Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Closer Look *<[]:{D

I hope you're enjoying the holidays - I am.  Finding some fun toys for our grandchildren, trimming the tree, planning a holiday dinner for my two sisters, one brother and their spouses.  I showed you our tree but I realized that the fun part is standing close to it and looking over all the ornaments that are lovingly collected, made or given to you over the years.  
So, why don't you join me in looking closer at some of my favorite ornaments?  Of course I love this one, it's fragile glass, a barn, with a tractor parked on the side.  Doesn't it look like our barn?
Here is a snowflake that I crocheted last year using cotton thread and a small steel hook.  I did several of these which I added to my collection that started with buying some from a 100 year old friend of mine, Weltha Wilson a few years before she passed away.   
The one below is a crocheted wreath, which I starched and hung with a bead in the middle and added a green ribbon, red satin rose and added some dried baby's breath to. 
I also have a small collection of "Snow Baby" ornaments by Dept. 56.  This one is sledding on a snow disk. 
I found this wonderful cherub ornament in an antique store several years ago, I think it's made in Italy and is hand signed.   
This smaller one was there also - sorry for the fuzzy photo. 
I crocheted this stocking for Dayle - I can't find mine!  But I've made one for each of the family members, including the 6 grandchildren.  These are only 3 inches tall. 
This is a favorite - a small brass railroad lantern with crystals for the globe.  This will always be special as I got these last year when we treated all of our kids and grandkids to a train trip on the steam engine "Holiday Express".  I got one for us and all the kids - the proceeds went to help pay for the restoration of the train and to build a new home for the historic engines.   
I found this carousel a few years ago, you push a button underneath and a Christmas song plays. 
This ornament is a favorite, given to me by my granddaughters last year. 
This is a Lucy style ornament that I made last year.  My granddaughters are in the ornament next to it.. :-) 
I like this one, a glass cover over a penguin and 2 snow covered trees. 
This is just one of my collection of Margaret Furlong porcelain ornaments.. each year the artist would put a different item in the angels arms.   
I purchased this small Nantucket basket ornament while on a visit to that magical island about 5 years ago with my sister, Roberta.  See the sailing ship on the top? 
This is one of 6 Thomas Kinkade sailboat ornaments I found, I don't even remember where. eBay?  each one has a porcelain sail with a lovely lighthouse painted on it, the boat floats upon a lovely blue sea.
You probably noticed bits of my Scandinavian Heart ornaments in these photos.. here is one straight on.  You can get the free pattern here on my blog, click on the link above right.  You can also buy one if you want on my Etsy page.  :-)
Here is a favorite.. my dog's own ornament. 
This below is the cutest little thing.. it's a candle holder that has 3 little animals roasting a marshmallow over the "fire" - which is a tea light candle - with a Christmas tree behind lit with candles, and two red birds beside their nest with 3 eggs in it.  
Last but not least is this sleeping Santa.. made of painted plaster.  Funny story.. the plaster lady was visiting my home in Louisiana and saw an Aztec calendar on our wall and asked if she could borrow it to cast to make more.. so we said okay.. a week later she called to apologize as the one we lent her burst into a million pieces during the molding of it.  She asked if she could make us a Santa to replace it, which I readily agreed to.  This is what she gave us and it's our oldest and most prized decoration.  :-)
 I hope you've enjoyed this closer look of our Christmas decorations.  I hope to see some of yours on those of you who blog! :-)  I plan to finish off my decorating today so it will be done for our siblings and spouses dinner day after tomorrow!!  

 *M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Teresa,
    I love the tour of your tree. You can tell a lot about people from their Christmas tree, what is special to them and their family, what they collect,etc. I love Buddy's ornament, my Max gets a new one every year.
    Hugs to you,

  2. I love your ornaments! So many wonderful little trinkets :) My mother and her mother both collect Snow Babies. They're something I always expect to see gracing their homes around the holidays. I particularly love your Italian cherubs and the lantern. I agree with Meredith. You can learn a lot about someone by seeing how they decorate their tree! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ooooh, what a lovely Christmassy post. I'll be getting our decorations up at the weekend, very exciting!

  4. Hi Teresa what a beautiful tree. Your ornaments are gorgeous and especially so because they have such special meaning for you both. I really liked the little lantern but they are all lovely. I might just use your idea and show some of mine - when my tree goes up! Anne x

  5. Hi Teresa, Your tree looks like it is floating. What pretty decorations. I bet your house is loads of fun. Merry Christmas.

  6. Beautiful! I love the close ups of the ornaments. I have quite a few crocheted ones myself.

  7. What fun, Teresa! Thanks for letting us get a closer look at some of your decorations and telling us about their history. I especially love the crocheted ornaments and appreciate the effort it takes to make them!!! <3

  8. Great tour of the tree. I love looking at everyone's special ornaments. The last santa is keeper. It's looking mighty colorful in your neck of the woods. Off to see if it's my turn.

  9. Thanks for showing us your beautiful ornaments Teresa. Your tree looks magical and the sleeping santa is gorgeous.

  10. Teresa,

    Those are all gorgeous! It's wonderful you have such treasured ornaments to decorate with each Christmas :)


  11. Very pretty tree and such lovely ornaments.

    I'm such a slacker. Our little was moved out of the closet and is sitting in the hallway in it's box.

  12. Oh I so loved the tour of your tree Teresa. Such beautiful cherished ornaments there. I so love seeing my friend's trees and sharing the memories. Keep snug,
    Jane x

  13. Gorgeous Tree! Love all your ornaments. I hope to get our tree soon.

  14. You've got some lovely ornaments for your tree Teresa and it's lovely to hear the history behind them too :)

  15. Your tree looks so gorgeous, and I loved seeing those special ornaments....isn't blogging wonderful for being able to share these lovely details?! Your posts are so warm and Christmassy, Teresa, and just what we need on these dark and cold days! Enjoy your cosy times.
    Helen x

  16. What a beautiful christmas tree Teresa, I love all your ornaments :-) xx


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