmm so yummy and yours looks great. I'm foreverr trying to lose weight so pies and the like are kind of ' out' for me, unfortunately. That's a gorgeous photo of your granddaughter - don't they grow up too quickly. xoxox

  9. Hi Teresa, Now that was a big feat to make that pie. BUT I say it was well worth it. It looks beautiful. And just like mom's, can't do better then that. Sometimes to much help in the kitchen is not a good thing!!! Your granddaughters school picture is so darling, boy is she growing up. (mine are getting so big too, to fast)
    Love your new sky scene on your blog header, xoRobin

  10. Your pie looks perfecto, and no doubt it tasted yummy as can be. I like pie, just about any kind, but apple and cherry are probably my favorite. Honey, if you can show me someone who doesn't make a complete disaster of their kitchen when making a pie from scratch, then she has a cook and maid and no flour on herself somewhere. That apple peeler, I have one I bought years ago from Pampered Chef. I know they have been out there for ages, and mine sat in the cupboard, in the box for many moons. When I made my apple jelly I got it out and fell in love with it. My hubby wanted in the worse way to play around with it, I told him no, I was afraid he would break it. Some times we gals just have to put our foot down and tell the guys to exit the kitchen. I got a laugh out of your experience with Dayle trying to tell you how to make the crusts. It has been ages since I have made a crust......the freezer section at the grocery sells them everyday, lol
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  11. Your pie is beautiful! I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks. What a great idea to decorate it like that. My brain just doesn't come up with things like that on its own. I'm sure your mom was proud of you today. I'm sure she saw it. So I guess when I finally make my pie with the homemade crust, I'll have to double it. You can be sure I'll be decorating it just like that too! ;) I'm such a copycat. You better keep a close eye on Dayle or I'm gonna come up there and steal him away from you. (Like I could.) I need a good cook! hee-hee

  12. Teresa, your photos are gorgeous. That chicken and pie look scrumptious. If this post doesn't get people into the Autumn spirit, nothing will. :)

  13. I love this post! It's all things good..funny, messy and delish.
    I have one of those peeler-corers as well. Yum!

  14. Apple pie is my favorite and yours looks so very, very good! I love it with ice cream. Caleb and Buddy look like quite the pair!

  15. Your narrative is perfect :) I grinned a lot and LOL a lot at one point, too. I have made quite a few pies of all sorts from scratch, but none as beautiful as yours. However, I could match you on the making a mess part :) I especially like, apple, and lemon meringue and pumpkin. I mostly make an impossible pumpkin pie with no crust. How do you make beer/apple can chicken? I'll have to Google it. Your Grands are sweeties :)
    Gracie :)

  16. I love a good apple pie, but lately making rhubarb crunch (have lots of rhubarb in garden).
    We also have one of those apple peeler slicer's and are really neat to use ☺

  17. Wow Teresa I just knew your pie was going to turn out just wonderful as everything else you make my dear friend. I loooove apple pie and now you inspired me to make one even though where I'm living right now we have a very tiny kitchen. After I find some of my things maybe I'll try an app,e ie... I never ever make pies.
    Your grandchildren are beautiful and your granddaughter is just gorgeous.
    Almost Friday and I'm starting to giggle ...can't wait to see you my dear friend :)

  18. That pie looks absolutely scrumptious Teresa! I love to bake pies and always from scratch. The most requested is apple pie. Every fall I pick apples from the orchards at Green Bluff and spend a day making and freezing around 20 quarts of pie filling. I also make lots of rhubarb pies from my garden.
    I have that same type of apple peeler/corer/slicer. It works great!
    See you Friday!

  19. Well done Teresa your pie looks just great and your Mum would be proud of looked like hard work. I am afraid I am one of those people who doesn't like pies, nor crumble,suet puddings etc. My Mum made them all when I was small but once I grew up that was the last I ate them. We only ever eat a desert if we go out for a meal/holidays so our dinners are just one course! Your autumn table looks so pretty, I love all those fun pumpkins. That is such a sweet photo of your granddaughter, she is growing up so quickly, bless x

  20. Oh Teresa, your pie looks sooooo yummy! And I really enjoyed your story of "the Making Off", especially the parts with Dayle made laugh out loud :-) I'm off to a Book festival now, have a lovely day! :-) x

  21. Your pie came out great! When we go apple picking I always pick apples just for making apple pie - then I can never figure out which ones they are when I have the whole bag of mixed up apples at home so I always have to cross my fingers that the pie will be delicious anyway - which it usually only problem is my crust always stays elevated while the pie filling settles :( I think that may be because I use premade pie crusts? My favorite pie is pumpkin pie with homemade whipped cream - YUM! Thanks for sharing all the pics...I enjoy seeing the grands :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  22. What a wonderful pie you made, Teresa! It looks so golden and perfect, and the spices you used are ones I love with apples....really yummy! The decoration on the top makes it look pretty too. I love apples, blackcurrants and rhubarb in pies, but have to admit I usually just make crumbles rather than pies these days :)
    Wishing you a happy autumn week!
    Helen x

  23. This pie looks so good I wish I could magic my self into the picture and eat 2 slices x

  24. Great photo of your granddaughter! She is really quite the cutie as are all of your grandkiddos! Mmm--pie...a favorite subject:) Let me see now, I like apple, berry and pumpkin the best. I don't make my pie crusts but try to buy a good brand. Speaking of pies--I love your wheat design on top of the one you just made! I will have to do that next time--well unless I do a streusel topping.
    You are killing me with these yummy looking food posts you know. Please, please don't stop!
    I saw that the Northern Lights were visible from up at the Vista House. Did you happen to see them?
    PS: Super Buddie!

  25. Pie AND roasted chicken???? Roasted chicken is my all time favorite!!!! That pie is so pretty! Nice work!

  26. Oh my goodness, I don't know how I missed this pie post! I love fresh apple pie! However, I cannot remember the last time I made one! Perhaps after we go apple picking, I will make a pie.
    Loved the caped Buddy. Those boys must be loving living there! And the photo of your sweet pretty. I know you ache with missing them.
    I am still way behind of things. Amazing how just a couple of weeks of changing one's routine, can get you all goofed up and out of synch!
    xo Kris

  27. I love apple pie,icecream for me too but DH prefers custard. The apple pie contraption looks like some medieval instrument of torture!
    Lovely photo of your pretty granddaughter.
    Carol xx


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