Saturday, November 8, 2014

Life is full of Wonder

I think everyone should have a red hibiscus growing in their house.  Don't you?  I repotted my spindly plant last year as it was not looking well, although it was spared the guillotine by producing one of these every once in a while.  And now.. it's taking over!  But I love it.  We've had multiple blooms of late and it's a happy little camper and it makes me happy too.

I snapped a photo of the flower above yesterday when it was a bud.

The plant below is nicknamed a "Peace Lily", it's a Spathiphyllum.  I brought this one home from my Dad's funeral and I adore it completely - when it blooms it's my Dad saying hello.  

My African Violet is amazing and blooms profusely - I put water in the saucer, never into the top of the pot, and it's working well.

The Autumn light is so different and lights up our dining room.

When I was driving out of our farmyard yesterday I looked up through the skylight and saw the gorgeous color of the Pin Oak leaves - so I opened the moon roof and snapped some photos.. I'd been trying to get some shots of it but it was never lit right.. 

This is a Douglas Fir tree - the Oregon State Tree.  I loved seeing all the fir cones on it.

Green, yellow, orange, rust and red.  Fall colors if I ever saw them.

*LOVE* -- why do the leaves have to go away.. the next step is bleak bare black trees.. oh my.

Another moment in time captured.. my crochet blanket and my dog by the fire.. hubby nearby.. life is good.

I think I heard something.. do you hear it?  Maybe it's a BEAR!  

Caleb (my 5 year old grandson who lives with us) was drawing away and brought this to me and told me it was for me and grandpa too.  I thought it was wonderful!  He said it was a rainbow butterfly.  Isn't it cute?

My daughter that lives in Ohio, Amy, got her two daughters a couple of guinea pigs last year.  Jenna and Paige just love them, and so do Amy and Jay, her husband.  When I was there last Spring, I got to know the piggies.  The girls were playing beauty salon with them and Amy snapped this photo a few days ago.  I think it's hilarious!!  

My blog friend Meredith posted some neat moon shots a few days ago and I didn't even know it was full.. well, we've had cloudy weather of late.  Last night it cleared off and I went out at 11:15 pm and snagged this moon shot.  I *LOVE* my new Lumix DMC-ZS40!  I am finally getting the moon photos I dreamed of.  Well, using a camera that I can carry in my pocket, anyway.

I hope you enjoyed my potpourri of a post today.. flowers, leaves, butterflies, guinea pigs and a moon.  Maybe that should have been my blog post title?  LOL!  Or not!  OK, we're off on an adventure on a beautiful day... I will tell you about it if it works out.. well, I'll tell you I'm off to see something I've never seen and to try to take a photo of an iconic Autumn sight... can you guess?  :-)
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Love, love, love all those pretty fall colors. Such lovely that butterfly drawing, he's an artist just like his Grandmother! ((hugs)) to you sweet friend.

  2. The moon picture was a real delight, I loved the mic of photos for your post today the guinea pigs made me smile.

  3. The moon photo is absolutely beautiful. And I LOVE the guinea pigs, they're always such wonderful little pets. And they so funny with ribbons on their heads. Cute doggie too, no doubt he would protect you from a bear. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Teresa. CJ xx

  4. Lovely autumn colors, Teresa. Caleb's butterfly and the girls' piggies are delightful :) I hope your photo searching adventure is successful today! We are celebrating birthdays over here. xx

  5. Just saw your post. We're in the middle of painting so not much time. I just wanted you to know I love everything about this post. Especially the guinea pigs and rainbow.

  6. Beautiful! Our trees are bare now. So sad. But I guess everything has to go through their season. That is one beautiful rainbow butterfly! The piggie are hilarious! My niece has one. But hers is a long haired one. Looks like he has cowlicks all over his body!!

  7. Love all your pics today - those autumn colours are beautiful. I didn't know you could grow Hibiscus inside - yours is magnificent. Here's a coincidence for you...... a few weeks ago I bought myself a new camera - one of the 'selling points' for me was the fact that it had an optical (electronic) viewfinder plus a huge zoom. Its the same as yours !! Over here they're called Panasonic Lumix TZ-60 but its the exact same one as yours. What setting do you use for your pics? I have been just using the auto-intelligent but have to admit, I haven't had much time to have a real good play. Oh, by the way, I love your African Violet - very pretty indeed. Caleb is clever for a 5 yr old - taking after grandma !! Give your doggie a big hug from his Aussie aunty - he's so gorgeous and so photogenic. xox

  8. I took photos of lovely trees in a store parking lot this afternoon with cell phone camera. They were so pretty. Yes, the leaves are nice right now. Your day looked fun. I was folding sheets that were still warm,which made me feel like wrapping myself up in it. Have a god weekend!!

  9. Hi Teresa. A lovely post full of colour and such interesting things! Loving the rainbow butterfly - clever Caleb - like his grandma. Sweet guinea pigs and oh so cute dog ! Hugs Anne x

  10. Caleb's butterfly is beautiful Teresa.Those guinea pigs are real cute ☺
    Beautiful flowers, lovely trees, just love visiting your garden and thankyou xoxo

  11. Such beauty all around us! The leaves are a beautiful color. And the pretty. I have never had good luck with African Violets. Yours is gorgeous! Love the moon shot!
    I also caught up on your previous post. Love Caleb's blanket! He will love it so much. That is, if he can get from Buddy. Looks like he is loving it too!
    Happy weekend!!! Glad you are feeling more like yourself again and back to the pool!
    xo Kris

  12. Lovely autumn leaves Teresa, the perfect colours...just gorgeous. I adore guinea pigs and that photo really made me smile over my morning cuppa. Have a lovely Sunday xx

  13. Such beautiful photos Teresa - the colours are amazing. I had to smile at the piggies, but also at your mention of Douglas Fir - when one of my sons was little I took him to a garden centre where they had a singing animatronic Christmas Tree called Douglas Fir - he was terrified but wanted to keep going to see it!!

    Cant wait to hear all about your adventure.


  14. Your moon shots put mine to shame, that is one gorgeous photo. Love all the beautiful flowers and gorgeous leaves. Do you think Buddy thinks that blanket is his?

  15. I love your shots of the moon.
    It has been a full moon this week and instead of recalling the far out and weird retail customers, I am reminded to enjoy the beauty of the moon changes.
    Of course seeing the moon in the early hours upon arriving at work and then seeing it rise as I get off work is a little discouraging. . .

  16. Well I think it was a nice mix of your life post!!!! Those little piggies are just adorable!!!! A absolutely stunning moon picture, Teresa!!! Have a happy week!!!!

  17. The hibiscus really is beautiful and I've got a (much smaller) peace lily too! I hope it blooms and lives a long time like yours.

    Scrolling down I've also got an African Violet haha (Spooky!) Good tip on watering from the bottom too, it has unhappy leaves doesn't it

    Your photograph of the moon has absolutely flawed me as well, the detail of the craters is amazing! You must have one amazing camera, I can't believe how brilliant it is :o x

  18. I love the images from you new camera TOO!!
    I have only bamboo growing in my home as the cats don't play in the stone/water they require . NO soil.
    Hmm iconic fall image: geese flying south? Burning leaves in the gutter like the old days, or maybe a deer in the woods?

  19. Love seeing all your beautiful flower and foliage photos! How cute are those bow adorned guinea pigs?! And I love the rainbow butterfly your grandson made for you. How precious!

  20. Beautiful post, I have three pin oaks opposite my home, and each season except winter the trees are just beautiful, autumn of course being the best!

  21. Lovely pictures of family life - especially loving the guinea pigs' hair accessories, and the butterfly picture is so sweet :)

  22. This is a great post and I really enjoyed it. I love looking at the moon. I could just stare at it for ages. Love the guinea pigs and the wee dog. All the plants and trees look fantastic. I don't think we could grow hibiscus here but we have peace lilies - though only indoors.

  23. Gorgeous blooms. Fabulous Autumn light. Wonderful, colorful leaves. Beautiful butterfly. Awesome moon. And those sweet little guinea pigs. Life is good! Have a fantastic week. Tammy


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