Monday, November 10, 2014

Japanese Garden

Portland, Oregon is home to a wonderful Japanese Garden - it's part of Washington Park, the Rose Garden, the Zoo and other delightful places.  I'm rather embarrassed to admit that in my whole life of living here I'd never visited the garden!  I'd seen a photo of the "famous" Japanese Maple tree that is a favorite subject for photographers, especially in the Autumn.  So, on Saturday we headed off to find our way there.  We had lunch at Besaws on 23rd Ave, Dayle's first visit there.  We enjoyed people watching - lots of trendy young people in interesting garb.  Then off to find the garden.  Since it was a nice day, we had to wait in line to enter.. but it was worth it!  

This is the centerpiece of the garden, a lovely koi pond, waterfall emerging from a forested hillside, mossy rocks and a stone lantern.

The koi were hoping for a meal.. :-)

Now.. I must tell you that the battery on my Lumix ran out early in the visit, so most of these were taken with my iPhone.. thank heavens for that phone!  This is a pond on up the hillside a way, it had a little waterfall.

Do you see the pretty little bridge over the water?  I kept looking for "the" tree...

This is a pretty lantern on a plateau over the first pond I showed you.

We went through a tea house gallery and this was the view from it.. was that "the" tree?  They had a big sand and stone garden, it was so pretty.

How would you like a garden like this at your house? :-)

Behind the tea house was a view area, and this was the view!  Downtown Portland with Mt. Hood in the distance.  Yes, we live in a beautiful place!

A zoom to check out the new snow on the "hood".

There was an art show of pretty ceramics in the tea house gallery.

Dayle spotted this pretty gate and snapped this image.

At every turn we were treated to beautiful colored leaves on fabulous tree.

I was amazed and delighted to see a pale pink Camellia in bloom!

Some of the trees were decked out with PINK leaves!

I was charmed by this tableaux of colored leaves all layered - yellow, pinky beige and... PINK!

A ways down the path and boing!  A brilliant pink Camellia in bloom!

This arbor had an amazing Wisteria trained upon it.. 

One of the Wisteria trunks was cracked open and I spied a colony of fungi that had made itself at home there.

Now.. I had called the garden ahead of our visit and was chagrined to be informed that "THE" tree had lost all of it's leaves in a storm.. here is the object of my desire.. naked.. :-)

And THIS is what I had hoped to find.  I did not take this photo, I googled it and found it on the internet.  ::sigh::  Can you imagine getting THIS photo?

This little guy below was at the entrance with a twin on the other side.  We sure did enjoy this visit and I want to go back in the Spring as I think it will be amazing then, too.  

When we were looking for the Japanese Garden, we passed the exit for the Pittock Mansion.  So, we headed there next.  We were able to walk around the outside, but will come back to visit the inside.  This is the BACK of the mansion.

We walked out to the viewpoint of the mansion and I got this snap of the front.  Isn't this gorgeous!

Dayle had headed down to the viewpoint ahead of me and snapped this shot of the building.. he even captured me walking to meet him.  I was wearing my fall leaf printed jacket, my fall colored crocheted shawl and purple and green crocheted hat.  I have to tell you that at the garden a handsome young man told me he loved my jacket, and I kidded that I thought it was upholstery fabric and he said.. "Well, you're rockin' it!".  I was so pleased! LOL!  Then at the mansion a woman said, "I love your ensemble!"  Sweet!

I snapped this of the view from the mansion, Dayle is in the center, the sky was pretty like this all day.

We had a wonderful day adventuring and got lots of fresh air and exercise.  I hope you enjoyed seeing more of the wonderful place where we live.  Now I'm off to my DAR meeting and then to swim for an hour with Gracie!  Life is to be lived!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh my goodness, I absolutely enjoyed seeing more of the area in which you live. Wow! Talk about gorgeous photos and scenery. Even naked, "the" tree still is a pretty one! :)

  2. What a beautiful place. You got some great photographs. I really like the one with the naked tree. xx

  3. Beyond AWESOME in beauty, and on top of that you informed and entertained me. I truly laughed out loud several times :) Thanks, Teresa [and Dayle] for adventuring and posting! xx

  4. Absolutely Gorgeous!! I'm so glad you were able to visit and even more glad that you shared your visit with us. My husband was in Oregon once on a business trip. He brought back beautiful photos along the coast and ever since then Oregon has been on my bucket list. Last year we made it to Seattle for a wedding so we're getting closer :).

  5. Hi Teresa, I'm just catching up after being mostly away from the computer for the past few days while my kids have been sick. This garden is so beautiful! I love botanic gardens and always try to visit them when I'm in a new city. We have a nice one where I live too, but our Japanese portion is nowhere near as large or nice as yours. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Oh Teresa...this post is full of such, let me re-phrase that AWESOME photos. Dang, I want to go there now! Oh and you just captured my favorite flower, the humble Camellia. I love how they grow into large bushes, trees even if you let them. So very pretty. I am still in awe over the pink leaves...I am a pink loving girl, you know! :) You two always have such fun adventures! You are always "Rocking it" as far as I am concerned sweet friend! :) ((hugs)) and wishing you a most lovely day.

  7. Spectacular, the house, the garden and especially Mount Hood. The autumn colour is wonderful. The gravel is immaculate, but it wouldn't do for me at all. I'd need to keep raking it to make it neat. And then the boys would mess it up and I'd have to rake it again. That way madness lies. CJ xx

  8. What a beautiful garden Teresa. The leaf colours are incredibly. The naked tree really made me smile. Enjoy your week xx

  9. I bet you were ROCKIN it in your gorgeous crochets!!! I love all the pinks in your post. We have NO pinks this time of year...well maybe a lone rose but that's about it

  10. That Japanese garden is absolutely gorgeous. Shame that tree was naked but now you know what an awesome place it is, I'm sure you'll be a regular visitor. Oregon is such a picturesque place - bet you get lots of tourists there. I'm always amazed at how much you can cram into one day - you're a real live wire. Good onya !!! xox

  11. Teresa you certainly live a busy life! The Japanese garden looks amazing, The Tree looks pretty striking even having shed its leaves. Is that you with the black beret on ? Tres chic!

  12. I love living in Portland. Being able to visit all of these great places so close is wonderful.
    "The Tree" is still so beautiful in it's naked form. The twisted branches that give it, it's shape are so pretty. I'm glad to took that shot.
    The Autumn light is gorgeous over the city & the mansion.
    What a wonderful day to be in Portland.

  13. That Japanese garden has the most perfect mix of colors in the trees.

  14. Lovely post Teresa! I so much enjoyed looking at the gardens. They look so much like Japan, it makes me miss Alex even more. Your photography is wonderful-even with your iPhone. I had never heard of the mansion before. Maybe I'll get to visit it someday. A vacation in Portland sounds good. We never saw too many sights when there. We were always visiting. I love your ensemble and I'm glad others appreciated it too. How nice to have your beautiful work recognized.
    Blessings my friend,

  15. The garden looks like a beautiful and peaceful place! What a lovely spot to visit!

  16. And I love it that you live it to its fullest. Gorgeous, marvelous photos. What a wonderful day and it doesn't surprise that you got so many compliments ... You always look very nice and beautiful my dear friend.

  17. Simply stunning photo's Teresa xoxo

  18. An exquisite garden to visit, such beauty a truly wonderful place to visit. Thank you for sharing it was a lovely walk.

  19. What an amazing garden to visit, you got some great photos too! So much colour and interesting detail. I am glad you and Dayle had such a lovely outing! You are lucky to live in such a wonderful place :)
    Helen xo

  20. Absolutely love our Japanese Gardens. I can check out a free cultural pass from clackamas county libraries (canby).
    We used to go to the zoo, ride the zoo train over, and either picnic in the rose garden or, if we were in funds, stroll through the Japanese garden.
    My sasanqua camellia has 3 blooms here in canby.
    I have never taken the time to go inside Pittuck Mansion. Looking forward to more great photos.

  21. Teresa, the photos you took at the Japanese garden are stunning! Portland is on my list of places to visit. My niece lives there, and has tried to get my Mom and I to come. I have always wanted to visit the farmers market in the Spring there. I hope that when my Mom and I go, I can arrange to meet you as well. I have gotten to visit places with you, that I may not have ever gotten to see! Beautiful!!!!
    Have fun in the parade today!!!! I am waving from Corona CA!!!
    xo Kris

  22. Beautiful!!! That is all I can say!

  23. I can't imagine a more gorgeous adventure.

  24. Japanese gardens really shine in the fall, and you've captured the beauty of Portland's garden vividly. I'm inspired to get out of the house and visit a temple today, famous for it's autumn leaves. I'll take pictures to share with you!

  25. WOW!!!! What a wonderful color therapy post!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! Have a fab week!!!

  26. Beautiful photos of the Japanese Garden! The autumn colors are so very pretty. I haven't been up there or at the Pittock Mansion was years ago. You should visit the mansion during the Christmas season. The year we went it was for a special event, but every room was decorated for the season--it was awesome!
    Hope the winter-like weather hasn't caused you any problems. Stay safe, stay warm!
    Blessings, Aimee


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