Friday, November 14, 2014

And Winter Comes a Visiting

A week ago we had our door cracked open in our bedroom at night for fresh air.  And then.. yesterday Mr. Winter came a knocking on our door.  The weather people had predicted snow, but I could hardly believe them.  But they were right!  The snow began to fall at 8 am, little icy crystals at first, cold powdery snow then kept falling all day in earnest.  Our power went out at around 10 am, and so Dayle hooked up the generator and got it going to keep our pellet stove running.  I worked on Caleb's blanket.. 3 hours later the lights popped on.  I took this with my iPhone.. 

And here we are, looking through the FALL wreath at the snow falling... 

No new snow fell overnight.. this morning I put on my hat, coat and shawl and headed out into the cold to see what I could find.  The Pin Oak is still sporting a wonderful rusty red color.

I really could stare at these leaves and the blue sky for a long time.

The moss on the garage roof is sprinkled with powdery snow.

It's not a lot of snow.. but I still love it.  

Snowy walkway up to the front porch... we don't use it much, everyone who knows us enters from the back door.  :-)

It's a brick walkway with cobblestones up the sides.  I tried to capture the sparkle on the snow.

Can you see the sparkles?

Another vantage point of the oak leaves.

I walked out into the front yard and snapped some of the holly berries - we have two massive holly trees, a male with no berries and the female which is covered with red berries.

The front of our little farm house.. the dormer windows are for the 2 bedrooms upstairs.. the boys are in the room on the left and Travis and Kristi are on the right.  Our family room is on the main level to the right, the kitchen on the back.  The living room is in front, the dining room on the back, and our master suite on the far left, the last part of the house that was added.  My "office" is behind our bedroom on the back.  

I walked up the driveway and snapped the barn in the snow.  I wish we had another place for all the cars, they mar my barn view.  :-)

It's unusual to have snow while the leaves are still on the trees!

It's a swim day but both Gracie and I have decided not to venture out in these conditions.  So, I might get Caleb's blanket DONE.. and then I can get busy again with my red shawl made of baby alpaca and silk.  And I'm going to make a pair of fingerless mitts to match in a CAL in Mrs. Micawber's blog! It starts tomorrow.  I hope you are warm and cozy and enjoying some pleasurable pastimes wherever you are on this amazing spinning globe we share!
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I cooked Paella tonight and we have basked in the sun today on this little place we call home. Loving your photos but it looks mighty cold despite the blue skies. I loved the picture if your house x

  2. I love your house. WE are a back door family too!
    We had a dusting of snow and tis lovely!

  3. Such pretty photos, Teresa! I'm sorry you had a power outage, too, but it is good that you have a backup generator. There is a bit of ice on our pond and a little snow on the ice. Last night I tried practicing some of the stitches for Mrs. M's pattern. I really like the look of the mitts, too.
    I'm off to make some hot tea :) xx

  4. snow! lovely lovely snow! I'm coming to your house for the winter.

  5. We didn't get a dusting of snow, we got mounds of the stuff. Over a foot of snow has fallen in the last two days, along with freezing rain between snow events. Supposed to stay very cold for several more days - Accuweather has us at -2 on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I was going to take a crochet class but don't want to drive all the way into town - am not sure I even could get out of our snow clogged drive!

  6. Eek, that looks cold. Beautiful photos though. I'm envying you your inside yarn time. Enjoy! CJ xx

  7. Hi Teresa, thanks for the little tour of your little piece of the US! Can't believe you have snow already - brrrr! Happy hooky time though!

  8. Your pictures make me cold Teresa! They are so pretty though-the snow and the pretty leaves. It's so unusual for Portlnd to get snow before Spokane. It's okay though if you want to keep it there all winter though. :-). I hope to see you girls soon.

  9. Your farm house is beautiful! And the snow is so pretty... stay warm!

  10. You received about the same amount of snow that my niece got in Battleground - just across the river from you, I, of course, live in Canbyland where we got nothing!

    My sis is flying in from Minnesota tomorrow night so it will warm up for sure.

  11. Wow, snow already. Thank you for the tour of the outside of your beautiful home, Stunning grounds.

  12. That's certainly a quick change in the weather. We've not had our a/c on in a couple of weeks but had to get it going today as it is a bit humid out and warmer than usual. I see clouds in the sky too which means there is rain in another country, just not here. You live in such a pretty area, no matter the weather. I've had a stay at home kinda weekend. My favorite kind. Doing what I want, rather than what I should be doing. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  13. Wow - beautiful!!

    Keep warm and safe, staying indoors with crochet and coffee would be perfect I think!


  14. What an incredibly cozy place you live in. We are expecting snow late this weekend into Monday and our temps are crazy cold. It's lovely to meet you. xo Laura

  15. It sounds like bliss, being snowed in and warm and cozy inside while getting projects done. I think I will come over to be snowed in with you!

  16. Ahhh, the first snow fall! I always love the first snowfall at Big Bear! Your photos are lovely, as usual! I love the moss on the roofs, and the snow along with it is beautiful!!!
    My hubby is off fishing for the weekend with his softball team. Lots of nothing going on here. We have a funeral to attend today. Noah's other Grandpa. Life...such a fragile thing.
    xo Kris

  17. Beautiful! Your place is so cool for taking pictures! So many wonderful backdrops! We are at 16 degrees right now! Way to early for this. Suppose to be warmer Thanksgivng week. At least in the 30's at least that is what they are saying right now. :)

  18. Lovely photos. I always love to look at snow in pictures, but I can't stand the stuff in real life. We were 19 this am...and are expected to get snow tonight. Now looking forward to that at all. :) Where oh where did the cool days of fall go? Winter seems to have pushed it's way in...Dang, I hate the cold...did I mention that? :) Looking forward to seeing what you've been making. Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. :)

  19. I think it may be the same storm we're supposed to have tomorrow here. There could be snow on the ground at lower elevations for the first time this season. I kind of hope there is some snow, but we still have leaves on the trees and I know that can be a problem. Our neighborhood has below-ground power lines, so hopefully we'll be okay. I hope you're staying warm. Caleb's blanket should help. :)

  20. Great shots of the snow and leaves. The waterfall is beautiful! Sounds like you're keeping busy; stay warm!

  21. Love your 'touch of winter' photos! It's very, very cool to see leaves on the snow.Your farmhouse truly is amazing inside and out. I am thinking you "need" a beautiful camellia sasanqua though--LOL:)
    Have a blessed weekend!
    Blessings, Aimee
    PS: Sparkly snow--love it!

  22. Wow, snow already! I LoVe your pictures around the farm, the red barn and your house look gorgeous!! Loved seeing the snow and colourful leaves too, so pretty. Happy week ahead, Teresa, and keep cosy!
    Helen xox

  23. Snow already! It looks lovely. We seem to have rain constantly. We are set to have the wettest year on record.

  24. That tree is gorgeous and those snowy scenes are so pretty!


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