Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Beachy Fun Times

We've had a wonderful holiday at the beach here in Oregon!  The weather has been unexpectedly fabulous!  Our youngest son arrived for a visit yesterday right after noon with his 2 little boys.  The first thing we did was take them out for lunch, then back to our trailer to visit.  This photo shows Dayle, Buddy, Travis, Hayden & Caleb going for a beach walk.  I had to stay behind due to my foot issues, but I took some photos and waved at them from above.
They found some agates and a tiny piece of green beach glass and presented them to me. 
The boys played with Grandpa, they're like two wiggly puppies! 
The roll and wiggle and move constantly. Fun to watch! 
We shot this sunset photo as we loaded the boys up for them to go home.   
We were going to get us all a bowl of clam chowder at Mo's Restaurant at Taft, but when we pulled in, this is what we found.  There was no waking them, so Travis headed home with them in his VW bus.  They look like angels.. when asleep. :-) 
This morning we awoke to a crystal clear day - the photo below is evidence.. it was sunny here! LOL! 
After a leisurely morning enjoying the view from the trailer, we headed out to celebrate Dayle's birthday at the Tidal Raves Restaurant at Depoe Bay.  Here is the view from our table!!
I ordered their crab and shrimp salad and a bowl of chowder, Dayle got a House Smoked Pork Loin sandwich with pickled cabbage, spicy citrus aioli on a fresh baked rosemary bun.  My salad was gorgeous with mixed greens, crab, shrimp and fresh fruit, such as pineapple, orange and apple.  I forgot to take a photo, but it was definitely photo-worthy!  
They treated Dayle to a warm chocolate chip cookie with vanilla bean ice cream!  
I had Key Lime Pie with Mango sauce.  :-) 
This is the restaurant, our table was in the corner on the right.. awesome view! 
Then on to enjoy a visit to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse.. I love this historic site! 
This is Oregon's tallest lighthouse at 93 feet tall and began operating in 1872.  I did a painting of this done in ink from an octopus, want to see?
This is a very poor quality image of the painting, I need to re-scan it.  I painted this back when they still had the light-keeper's house there!  
The beautiful Yaquina Bay Bridge. 
This is Mo's Annex, of the infamous Mo's Clam Chowder.. this has been in the Historic Bay Front in Newport for a long time.  It's a working fishing town, and has all kinds of tourist-y shops alongside the fish packing plants. 
The fishing boat harbor. 
Then we motored North along the Pacific Ocean to our trailer where we captured this sunset.  Tomorrow we head home.  It's sure been a great birthday trip for Dayle!  When I told the waitress which birthday he was celebrating, she said he didn't look a day over 50. :-)

Thanks for visiting and the wonderful comments!!  We both enjoy them.
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. SO happy to hear you two are having such a great time:) Great photos and post, as always--loved your drawing of the lighthouse!

  2. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!!! I sure wish I could be there too. All of your photos are some of our favorite places. Love it. It's kind of like a mini-vacation for me, just looking at your pictures. The Oregon coast is wonderful.

  3. It looks like you have had a great time, perfect weather for a Birthday trip. :) I love the way the littlies use Grandad as a multi gym! He clearly tires them out. Boys seem to have endless energy, then when they sleep it is relief all round! I love your Ink Painting too. You are so multi talented :)x Your photographs are brilliant again.

  4. I'm so pleased Dayle had a great birthday and those photos, particularly the view from your table at the restaurant, are stunning. As you know, I always enjoy your posts and sometimes feel like I'm right there with you. Did you see me waving from the other side of that Pacific Ocean? Love your drawing of the lighthouse. I've just read a book about a lighthouse - it was a thriller called the Lightkeeper's Daughter by Colleen Coble. If you like thrillers, its a 'can't put down till its finished' one.

  5. Happy Birthday to Dayle! It looks like you had the most idyllic holiday, those views of the beach are fabulous, and doesn't the photo of Buddy look adorable, he is such a cutie. Your Peyote stitch creations are gorgeous Teresa. Loving the ripple blanket! Vanessa xxx

  6. What a wonderful trip! Pretty beaches, yummy food...looks like Dayle had an awesome birthday! Love the light house and your sketch. Such a talented lady!

  7. Happy Birthday to Dayle!!!! Such a lovely way to celebrate. Glad you are having a wonderful time.

  8. I want a birthday just like this! What a wonderful place. That restaurant is too cool sitting by the water with that view, not to mention the food. YUM. No wonder you forgot to take a picture of yours.

  9. Wow--you are one talented lady! Amazing lighthouse!

  10. I loved seeing your beautiful photos of such a beautiful place. The sea and sky and sunsets are amazing. And a very Happy Birthday to Dayle! Hope you both enjoy the rest of your beachy trip. Helen x

  11. What an amazing table you had for your meal Teresa, such a wonderful view and meal. I'm glad Dayle enjoyed his birthday in style. Your painting is fab...you are one very talented lady ;0)
    Jane x

  12. I've never seen beach agates, how cool are those. Now about that Key Lime with Mango, that would be my pick for sure. It even looks like the kind we have in Florida. What a fun way to spend a birthday. Did you know I will never get tired of seeing your days at the beach or the sun setting on the surf. Glad your birthday play date was a fun as it looked.

  13. Hi Teresa,
    What a fun vacation by the sea you all had. I love the sea glass and agates the boys found on the beach. Hope your foot is getting better, been thinking of you. Your drawing is quite amazing, is there nothing you can't do. Bravo!! Happy birthday to Dayle, I think you had the best seats in the house. Oh I love being by the shore, it's the best feeling. Glad your back,
    xoRobin❤ I'm back too

  14. Looks absolutely incredible, Teresa! That sun looks glorious. What a wonderful way to spend a birthday. Happy Birthday Dayle!

    P.S. Your painting of the lighthouse is beautiful.

  15. Hello Teresa it looks as though Dayle has certainly had a birthday to remember. The views are awesome as is your photography and painting. I am in awe of your talent. Your two grandsons are so cute and certainly did look like little angels when fast asleep. My eldest son and wife and grandsons were here with us at the weekend, they then went down south to visit legoland- it's half term here. They are coming back here tomorrow and then back up to Leeds on Friday. Anne x

  16. Happy Birthday Dayle..glad you all have a wonderful time, looks fabulous
    Hugs x


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