Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rainy Summer Day, Raspberry Jam & Crocheted Drink Cozy

It's been a busy, busy Summer so far.  Sometimes Mother Nature puts her foot down and tells everyone to chill out and stay home and take a break.  Ooooo K!  The rain poured down today.  I tried to capture the downpour - can you see the rain?  
And that's why it's green here.  Moss green.  Grass green.  Tree green. Greeeeeeeeeeeen.
My poor little crocheted bunting.. hanging limp, damp..
This is the bay window behind our recliners in our family room... rain.. green.. chilly.
So.. when it's rainy outside I have noticed that my insulated mug I use for ice water gets all drippy.  I was reading a magazine and saw some cool woven basketry glass holders and I go.. hmmm.. how about if I crochet a cozy for my mug?  I got my Knitpicks "Dishie" 100% cotton in the color "Swan" and "Tomato" and set about making a cozy.  How do you like it?
I used my sterling silver H hook and did the "flat circle" with 12 double crochets on the "magic ring" for the start, for 3 rows on the bottom, then stopped increasing and did USA double crochet up the sides.
Many, many years ago I made raspberry "freezer" jam for the family and it became our very favorite jam everrrrr.  On Friday after swimming I stopped when I saw raspberries for sale at our local berry stand and bought a "flat".  Since I was tired from swimming, hubby made the jam for us!  He's very proud!
The color is bright red, but the jar is antique and aqua so it doesn't show up..
Here's how red it is.  The thing about freezer jam is the taste is SO fresh - in cooked jam some of the flavor is cooked out.  If you like fresh berry taste, you should try making freezer jam.  The recipe is in the box of pectin you buy at the store.

We've just been dawdling around today and it feels great.  I hope your week is going well.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Our week is going well and the weather is hot! Nice to see you have some rain. I will have to try the freezer jam.

  2. That jam looks yummm!!And as always nice pictures of your garden!!

  3. Beautiful looking Jam!! Also you have a
    wonderful home and love that barn.
    Thankyou for sharing and really like
    coming to visit here ☺

  4. Yummmmm....I need to get my jam made...pronto!

    Your area of greeness is matching ours...lots of rain and lots of moss.... that's us too. xoxoxo


  5. Early AM here saw me wearing my boots and my best friend her jacket!! Oh well--at least we don't have to water everything:)
    LOVE freezer jam but haven't made any for years-maybe if things settle down here a bit! Aren't the raspberries great this year? YUM! Oh and kudos to your DH; I'm impressed:)
    What a great idea for your mug--you are SO talented!

  6. I love dawdling! That's about all I am doing these days since it is too hot outside to do anything else. Hubby walked yesterday evening and came back drenched in sweat from the humidity. Your area is so beautiful and G R E E N! Definitely something I miss around here. A nice cleansing rain is good too, and we never get that. :/ Your cozy turned out great. I spent hours last nite trying to work out a dishcloth with hearts -- should have been simple enough, only 8 rounds, but I couldn't get the hearts to line up. Made me totally crazy! Raspberry jam and biscuits! yummo! Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

  7. Raspberry Jam and crochet Bunting, How summery is that? (Even in the drizzle xxx)

  8. Your little shed/craft room is close to the house isn't it?..looking good hope the clearing out is going ok
    Yummy looking Jam...love home made jams
    Don't you just love a good downpour...so long as you can stay in and play hooky that is lol
    Been raining here most of the week..everything is sooo green
    Hugs x

  9. A lovely post filled with goodies! I love the crochet mug cosy you made, such a great idea! and the raspberry jam looks deeelicious. It's been raining a lot here too and your post is a good reminder that this is the reason why it's so green, both here and where you are!! Have a happy rest of the week.
    Helen x

  10. The other ladies couldn't have summed it up better! Cozy rainy day indoors, beautiful summer green-ness, hooking cozies, and eating fresh homemade jam on biscuits :) I'll admit I'm jealous!

  11. Oh I love your bunting & your cozy!!
    The only advice on rules for making the blankets for the hospital was soft baby wool, so I keep an eye out for anything that is soft and snuggly, 4ply baby wool feels so much softer but I struggle with the smaller hooks! I'm so not professional! haha xx

  12. The jam looks yummy and the crochet coaster is cute! I love it. It's very hot here in the mid-west area. I love rain....send some our way will ya! :)

    Blessing always

  13. We have also lost our summer weather here Teresa and it is raining at the moment. Mind you the gardens love it don't they.I'm sure your bunting will dry really soon. Your jam looks delicious and yes SO red. Enjoy :0)
    Jane x

  14. Lovely mug cozy, and that freezer jam looks delicious! The view from your family room is amazing, it must be so relaxing... Hugs from a very rainy Belgium, have a lovely week! xxxx

  15. Please, please send us some of that rain. Oh, and I will take a spot of jam too. I would so love to see with you and watch the cool rain coming down. Thanks for sharing, I needed that bit of relief today.

    Kate xoxox

  16. We need rain badly here! Whoosh it on it's way would ya? :o) The jam looks very good.

  17. I would love a bit of that jam with some tea, as I chat with you and watch the rain drops.
    Hugs to you,

  18. It's been a really rainy day here today but like where you live its lovely and green! Love the little girls nails from the previous blog - so cute xx

  19. Hello Teresa love the cozy and that jam looks sooooooooooo delicious. I bought some raspberries on Monday to make some cupcakes but as yet not had time with everything else. It has been raining on and off here for a few days - should be used to it though. Take care. Anne x

  20. Hello Teresa: I also love the cosy and the jam "looks good enough to eat"! :-) The pictures are great as usual. We have 71 today and sunshine in Spokane. Yesterday it rained a little but we definitely needed it.

    Thanks for the encouragement on my blog. I need all the help I can get.


  21. Oh oh looks all so perfectly in harmony! raining, jam, children, the matching mug.. hugs ~ cindy

  22. Teresa, Guess what? You won!!! Check out my blog and email your address to me. Thanks for joining in. xoRobin


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