Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Frozen Falls

Hello, thanks for popping in for a visit!  Last night Dayle and I went to Multnomah Falls for the Friend's Annual Meeting.  My dear husband took my camera and went to capture some images of the frozen falls while I headed in to the warm lodge.  Look at this great shot he got!

Here is a shot going up the walkway to the viewing plaza.  I was worried he would slip and fall but he made it up and back on one piece. 

Brrrr... this looks so cold!

A bit of a zoom in.  Such pretty ice sculptures by Mother Nature!

As webmaster of FOMF, I get interesting emails from people when they Google the Falls.. a few weeks ago this couple emailed me and asked if they could show our group their little model he made of the MF Lodge.  So, I invited them to bring it to our Annual Meeting to show everyone.  I'm delighted that Rick Buck, the President of Multnomah Falls Lodge, Co. loved it so much that they bought it to be on display there henceforth.  The man and his wife were thrilled!  So am I, for making it possible for them to show this and find the perfect home for it.

The Lodge treats our group to a wonderful dinner of home made lasagna, baguette, triple berry crisp with whipped cream and beverages.  We held the election and my 4 year term as president will end on Dec. 31st, and a new president will take the helm.  It was an honor to serve this great group.  I will remain on the board of directors and continue being editor of the newsletter and also stay on as webmaster - and be Events Chair.  But my duties will be way less now.. there is something to be said for that.  :-)  Click to see the FOMF Website.

Our Volunteers of the Year are Dollie and Lynn Rasmussen.  :-)

I really enjoyed working with the US Forest Service National Scenic Area staff for these years.  The young man next to me is the new Site Manager for MF, on his side is his boss, and that is me in a rust shirt, and to my side is the "big boss", the Area Manager of the USFS-NSA.  What great people they are!

OK, time to head out for an all out assault on Costco, hubby loves that he only has to spend $1.50 for my lunch of a Polish Dog and a soda.  Thanks for stopping in!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Fantastic photos of the falls, what a brave man ! Your meeting sounds like it was a great night, and I love the model, the model maker is very talented!
    Gotta live Costco, cheap lunch = more money left for shopping! am I right ;) xxx

  2. Brrrrr that looks so cold but very beautiful Teresa. Enjoy your shopping trip x

  3. Oh my goodness...such gorgeous photos! Your husband did an excellent job...please thank him for me. I doubt I'll ever see the falls in person, so I enjoy your pictures immensely! :)

  4. Oh my .... Dayle took some spectacular shots of the frozen falls. Just beautiful !! I can't imagine being so cold. We get well below zero temperatures here during our winter (but no snow) and I really hate going outside. My winter heating bill is usually ridiculously high but I don't like being cold. xox

  5. Teresa, it is so great to see you! Those shots of the falls really turned out well.

  6. The photos of the falls are majestic! Great shots!

  7. WOW! I have never been to the falls when hey we're frozen-I've driven past them but never stopped when it was this cold. I have seen photos of them before and not one of them could beat the ones Day,e took. He should sell these! Gorgeous.
    Thank you for your had work as a volunteer. I'm honored to be able to call you my friend Teresa.

  8. I am so happy that your husband took his camera and walked out to the falls, it had to be very cold.
    I have never seen them in the winter . . . awesome!
    Thank him for me:)

  9. Hi Teresa! What fantastic photos of the frozen falls! Just incredible! And the model of the lodge is really wonderful! Such a neat thing to have on display! I love the photo of you in the rust top. So pretty!
    You are a busy lady!!
    XO Kris

  10. Love the falls photo. I have different ones on facebook. One was looking down from up top. I am not sure if I would ever brave that. Phil, my husband, likes the Costco hot dogs and drink as well, twice a week. He works close to the one in Wilsonville. Multnomah falls is so pretty and so glad you have been involved with work there. I have had many hits on my blog about the rock that hit the bridge earlier this year. Take care.

  11. Wow! Love those pictures!

  12. Wow Teresa, the fall looks wonderful. Thank you for all your great hard work at the Falls. I think you do a wonderful amount of community work and it's a great way of giving to your community and friends.

  13. FANTASTIC PHOTO'S DAYLE ☺☺☺ oh and your post too Teresa xoxo

  14. Those are great photos of the falls. I'm sure you were glad your husband offered to take them and that he didn't come to any harm in the process. I don't think I would be up for walking/slipping about in those conditions to get some photos! The model of the lodge is really amazing - so well done.

  15. Hi Teresa,
    the photos Dayle too of those amazing falls are stunning. It certainly looks cold where you are now.
    Great to see your friendly smiling face and hear about the group you generously give time and enthusiasm to.
    I hope you enjoy the lighter workload now.
    That model is perfect and how lovely that it will now be on display in the lodge.
    Meant to say how much I liked your latest blanket too....it's such a happy combination of colours....perfect for a much loved grandson.
    Jacquie x

  16. Beautiful photos! The Falls are so lovely, no matter the season. :) Hmmm now that you will be "slowing down" a bit...does that mean we will be seeing more knit/crochet from your most talented hands in the future? Hope so, I always love seeing the neat projects you make. ((hugs)) to you sweet friend. :)

  17. Absolutely stunning photos of the Falls. Love them. And it sounds like you are going to be pretty busy still!
    Sending you a warm hug, i was 42 degrees out when I took little one to school this morning.

  18. Wow, those are some amazing shots of the falls. What a sight. Hope Costco went well; we need a trip there soon too. I'm going to miss it when my kids want more than half a hot dog each, let me tell you. :)

  19. Fabulous photos of the falls!!! The meeting looked like it was successful, but when you list all the things you are still committed to doing for the organization it still sounds like a presidential effort :) Bravo and thanks Teresa for caring for and helping to share a precious resource.
    I am trying to convince my left knee that it is going to enjoy swimming today. Hope to see you there! xx

  20. Wow, the falls look amazing. My daughter and I have watched the DVD of Frozen this evening - your photos look as if the Ice Queen has been stamping her feet and freezing everything in her path! Truly beautiful.


  21. the frozen falls are lovely to behold...but I'd freeze standing there. Our winds blew with wicked abandon today in Chicago. I RAN to my car from lunch.
    You served well and happily. I love when volunteers don't complain..there are so many opportunities to do so! Hats off to you Lady!

  22. LOVE the photos of Multnomah Falls (thanks Dayle)! I'd be really nervous climbing up those stairs...scary. Looks like they did a good job repairing the bridge:)
    Blessings, Aimee


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