Friday, July 1, 2011

Rock Festivals, Crochet, Flowers & More :-)

OK, right off I'll tell you that this post is a jumble of different things, but welcome to my life, this is how I think.. LOL

I was reading Nicole and the Bee's blog and read about the Glastonbury Festival which I'd never heard of and it reminded me of my youth when I helped put on 2 rock festivals in the summer of 1969.  So then I decided to Google and see what I could find on the internet about them, and *COOL*, I found some history about them.  This is the first one, the Seattle Pop Festival, the poster is below.  It's kind of a long story of how I got involved in working to put the festival on, but.. when I was right out of high school and working as a cashier at Rub a Dub Car Wash.. oh funny.. my friend Lynn says, let's go to Hawaii.  OK, so I took my paycheck and bought a 1 way student standby ticket and off we went.  My first apartment was 2 blocks from Waikiki Beach and 3 of us rented it for $80 a month.  Yes.  In 1967.  One of the jobs I had over my time there was helping to put on a music festival.. I did a magazine ad and decorated my friends VW bus with advertising, cut out of flower designed contact shelf paper.  :-) 
And I worked on that festival with a girl named Geri Aquino, and so when I was back in Portland, OR, she was in Seattle and was helping her boss organize the Seattle Pop Festival so my friend Lynn found out she was working on that and offered to help, so we were hired!  I did more advertising for that festival in the pre-festival time and then helped work in the office on-site at the festival during the fest. I got to meet all the musicians and was able to get on-stage when I was off-duty and sit on the side and watch the show.  I gotta say, that's the BEST place to be to watch a rock festival. :-)

After the festival was over, my friend thought we should hitchhike to San Francisco to see what Haight-Ashbury looked like, so we did.  Sheesh!!  We stayed there for a bit then hitch-hiked back to Portland.  We had a great time and met only great people and it was quite an experience!!  

Then we heard from Geri that she was working on a 2nd rock festival and did we want to help and so we headed back to Seattle to help with the Sky River Rock Festival.  I think we even got paid. LOL  Here was the line up on that one... Sky River Rock Festival, the second, held on August 30, 1969 in Tenino, south of Olympia. 

Performing at the festival were Black Snake, Country Joe and the Fish, Crow, Flying Burrito Brothers, Buddy Guy, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks, Juggernaut, Los Flamencos de Santa Lucia, Steve Miller, New Lost City Ramblers, Pacific Gas and Electric, Sons of Champlin, Alice Stuart, Youngbloods, and many others (that hubby thought I should delete :-).

I must say, I have some amazing memories of that time.
Above is a shot of our Mock Orange flowers in bloom now on the end of our shed.
I have 2 clematis in pots that need to be planted.. hubby bought me some trellises and promised to paint them white for me today.  :-)
Our 3 chickens are doing wonderfully laying eggs for us.  Left is the Americauna named Betsy Ross who lays mint green eggs, middle is the Rhode Island Red named Bella who lays brown eggs, and the right is our Buff Orpington named "Rose Gold" who lays rosy pink brown eggs. :-)
I had looked and looked for a pot I had that had a nice plant of Shooting Star and couldn't find it, but our daughter-in-law found it when weeding and it was not happy as it needs to be moist, so hubby set it down in the pond and it's growing nicely now, here is the first flower to open on it.
Hubby has spent 2 days driving his tractor around our 5 acre farm finding things that need to be burned, and even cut down 4 Hawthorn trees that were proving hard to see around when pulling out of our driveway.  Here is his bonfire.  Good boy. What a good boy.  :-)
I'm loving my red and white Fuchsia!
Here is a project I want to work on.  Our shed.  It currently holds a lot of things that need to be sold at a garage sale.. then I want to paint and decorate it as a garden shed.  I used to have cute tied back curtains in here and want them there again!  And hang bunting/banners/flags.  Just like Helen Phillips adorable garden shed.  You must go visit her blog, I'm in love with her style, it's so light and pastel and she's a brilliant artist and author.  Tell her I sent you.  She's very sweet too!
One of my new Fuchsias.. I didn't realize there was a spider on the tip of the pistil until I put this here!
Now..... I will expose one of my deepest darkest secrets.  I love the soap opera The Young and the Restless.  I've watched it since the very first day when Snapper Foster was played by David Hasselhoff.  And for the last 2 days Victoria Newman Abbott has been wearing the most amazing and beautiful hand crocheted lace dress.. here is a bad photo of it.  And below is a bad photo of the back.  I love it!!
And then.... if this isn't the most crazy and mixed up post.. but I made yesterday a 2nd crocheted cover for a vintage wooden clothes hanger.  I got the idea from another favorite blogger, Tif at Dottie Angel. If you want the pattern, tell me in a comment and I'll send it to you.  I had to alter her pattern just on how many chains to make.   I had to do 79 to get 13 shells.  She recommended 65.
I have to say, that these hangers hold on clothing that likes to slip off regular hangers, such as summer cotton tie die t-shirts which I now have 5 different colors of.  :-)

Another shot of my crochet banner/bunting/flags/pennants.. for those of you who want to see that I'm crocheting. :-)
And last but certainly NOT least... I wanted to show you my Lucy bag... inspired by the very first blog I read and immediately became obsessed with.. Lucy at Attic24.  She has done lots of wonderful, colorful tutorials and patterns for her lovely things.  Please check her out if you're one of the last people on the planet who hasn't found her and fallen in love with her. :-)
OK.. if you're still reading, you get an A+.  Hugs and stuff.. I need to pack my swim bag and go swimming!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Wow, you were at a festival with Zeppelin. I'm dying over here at the thought.

    Lovely photos of you farm as always.

  2. What a wonderful post! What a great time you must have had with the music festivals and your travels with your friend. I love your crochet hangers and Lucy bag. Have a great weekend. Joanna xx

  3. What a highly entertaining post, Teresa. Oh, those good old days!and what a line-up on that festival poster - and just imagine, all that hair!!!!Thank you for sharing. x

  4. Teresa you know I think you ROCK! :)

  5. LOVE your Lucy bag! Great colors and arrangement of them.

  6. You know I love the randomness of it all! Have a lovely 4th!

  7. Don't know what I like more...that you were at that festival, your awesome garden shed, or that crocheted purse!

  8. Make it a B+ for me. This day got away from me with Scott home all day off work.

    You rock,girlfriend. Those were the days, weren't they. If our parents only knew just what we were up to. Amazing thing is I know most of those listed and by the way, the others too.

    I so need to make some of those hangers. And you know I know Lucy of course. Did you know she was my first blog find and first ever crochet stitch 2 1/2 years ago. Now, look at where I am.

    Can't wait to see you holiday fun. We have nothing really planned but will be out and about. Hope to pop in when I can over the weekend.

  9. And another wonderful post Teresa
    Your shed is to die for! looks fabulous now can't wait to see it's make over
    And all that space to play in..5 acres wonderful
    Hugs Suz x

  10. Oh dear, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Alice Cooper and Ike&Tina in the same line-up, how amazing! I would have loved that festival (unfortunately, I wasn't even born yet lol)! Love your hangers and your colourful Lucy bag :-)

  11. Teresa, not only did I read every word, but I want more. Love the stories of your youth, love the shed, I think you should turn that into your own space. Love the bunting and the bag!!!!!
    Happy long weekend,

  12. Wow, you really were a rock chick!! I loved hearing about those festivals of your youth. I also really love your shed - it's a really sweet little garden house - and it will be so fabulous to play in and decorate - and thank you so much for mentioning my little potting shed! Thank you too for the crochet inspiration - the Lucy bag is gorgeous and somthing else for me to put on my to do list! Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x

  13. Great randomness there Teresa. You have some great memories from your youth. Glastonbury has been huge here for years but I could never ever face the mud!!LOL. I never really enjoyed camping even as a Girl Guide, I need my creature comforts too much. You shed project sounds great...I have a little secret project I hope is coming to fruition very soon as well...?!?! Have a great rest of the weekend.
    Jane x

  14. I love love your lucy should sell them...I would buy one. Love those colours.

    Your little shed is adorable. xoxo
    Happy weekend.

  15. Hi Teresa loved your post. Glastonbury not a million miles from but have never been,
    1969- the year I left school - I was eighteen and went on to teacher training college. When I was about 20 I used to spend Friday evenings with friends of my DH and we listened to Neil Diamond- loved his music and last Thursday 30th June finally got to see him - he was at the LG Arena at the NEC nr Birmingham not far from where I live. It brought back so many memories of back then. Your shed looks very cute and I can't wait to see what you do with it. Anne x

  16. Thanks for inviting me over! I loved this post and enjoyed reading about all the different things you have been up to. That garden shed is adorable! I appreciate the info about the crochet hangers too and added a few links on my blog to point folks to a pattern source. Hope that was OK. Have a great 4th!

  17. Another wonderful post! Love the flowers, as always...and the hooky action, too.

    Wishing you and your family a very happy 4th of July.

    Blessings always

  18. Teresa this is SO cool! What an amazing story you have, road trips, festivals, working back stage... This is a dream for some people! It's really interesting to hear all about it, thanks so much for sharing and linking to my blog :-D

  19. What a nice post! Love that shed, I don't even have a garden! I have a small balcony, does that count ;-)? My sweetheart also loves a garden and when the time is right, we will have our own little house with lots of green goodness!

    Those crochet hangers are really cute and I have been wanting to make some for quite some time now. I think I have to put them on the to-do list haha.


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