Friday, October 21, 2011

Beaded Indian Corn Earrings

Hi there!  When I shared the photo of the Indian Corn earrings that I'd made years ago and sold to one of my friends - I said I would make a new pair for myself.  So, yesterday I found all my supplies - which are:  1.  Beading needle  2.  Leather thong (that I cut myself out of buckskin leather)  3.  Corn colored seed beads  4.  Strong beading thread  -- I use this great thread called "Rices - Silamide waxed for Hand Sewing and it comes in this great container and you just pull out one at a time.  This thread is amazingly strong!
Here is the thread.. if you have a chance to find some, you'd love it.
Here is my project underway.  It's called Peyote stitch, circular.
Here are the beads I used - Indian corn kernel colored ones. :-)
The first one finished.
The pair is done - modeled on my little crocheted pumpkin.
I've used this technique on a few other projects - below is a wooden needle case that I embellished with a chevron rainbow and I put an agate cabochon on the lid.  I keep all my needles in here.
Here is the lid off - it was *quite* a challenge to do the lid and make the design extend on.  
When the lid is on, the goal was not to be able to see the "join".  
Below - my friend from 7th grade, Shirley, sent me these neat felted acorns as a gift.  Wasn't that sweet??
And last... not long before my dear Mother passed away, I rescued this neglected and shriveled Christmas cactus from her room.  I brought it home and watered the poor thing and not long after we lost my Mom the little plant put on buds.  Imagine my surprise when these aMAYzing flowers burst forward!!  When the plant blooms, I feel it is my Mother saying hello to me.  Isn't it beautiful?  A few months ago I re-potted the poor little plant in a bigger pot with fresh soil and again, it's rewarding me with these blooms.  Ahhhh.. I love it.
We're heading to the beach tomorrow to celebrate Dear Husband's 64th birthday!  I'll share photos with you.  I hope you have a *wonderful* weekend and make sure and do something fun!!  I know I'll be enjoying some crochet time by the sea.  :-)

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


  1. Hi Teresa, Happy B-day to your hubby. Love the earrings, you are so talented you amaze me in every way.
    Happy weekend.

  2. I love those little corn earrings!
    Happy Birthday to hubby, and have a great time at the beach tomorrow! And a "wonderful Weekend"!


  3. I love the look of corn when it dries and takes on those colours, your earings are beautiful and it looks like very intricate work. I also love your needle case. I could do with a needle case like that! Shirley is a star those felted acorns are really lovely for your Autumn display. I am off to water my poor neglected Cacti. Finally A very Happy Birthday to your Hubby, I hope you have a great day. :) x

  4. Excellent detail. I don't know you do that. My eyes aren't as good as they use to be and I can't see without readers any more. Fantastic job. B-day wishes to the hubby. Spoil him this weekend.

  5. I love your beaded earrings Teresa! What a work of art! So much thought into the placement of each bead.
    Your blooming cactus is beautiful. How nice to think of it as your Mom saying hello. I like that!
    Have a WHOLE bunch of fun down by the sea. If you get chance, challenge me to a game of words.

  6. You are so multi-skilled! Those earrings are adorable! Thanks for sharing :) And you really can't see the join on that container you beaded up. It looks incredible and rather time consuming. Those little acorns are precious as well! I never would have considered acorns, but hey, if we can have pumpkins, why not acorns? Enjoy your time away!

  7. Now that takes some patience I just do not have! They are so cute though. Enjoy the beach and happy b-day to your hubby!

  8. Love your little needle case Teresa ... so cute.

  9. The earrings are so cute!!!And I L.O.V.E that needle case!!

  10. The earrings are gorgeous, and oh my that needlecase! Amazing! Happy birthday to your lovely husband, have a wonderful day! :-) xxxx

  11. Hey Lady! The earrings are too cute! Hope the Hubs has an awesome birthday! Just got back from SAFF and all I have to say is OH. MY. GOODNESS!!

  12. Lovely beads, how clever you are to make these pretty beaded things!! I do love the corn, and the needlecase is amazing. I hope you and your hb have a wonderful trip to the beach and he has a very happy birthday! Enjoy your week.
    Helen x

  13. Gorgeous beadwork! I've never seen it done that way! I crochet with tiny beads, but it's really neat to see the effect with needle and thread! Just love that needle case. Very pretty.

  14. Happy Birthday to your hubby. I love the earrings and the needle case. You would love the bead shop that is just walking distance from me.

  15. It's really a present from your Mother, I think so. So much incredible.
    You made so lovely things.
    I'm just "coming back" from your sea side trip, with the nice birthday in such a beautiful vew on the sea.
    Thank you for the articles and the PHOTOS !
    Julie xxx


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