Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rock-aholic and Watercolor Conversions

Hi there!  Glad you stopped by!  Want to see my third crochet decorated rock?  You do?  How nice of you!  I found this stone in the rocks by our pond - I think it's one we picked up by the side of the road when we visited Mt. Rushmore in 2010.  It's a gorgeous pink granite.  I decided to free wheel the pattern this time, and I did a lot of experimenting and ripping out but it came out nicely.  The rose quartz behind it we got at a rock shop in the same area.  

I love the contrast of the hard rock and the soft lace.

I am using KnitPicks "Curio" crochet cotton and I love it!  I chained 12, 24 sc in the circle, 24 triple crochet with 2 chain between, you slip stitch each round and sometimes up the top of a loop - after the treble row, sc in top of the trebles, chain five.. then keep doing that until it fits your rock, then decrease by doing double crochets closer until it's cinched down on the rock well.  

My 3 rocks.  I need more rocks now!  :-)

Modeling by the pond.  :-)

I was bored the other day and converted several of the photos I've taken recently into "watercolors" using the APP -- "Waterlougue".  I adore this app!  You can get it in the App Store on you iPhone.  I'm not sure if it's available for non-Apple phones.  You just open the app, click on the camera icon, find a picture in your photo file, and it will turn it into a painting!  Then you save it by clicking on the heart icon.  You can select at least a dozen watercolor techniques.

The sternwheeler in watercolor.. love it.

I also love how the red paddle wheels look.

The peaceful and beautiful Columbia River Gorge.

A watercolor of my crocheted rock?  Too much?  Maybe?  :-)

This is the 29er sailboat racing clinic that was going the day we were on the Sternwheeler.  The 29ers are a 2 man high performance sailing skiff.

Passing in close quarters.. wahoo!

The Hood.. my mountain.. which I share with Gracie and a LOT of other people.  

I love how the teepee village at Kahneeta came out in Waterlogue!

And this one with the canyon walls behind it.. 

The 3 little bears spouting water into the pool.

Which is your favorite?  OK, time for lunch with my honey and then head off to the pool.  Tomorrow I volunteer at Multnomah Falls with my sister Denise.  I hope your week is going well!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love your new lacy, crocheted rock! The contrast between the feminine, soft design and the more masculine, hardness of the rock is beautiful. My fav watercolor of your photos are the ones with the teepees ;)

  2. You bored? Never. Love your covered rocks and all your waterlogue photos. Thank you for the lovely comment on my post.

  3. Oh wow, I'm loving the watercolor-ized photos. That's cool. And I think I foresee a bit of a rock addiction in your future.

  4. Hi Teresa, Love the rock wraps! I actually really like the watercolor of it too. But my favorite is the first of the cherries, then the rock!! Raining here kinda nice for the gardens, but hopefully sun next week for vacation. Have a nice day volunteering tomorrow, xoRobin

  5. Teresa those rocks ROCK. I love them and your crochet is so neat . I love Waterlogue too. I expect the boys are getting excited about their summer holidays.

  6. What a fab post :) Crochet covered rocks and fun with photos - what else could you want really! (apart from coffee obviously)

  7. The paddle wheel and Mt Hood are my two favorites. I love your crocheted rocks, especially the pinky one!

  8. Teresa, you are so creative!

  9. Oh my I love all of your watercolours! And those rocks really are something, make great paper weights ☺

  10. I haven't done any water colors in a while. I love the ones of the paddle boat and the paddle!!! So cool! I also love your crochet rocks. Very nice!
    xo Kris

  11. More fun... now you have me really wanting to make a crocheted rock cover AND try out Waterlogue :)
    I especially like the paddle wheel on the boat and the second sailboat photo. Could you please help me figure out how to have the time to accomplish more of what I want to do, Teresa? xx

  12. Your rocks are turning out great Teresa. I really like mine. It's living it's new life as a doorstop in the camper. My favorite picture? Well, I think they're all great but if I had to choose it would be the single teepee. Very cool.

  13. Rock On Teresa!!! What a wonderful APP!!!! Really love how the boats,Mt Hood and the tee pee's turned out!!! Have a happy day!!!
    AMarie xxx

  14. Love your new crochet rock. They are really pretty. I also love the watercolor neat. My fav picture is the one of the Columbia River Gorge...I never, ever tire of seeing that beautiful gorge. Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. :)

  15. Hi Teresa - oh I can't pick a favourite! I really like the one with the cherries and I do like the sailboats. They are all gorgeous though. Loving the 'crochet rocks' . Hugs Anne x

  16. The waterlogue app is very nice. The one thing I like about it is that things are so loose. Let's one know you don't have to strive for perfection in your painting. The paddle wheel is wonderful, the bright red! Your rock covers are very clever!

  17. I love them all, but I think the one of the crocheted rock is pretty spiffy! :) I really like these rocks you're making, they're very interesting. I think it's really nice that you used a "special" rock too.

  18. Those teepee watercolors are amazing. May I print them out (for myself, of course)? I'd keep an eye out as I can see them being used for postcards or paintings. The issue of copyright infringement is such a complicated issue these days. By the time you catch the thief, they have already made money off *your* work...


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