Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Pacific Ocean

We have a tradition of spending our birthdays at the beach, Dayle's big day is on Tuesday.  Yesterday we hooked up the trailer and headed South and West to Lincoln City.  We were treated to some great Autumn leaves as we zoomed through the Van Duzer Corridor over the Coast Mountain Range.  
I brought some Halloween decor for the trailer and put these out when we were settling in after arrival. 
This RV park is so GREAT!  Here is our view out the window, the ocean is *right* there. 
I've been working on my ripple blanket... hubby did not think I should add the yellow, but I did anyway.  :-)
The view out front of our trailer.. looking South. 
Straight out front..  
Looking North.. there is Dayle flirting.. I mean chatting with a woman and her dog.  :-) 
Our truck and trailer. 
I took this photo from the door of the trailer to give you an idea of just how close we are to the surf.  I wish I could insert the sound of the roar of the waves in here.. :-) 
The obligatory photo of Buddy the dog on the back of the sofa.. his favorite perch to keep an eye on things going on outside.  See my Lucy Granny Stripe crocheted blanket? 
We have breakfast in the trailer -- coffee and toast or a muffin and some fruit.  Then around 1 pm we head out in search of a place to have lunch.  Hubby always wants to go the the *same* place.  I, on the other hand, am the adventurous sort.  I googled for places to eat in Depoe Bay (the closest town) and found "Spouting Horn" restaurant.  Here is the view of Depoe Bay from our table, see the whale watching or fishing boat coming in?  We both had a cheeseburger with a garden salad and hand-cut fries.  It was yummy!
This is fuzzy but a view of the Depoe Bay Bridge -- it's called "The World's Smallest Harbor".  More history can be found here - I didn't realize it had such a rich Native American Indian history!! 
The marina and harbor.  There was quite a bit of damage here from the Tsunami from the Japanese earthquake on March 11, 2011.  Check out this video
The photos below were taken near our favorite beach to take the grandkids to - Taft.   
This is the Siletz Bay and spit at Taft, part of Lincoln City. 
Pretty, huh? 
We're back in the trailer, snug as a bug.  The weather is supposed to be spectacular over the next few days.  Thanks for coming to visit!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Oh my....wish I were there with you! So very beautiful and you can get out and about as well. Best of both worlds.

  2. Wow Great pics! Hope you both have a great 'birthday' vacation there at the beach!

    Love the rainbow afghan and the yellow looks good in the ripple!


  3. Hi Teresa .. I always love visiting your blog and what a great idea to spend birthdays at the beach !! Happy Birthday for Tuesday Dale. The views from your trailer (we call them caravans or 'vans' for short) .. are spectacular. Wish I was there with you. Buddy looks as if he's flirting a bit too with that lady's dog :) All your gorgeous crochet and of course your Halloween decorations, really give your van a nice homely feel. Have fun. Oh, and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. xoxox

  4. Hope You both have a wonderful Birthday holiday treat...l can hear the surf just by looking at the pictures..wonderful spot
    Hugs X

  5. What a lovely day, it looks idyllic. I think the yellow looks great in your blanket, a little bit of sunshine!

  6. I can smell that sea air! Great photographs, I love buddy on Guard. Your Ripple is looking good... x

  7. OOOO you lucky thing. Wish I was by the sea right now.
    I'm with Dayle on the yellow ~ it's not my colour!

  8. Wow, what a joy to come visit you today! Gorgeous pictures, the last one is breathtaking, and Buddy looks extremely happy too :-) Birthday wishes to your hubby all the way from Belgium!
    p.s. You were right about the yellow ;-)

  9. Hi Teresa love all the photos and could smell and hear the water. Love the crochet work. Happy birthday to Dayle for Tuesday. Anne x

  10. What a wonderful way to spend a birthday! Car Guy had his yesterday....he turned 30......again. He's done that a lot :) Hope Dayle had a wonderful one!

  11. Thanks for sharing your holiday photos with us Teresa, that looks like a super spot and SO close to the sea (I would worry that the tide would come in if it was here in the UK!!) Hope your Hb has a very happy birthday, enjoy your celebrations.
    Jane x

  12. It looks wonderful there! You definitely have a great view all around. I would love to sleep with the sound of the waves like that. Ahhh.

  13. What a lovely way to celebrate your birthdays. A beautiful view, the sound of the surf, your wonderful husband and terrific food!!!! Have a wonderful time Teresa,

  14. I always love looking at your pictures. So different from the dry barren desert, I have to look at.

  15. What lovely photos Teresa and what a nice way to celebrate your birthdays. Hope you both have wonderful birthdays. ((hugs)) Joanna

  16. What a lovely place to stay, so close to the ocean (and with lovely ripply crochet to do too!) I loved the pictures of the marina and the amazing video. Hope you both have a happy rest of the week. Helen x

  17. I hope you are enjoying the fabulous sunshine today! Beautiful photos--I especially liked the one with Buddy (so cute) and of the Siletz Bay area (one of our favorites too)!
    Have a great time and a safe trip home!

  18. Hi Teresa:

    I love "The Spouting Horn" restaurant. We just ate there a couple of months ago. You are so lucky to be close enough to go to the coast whenever you want. Which campground are you at? I love following your pictures and reliving our trips through your blog. Our kids always called the Van Duzer corridor the Madame Van Dugan forest when we drove through it!!! Ah, the memories. Thanks a bunch.

  19. Nothing better than a day at the beach, rain, clouds or sun shine. Except maybe a fall day driving through all that color. I had an account opening at the State Farm office in Salem a long time ago. I was there for four weeks and remember that drive well. Beautiful. I think the yellow is going to be just fine. In fact, I think it's a good yellow. I have a dislike for most of them. They just can't seem to get the hue right for most yellows. Too bright or two dull.

    Anywho, I've been a lazy one all day today. Still jammied up. But, at least I got the turkey soup made from our dinner with my Mom last night. But, two loooooooong naps, guess who will be up all night tonight. Need to get back on schedule tomorrow.

  20. Isn't this area beautiful...we have been there many a times! Your trailer looks so cozy..better than a tent! {that is how we camp}
    Have a great day. xoxo

  21. Those pictures make my heart hurt for the west coast! Such beauty :) That seaside trailer spot is incredible! I hope you all have a wonderful time enjoying your birthday!
    PS- The yellow looks fine, go with your gut!


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