Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday on the farm with the Girls

The day began with more news of a fire on Mt. Hood, the wind shifted and the air was hazy with smoke.  The light was rather yellow.  The girls enjoyed being outside and exploring the woods.  Jenna found a big "bouquet" of "Big Leaf Maple" leaves and brought them to show us.  
The creek and pond are clearing up well after the cleaning.
Prior to the cleaning the rocks were all dark brown, covered with moss and mud.  Now they're all pretty and clean!
The red leaf maple tree will begin turning pretty fall colors soon.
The girls and grandpa picked more blackberries behind the garage - with plans to have them on vanilla ice cream after lunch.
Grandpa then let the chickens out and collected the eggs.  It's neat as we can tell which hen laid which egg.  The pale green is from Betsy Ross, the Ameracauna.  The large pinkie brown one is from Rose Gold, the Buff Orpington.  The slightly darker brown one is from Bella, the Rhode Island Red.
I made the girls their favorite meal, grilled cheese with potato bread and Tillamook cheddar cheese.
Jenna found a bouquet of Queen Anne's Lace and grandpa took the garden shears to cut them for her.  Gramps and Paige were chatting.

See the bug on the flowers?
Time for ice cream!  We had vanilla ice cream, and we had a banana and dotted fresh blackberries on top.  This is before I smooshed it up!
Not being an adventurous eater, Jenna chose to just have Hershey's syrup on top.  She liked PICKING the blackberries, but was not going to actually EAT one.  Oh no.  Huh-uh.  :-)
They harvested 2 "hallocks" of berries.
Below is my bowl of smooshed up berries, bananas and ice cream, so I thought, why not add some chocolate sauce?  Hubby pours it on for me.  :-)
Paige is the more adventurous eater.. at least for now.. and she is relishing her berry soup.
And what to our surprise, but the mailman pulled up with a package, and Paige's LaLaLoopsy doll arrived a full week before it was expected!  So, we sang Happy Birthday to Paige and opened the package - we were all so happy and excited!!
Below I snapped a photo of Jenna with my iPhone - she was climbing and exploring around the pond and I thought she looked so cute.
Our daughter Amy came later in the evening to collect the girls.  They are flying out on September 14th for their new life in Ohio.  2,000 miles away.  ::deep breath::

We are packing today for a 5 day camping trip to Pacific City on the Oregon Coast on the Pacific Ocean.  Hopefully the wifi will work and I can visit you while we're away.  Thanks for visiting and the lovely comments.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Your little pond looks so nice! It's good you get to see your granddaughters so much, especially right now before they fly out. It's not too bad here in Ohio, I promise! I'm sure you'll keep in good touch with them despite the distance. You're making fun memories for right now to hold them over until the next time you see them again :)

  2. This was another beautiful post, you all look so happy. The girls and your garden all look very pretty. It looked like such a relaxing, lovely time. Fancy the doll arriving a whole week early too! Enjoy your trip xxx

  3. Hi Teresa, I had a few of your posts to catch up so have sat down with a cup of tea to read. What a lovely you have had with your girls. I love the photo of Jenna by the pond. Have a wonderful camping trip. ((hugs)) Joanna xx Oh I almost forget to say - your display cabinet looked really good, I love all the things you put in it. x

  4. Ooh what fun the icecream looked absolutely delish...I'm sooo pleased you enjoyed another fabulous time with your grandbabies have a safe trip my lovely xx

  5. Those blackberries look yummy! maybe not so bad........?
    Pleased to see all those smiles happy memories.
    Have a great camping trip!

  6. Another exciting day for all of you. Lovely of you sharing the adventures with all of us. I hope you have a great trip. Enjoy and be careful. Love, xoRobin❤
    Love your little baby girls, I hope they adjust well in Ohio.

  7. The pond looks great now! Cleaner stones and I love the moss on rocks!

    I never saw a 'green' egg before! We have chickens too, Rhode Island Reds, and another I forget the name, but we only get pinkish eggs and brown.

    Those berries sure look good! Made me hungry...then the ice cream....MMMMMMMM

    Your daughter won't be all that far from me in upstate NY! Sad for you so far away tho. Good thing for internet and video chats. And maybe some trips to the east coast :) Although it's pretty wet here still from Irene unfortunately.

    Nancy :)

  8. What a sweet time with those little girls. Love your pond area.

  9. What a great day with the girls!! I love your creek and pond... Have a great camping trip, looking forward to seeing your pictures! xxxx

  10. Teresa, I know you are loving each and every moment spent with you little girls. They are beautiful and will remember how very special their time is with you and Grandpa.
    Hugs to you,

  11. It sounded like the best of times you had Teresa with the girls...look forward to you visits and chats with them via the internet. Have a wonderful holiday. I love your eggs, how great to have different colours, I also have never seen a green egg before. The pond looks great after the clean up.
    Jane x

  12. Your creativity encourages me to exercise my own as well as enjoy yours! Thank you for sharing the beauty around you in all its many forms...especially in grand girls! (:

  13. Pure joy...your yard and home is lovely and so are your grandchildren. xoxo

  14. I'm so glad you are getting to spend time with your girls before they move! They will always remember how cool their grandmother is!


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