Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day - My Heroes

Today Americans pay tribute to our Service Men & Women that have served in our military in the past and present.  My husband served in the US Army as a Warrant Officer and flew a helicopter during the Vietnam War.  He was shot in the thigh while flying and was lucky to have been able to put his copter down and save himself and his crew.  
Here is a photo of Dayle in flight school next to a Huey.
He was awarded several medals after his service, among them the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, Purple Heart and others.
Here is my Dad who was in the Marines during World War II - he fought on Iwo Jima - over 200 of his troop went in on the first wave and only 17 walked out alive and un-wounded.
Dad refused all medals they wanted to award him - saying that the real people who deserved those medals died there on the beach and in the trenches with him.  
I'm proud of my father and my husband - and want to thank them and all those in the past and currently who serve in our military - giving of their life so that we can be free and safe.

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Thank your husband for me.

    Several of my great uncles were in Germany during WW2. A couple of them were there to open the concentration camps.

  2. Oh my goodness...I just lost my whole long post! Thank your husband for me. My father in law was a Lt. Col, in the Air Force. He flew navigation in B-52's and traveled the world, flying missions in WW2. He was a most interesting man, and spoke many languages. My husband lived all over with his father in the Air Force. They loved their military life! I have a grateful heart for those who served and those serving now.

  3. You must be so proud of your dear Hb and your Dad Teresa. Very brave men indeed.Both my grandfathers were wounded in World War 1 and my paternal grandfather died as a result of his injuries so I never got to meet him. War is such a waste of human life.
    Jane x

  4. Perfect tribute to Dayle and your Father. Love the pictures of Autumn and the lollipop pictures are perfect. Hugs to you Teresa, hope Dayle is continuing to heal.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Teresa,
    A lovely honor to your Husband and your Dad. Please thank Dayle for his service. Such a sacrifice these men and women do for us, so we are free and safe. "My Heart" thanks them all and their families.

  6. What a lovely post...we are truly blessed my men like these. xoxoxo

  7. Loved this post Teresa! Please thank your husband for his service--great picture of him BTW! I also really liked the 2 displays in honor of your husband and dad!
    My husband was in the Marines during Vietnam (but didn't deploy there); an uncle served in Korea (Army) and an uncle, who was a Marine during WW2, died at Tarawa.

  8. To think I almost missed this. I read all three, but will comment here. Are we not lucky to have brave men like this for fight for our freedom. And you my friend have two very distinguished men close to your heart. I have heard that from many about Iwo Jima that the real heros died on the beach.

    Having a very quiet lazy perfect weekend here. Enjoying having the house to myself. Kind of strange, but lovely at the same time.

  9. Wow,I can see how proud you are of your Father and Husband Teresa and I too want to Thank them for their services!!! My fathter also was in the Vietnam War and served 25 yrs. Actually quiet a few members of my family have served as well, believe one in each of the Armed Forces. I'm so proud of our Men and Women and they deserve so much more than just one day! We need to keep them in our prayers always and wish them all a safe return home! Thanks for sharing dear! :)

  10. My father was also on the first wave and was wounded. Still living this day. Derek from ohio

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