Sunday, November 16, 2014

Caleb's Blanket Ta-Dah and Kathy's Muffins

Hello my friends!  Thanks for visiting!  Also, thanks for not giving up on me during this long long LONG project.  :-)  But here is the finished project.  I figured I needed to finish as he keeps growing and I couldn't keep up!  Plus, I ran out of blue.  :-)  I have one more skein of green and yellow.. but only bits and pieces of blue.  So.. I have worked on this pretty steadily for the last two weeks as I. Wanted. This. DONE.  I decided to do my photos on our king sized bed as our duvet has the same colors in it!  I couldn't find the other matching pillow.. where is that thing!

I don't do borders much.. I think the neat ripple - Lucy at Attic24's design - is pretty just as it is, plus this is for a rough and tumble boy.  If you'd like to make one, the pattern is on Lucy's blog on the side bar.

This is our crazy huge hand-carved bed. :-)  You can also see where I keep my dollhouse and next to it is my spinning wheel.  Looking at this I'm sure you are seeing that I never grew up.. as I got my dollhouse only a few years ago, but I have spun wool and alpaca for years.

Dayle and I picked this chandelier out when we had our first house built in Lafayette, Louisiana in 1971.  We removed it and brought it with us when the house was sold and finally.. 40 years later??.. Dayle hung it up a few years ago to go along with our crazy big bed.

Here is the ripply goodness up close.

And so.. it is DONE.. you won't ever have to see this again.  :-)

Do you want to see our view from the French doors in our bedroom?  Our little forest with our little snowfall still there.  The trees are Cedar and Douglas Fir with the occasional wild cherry, vine maple and alder.  Caleb is kind of afraid of the woods as their cousin told them there are cheetahs out there.  But Hayden isn't afraid.  :-)

The obligatory photo of the afghan rolled up.. lol!

And here is my little angel baby cuddled up in his very own blanket made with love by his grandma.  


Here is Hayden with his little baby blanket.  Yesterday Dayle brought in the crocheted blankets and pillows I had in our caravan and it was SO cute as Hayden "re-decorated" the living room with them and was SO proud.

NOW.. some baking.  When I met Kathy from Running With Rocket blog at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival - she gave me this wonderful recipe for muffins.  I got all the ingredients for them and Kristi offered to make them - these are GREAT for breakfast with a cup of coffee or tea!  

This is a dense muffin and we used the bigger muffin tins, so make sure you bake them until quite brown on top.  If you used the smaller tins they would probably bake through okay.

The recipe makes a dozen large muffins.  I've had them for breakfast for the last 3 days.. yummy.. with coconut, grated apples, pecans and spices.  We didn't have any carrots so Kristi used grated apple twice.. :-)

Here is the handwritten recipe by Kathy.. thank you so much for sharing!!  Kathy cut the oil, but we used the full amount on our first try at these.

These notes were on the back if you want to cut the oil and sugar.

I hope you're having a nice weekend.  We are.  It's sunny and it's up to 41 d. out.  I am now working on my red alpaca silk shawl which I hope to be able to wear THIS holiday season.  I also hope to also make a beret and fingerless gloves with the same yarn.  What are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. The blanket is fantastic, and doesn't he look a little angel curled up beneath it? And Hayden is quite the talented blanket arranger!

    Your bed is absolutely fantastic, I don't think I have ever seen anything like it over here?

    The muffins look so yummy, my daughter has made cup-cakes today with lots of cinnamon and ginger, looking forward to trying one shortly.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, Helenxx

  2. You did a beautiful job on the blanket! It looks awesome!

    The woodwork on your bedstead is lovely and so is the chandelier!

  3. The ripple looks so wonderful, perfect for a cute little boy. And Hayden looks pretty comfy surrounded by crochet bliss.

  4. Love the blanket. I always love the ripple blankets. I think it's so sweet that they'll always have something you made just for them. :) Oh I can't wait to see the shawl. Your bed is awesome. I also love your view of the woods. What a wonderful home you have. Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend. ((hugs))

  5. Hello Teresa the blanket is fabulous. Your bed is amazing. Gorgeous grandsons and delicious looking muffins. How wonderful to have that view from your bedroom!!
    I've had a lovely weekend. Friday night was spent with 11 other ladies where we had wonderful food - lots of pink around - all in aid of cancer charity. My friend organised a 'pink party' at her home and did all the food - Tapas. I have spent Saturday and Sunday making items for a Charity Christmas Fair. Also saw eldest son and family ( my granddaughters ) Just watched the film War Horse on TV - enjoyed it very much. Hugs Anne x

  6. You are talented with the crochet needle! Love the ripple blanket. Your bed is such a piece of art. I make those muffins and I know they are delicious.

  7. Love the finished blanket and the young man looks happy with it too. :-). You have sucho a great view from your bedroom. So pretty. Yummy muffins. I may just have to try them sometime soon.
    Blessings my friend,

  8. Oh - Thanks for the shout out.
    Enjoy the muffins. All the apple and carrots make them so moist.

    You have one giant, humongous bed! Gorgeous wood work.

  9. Oh my goodness, Teresa, your bed is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! :D The afghan is nice, too. ;) Your grandson is a cutie!

  10. I lOVE it!!! He looks so angelic sleeping like that. What a cutie! It was so nice of Hyden to help with the decorating! They seem to like do things with you and Dayle. Lucky little boys to have such active grandparents. Funny how your bedspread is of the same colors as Calebs blanket. I tried crocheting and knitting, but i have such trouble holding the yarn. Just can't get the tension right. Besides I try to strangle my fingers with the yard. That bed is huge! Beautiful. I am thnking of selling my miniatures. Not the houses so much as the supplies and accessories. Haven't been working on them. All of the houses that I have made end up downstairs and the only time I go down there is to do the wash. All that work and they never get looked at. I loved doing them though.

  11. Good morning Teresa. Your finished blanket for Caleb is a masterpiece, how proud he must be to own it and he will treasure it always. A really great job well done you. I love your bed and bedroom, it's good to never grow up, I never will either! Have a lovely week, I'm just off to work. Our weekend was filled looking after our Daisy, she was such an angel and we had such fun xx

  12. So cosy and yummy at your home Teresa! You did a wonderful job and Caleb looks little a little angel ; )
    Be posting soon, xoRobin

  13. What a delight to have that wonderful blanket finished it is beautiful. Your bed is stunning and the view is amazing, such a wonderful place to live. You are truly blessed.

  14. Cracking blanket Teresa, I bet you're pleased. Any more snow forecast?

  15. Ha! As soon as I saw the muffin photo I thought "Morning Glorious Muffins". And they were! The person who gave us the recipe years ago makes the same changes to it. Aren't they yummy? And healthy too. :)

    The blanket looks great, and your little grandson so rosy and sweet beneath it.

    What a GORGEOUS bed!

  16. Congrats on the finished blanket! I love the colors! Looks like it's being loved and appreciated already! Great pic of him cuddled up in it. That's so cute and sweet how Hayden decorated the room with blankets. Sounds like they love and appreciate you very much! :-) Your bed covers are pretty and so is that! So nice!

  17. Well, that's some bed, but also some blanket! Very pretty. I know he'll love it.

  18. Yay, you finished it! It looks long enough for him right now too. I was worried for you because of that yarn being discontinued. Looks like it worked out just fine. Those muffins look glorious...good name for them. I'm working on a doily. Tried making a really pretty scarf, even purchased this pattern, but it was a mess and I ended up ripping it out and saving the yarn for another pattern. This pattern was full of errors and a real mess with an 18-row repeat! :0

  19. Those muffins look yummy !
    Your ripple blanket is fabulous, but nit nearly as fabulous as your DUVET COVER! It's fantastic!!!!
    Seriously though, your blanket is gorgeous, and your grandson looks adorable all snuggled under it :) Such a lovely Grandma :)

  20. Your blanket is amazing. Amazing. Amazing. I LOVE it. The poster bed is so impressive.
    Teresa you have created a blanket that will be lOVED

  21. Tim arrived and we are having happy days :) Caleb's blanket is a success! One day I want to make those muffins gluten free. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Teresa. Hope your meeting went well today and hope to see you on Wednesday! xx

  22. Beautiful blanket, Teresa! I just love it. I know Caleb will treasure it forever too. You did a wonderful job, Grandma. :)

  23. Totally agree with you that the new blanket doesn't need a border--looks great! Love your bed and room! What a beautiful scene to wake up to:)
    Blessings, Aimee

  24. Still away from home and enjoying catching up with your blog, and love the ripple blanket, nice and snuggly for sure xoxo

  25. I'm a bit late to this post! Love the new ripple blanket and the others that were used to decorate the living room. That bed you have is enormous!!

  26. Love the colours in Caleb's blanket - so fresh looking. Yellow is one of my favourites - it seems to make other colours really jump out. Your bed is gorgeous - very romantic looking with those hearts and all !! Had to laugh at Caleb - I bet he wasn't really asleep under his new blankie - just pretending to be LOL xox

  27. Such a beautiful blanket for Caleb! I love the cheerful colours, they are so fresh and happy. Caleb looks very happy and cosy with it too and I am sure he will always treasure it. The muffins look delicious :)
    Happy week, Teresa.
    Helen xox

  28. Ah haaaah! It's so big and lovely, well done on getting it finish :-) Caleb looks sooooo happy, it's really adorable. I love your huge bed, it's crazy big! All the more room for you & Dayle :-)


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