Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Promise of Spring

Spring is just 3 weeks away, my friends!  Take heart!  I think Snowdrops might just be the most amazing flower ever.  These little beauties were up and budded before our big blizzard here, with days of below freezing weather and lots of snow over them.  When the weather warmed and the snow and ice melted, these little darlings were still there, ready to finish up their bloom cycle.  No blizzard was going to keep these little flowers down!  They are now in their prime and I love them so!  This is in our front walk area.

I just love how these have filled up this area on their own.  Yes, we have some Spring garden clean up to do, but it's still too cold.  The walkway is vintage brick and it's edged with cobblestones that were used as ballast in ships coming from Europe and they unloaded them in Portland and loaded the ships back up with goods.  Early Portland streets were paved with these stones.  When they did some work downtown on the streets they took them up. Dayle found the cobblestones in a newspaper ad and bought them for this project.  The man who made our walkway used them for the edging.  I just love that story and wish the stones could tell their story.

Snowdrop heaven.

I thought I'd say hello to the chickens.. they are enjoying the nice fragrant dry orchard grass hay in their run.  It's been so damp that I asked Kristi to spread the hay for them and it looks so nice, too!  The hens look so nice and healthy, their feathers so pretty and their craws are full.

We're getting eggs all winter because Dayle put up a light on a timer which goes on for 2 hours each evening.  The big gold chicken is Buffy - a Buff Orpington and lays light brown eggs.  The Ameracauna that lays aqua eggs is on the back right, her name is Betsy Ross.  In front left is Gracie, as she has gray feathers, another Ameracauna who lays aqua eggs.  The one behind her is Shelby and she lays brown eggs.  I must tell you that the Ameracaunas have been the most consistent egg layers of them all.

Pawwwwk pawwwk.

We have 5 chickens, Hershey, the black Cuckoo Maran, is in the henhouse laying an egg!

The Daphne is still moving forwards to bloom, even after the buds being encased in ice and snow during the blizzard!

The daffodils also survived and the buds are at the top of the leaves and ready for some warmth to open up and gift us with their happy yellow and scented blooms!

There we are.. ready to pop open!

Yesterday was a big day for Buddy.  I took him to the groomer at 10 am, then I went swimming at 2 pm.  Dayle went to the Physical Therapist at 1:30 pm and picked up the newly foofied Buddy after that and then came home for a bit and then took him to the vet for a rabies vaccination and to get his new license.  Isn't he cute?

Today I head off to meet my sister Denise for lunch at Tippy Canoe restaurant on the Sandy River, then we head to Multnomah Falls to volunteer for the afternoon.  Busy busy!  I am taking my red shawl to crochet on while we're there.  What are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Lovely pictures. I love seeing all the flowers. :) Awww Buddy is adorable.


  2. I love the signs of Spring, and cute Buddy with his new hairdo. Have a lovely lunch.

  3. Buddy looks so silky smooth :) Your chickens look really healthy. My friend at Little Welsh House has chickens and she loves them. Look at all your snowdrops!!! They look amazing!

  4. It's looking very springy on your farm! I love seeing your chickens. The boys must be in heaven with all the space and the chickens and fun with you and Grandpa. Buddy looks terrific, very dapper. :)

  5. Your carpet of snowdrops is beautiful Teresa..let's hope spring is just around the corner. Buddy looks so smart with his hair cut. Enjoy the weekend..neary there x

  6. Your carpet of snowdrops is stunning Teresa and what a lovely run for your chickens. Let's hope spring is around the corner.Give a pat to Buddy, how smart he looks x

  7. What a wonderful carpet of snowdrops! I have never grown any, but you inspire me to want to grow some, Teresa! I had been wondering how your chickens are is really named Gracie? Wow :) They seem to be enjoying the dry orchard grass Kristi kindly spread out for them. They look beautifully loved, as does Mr. Buddy Dog. Your Daphne, Daffodils and the thought that Spring is just 3 weeks away is cheering on this rainy day as I am back from a morning meeting. Now I am catching up on blog news and working on a new post. Hope you and Denise are having a happy time at MF...that restaurant sounds interesting, too! xx

  8. I love that spring is coming to Eastern Oregon! That means it has to reach me eventually doesn't it? We're to have more snow this weekend. :-( Your snowdrops are beautiful and so are the chickens. Hmmm. Gracie & Betsy. Is that a coincidence? *smile* I'm glad Dayle is doing so well as to be up and about, taking Buddy to his important appointments. My, doesn't Buddy look dapper? Thank you for all of the spring pictures. They give me hope my friend.

  9. Wow, those snowdrops are incredible. Wonderful. The hens look very happy on their nice fresh hay. I have some of those aqua eggs in the cupboard at the moment, the boys absolutely love them. I do as well. That little doggie is looking lovely after being all floofed up. Such a sweetie.

  10. What a lovely post full of spring-like hope and new life. Love the chickadees and Buddy, he looks very spiffy!

  11. Buddy is a handsome fellow.
    Spring is right around the corner.

  12. Oh my gosh, you are busy!!! Buddy looks so handsome! And it sure does look the beginnings of Spring in your neck of the woods! I loved seeing your chickens too. They are beautiful!
    There is nothing like fresh eggs, is there?
    PS Thank you so much for your encouraging words!!

  13. It looks like spring is so close to your house..hopefully after this next storm spring will make an appearance a little closer to my house. Beautiful pics...

  14. your snow drops are pretty. My one pot of tulips showed life as I was leaving for work on Thurs. It's gonna be tulip time later next month! Can't wait! Fresh eggs, how nice. Always taste better than what we get in the store, huh? Have a great day. I like your header, so pretty.

  15. Greetings from cold, snowy Ohio. My bulbs are still covered with snow. The shrubs out front are broken down with snow that has weighed them down something fierce, and when I tried to remove it I would have had to use a jack hammer. I fear that means they will be ruined and now I suppose I will have drastically trim them back and will no doubt kill them. That means I will have to hire someone to bring equipment to yank out the roots and get the nursery to plant new ones for me. If we thaw out by June I will be surprised. We got another 5 inches over the weekend. I am sure your family here in Ohio have been keeping you updated on how it has been. It is good to see that spring has sprung somewhere in this country. I laughed at the moss covered stone at the falls. I keep seeing in my mind's eye the roof of your out building and its covering of moss. It is such a lovely shade of green.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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