Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crochet Stockings & Around the Lodge

As we continue decorating our home for the holidays, the last red metal footlocker/trunk was brought down by dear hubby and it was full of treasures!  I strung the wooden "cranberry" beads across the mantel and hung up our stockings.  I've been wanting to show you my own design crochet stockings that I came up with years ago.  I used the "long" stitch to create the designs.. the white is a zigzag and the red are hearts.  I may try to write up a pattern for them as I've never seen any like these that I designed.  After the holidays are over, though. :-)
Here is my red one..  
I headed out right after noon to Multnomah Falls to volunteer in the Visitor Center with my sister, Denise.  We always meet an hour before we go on duty for lunch in the Lodge.  I thought I'd show you around a bit.. you've seen photos of the falls and outside, but I wanted to share with you this wonderful historic lodge.  Below is the fireplace in the small dining room where we eat our lunch.  The manager of the company who runs the restaurant gives the staff and volunteers super good prices - which is so nice.
This is the window where we dine.. see the sliver of the Columbia River beyond the trees?  See the big bluff across the river there.. that is Washington State!! 
This is the lounge area between the bar and the lobby of the restaurant.. people are able to wait comfortably for a table by the fire there.  There are old photos and paintings around the interior.. that one is of Crater Lake. 
This is the soaring ceiling of the "Great Room"... there is a roaring, crackling fire with real wood in this room.. I wish you could smell the smoky aroma of it.  How about that rock wall? 
The fireplace is big! 
The big tall scrawny tree in the dining room. :-) 
This is the newest room in the restaurant.. called the "Falls Room".. can you see the waterfall through the windows in the peak? 
Another vantage point of the Falls Room, there is a rock patio beyond for summer dining. 
Mid-afternoon, I went out to the coffee cart to buy my sister and I a coffee drink - she has a latte and I have a mocha.  It's excellent coffee, they use beans from the Hood River Coffee Company and it's yummy!  While they were making our coffees I strolled up the path towards the falls and got this photo.. I know you enjoy seeing it! :-)
Coming back down I got this shot of the wonderful fluorescent green lichen on the rocks across the creek.
We had another nice afternoon visiting with folks from all over, helping them plan their excursions and which way to go to see what.  When we left and locked up everything securely, I got this shot of the lighted lodge.. dark, huh? 
When I arrived home hubby gave me my mail.. a DARLING card from my *WONDERFUL* friend Kate at The Garden Bell blog!  Isn't this the cutest card ever?
And also I got my 2nd ornament from the swap we did in the "We Love Lucy II" group on Facebook.  This is from Ingrid Pretorius from East Sussex UK. We're up to 326 members of the group!  If you're on FB, come on over and join us! :-)
And for my blog friend Jane at Jane's Journal, my Lucy waves her paw at your Billy! 
I sure hope you've enjoyed the tour of the lodge and have a fun weekend ahead.  Here's my line up -- Friday, we're hosting my 3 siblings and their spouses for a holiday dinner here.  Hubby is making 2 pot roasts and I'm making green beans and bacon.  Saturday is the Board of Directors party for the Friends of Multnomah Falls.  Sunday is the Children's Christmas Party at the Portland Yacht Club -- and Monday is my chapter meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Oh my!  

  *M*E*R*R*Y* *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Thanks for the lovely tour. Sure is a beautiful place. I've just put in a request to join the facebook group - hope I did it right. See you there.

  2. Wow Teresa the tour of the inside of the lodge is stunning how I would love to visit. Thanks for taking us around on a virtual tour. Your stockings are beautiful and it looks like you have a weekend ahead like ours-what. fun. Billy sends a dreamy purr to you over the pond and I send a big hug.
    Jane x

  3. The Lodge is beautiful and cozy. And your CHristamas tree from your previous post is beautiful too. Love how the crochet stars seem to sparkle with the lights.

  4. O o oh how I love to see your pictures and reading your stories! A beautifull moment sharing with your sister at the cozy coffee house it's a moment that everyone wanted, including me!
    Your stocking is so vintage, I would love to have the pattern :) , am on FB (Indie Crea) would like to follow you. Enjoy your precious moment
    warmest hugs,

  5. Teresa,
    What a beautiful place you live in. I would spend a lot of time at that Lodge too.

  6. Love all the pictures of the Lodge, such a beautiful place to visit both inside and out. Kate is fantastic, her cards make me laugh.
    Hope you have a wonderful Friday,

  7. Hi Teresa, I love your post. Such a gorgeous spot , I would love to have dinner there sometime! I love the card from Garden Bell, I actually have she owls as my desktop photo 'cos I thought it was so great. Hope you have a great weekend!!!!!! xoRobin❤

  8. That lodge is absolutely breathtaking! I really need to convince my hubby to head out there with me. Maybe I can coaz him out by promising we can trek up and visit his brother who lives in Washington since we're out that way ;) You are such a lucky woman to have so many beautiful places, both natural and man-made, in your area. Have a wondeful (if busy) weekend with your family and friends!

  9. SO SO gorgeous! (as usual!) =D

  10. Oh, lordy, my silly owls made a posting. Let's see who I left off my list. I still have a few to go out and track down address.

    Guess what... S and I have that lodge on our list of places to visit. Not sure where, but it's on there for sure. We both just love traveling to lodges and seeing nature and american beauty first hand.

  11. I love those falls and the Lodge looks like a fantastic place to be. I really wish I could pop over for a coffee and a snack...Enjoy your busy ness :) x

  12. Hi Teresa thankyou for a lovely tour of the lodge. I would love to be able to visit there one day- we will see. Tomorrow morning I will be going to cardmaking workshop and in the afternoon DH, DS and family and I are going to my friend Dagmar's house. Dagmar is Danish and she has open house just before christmas and friends and family are invited to drop in. We can go any time between 2 and 6. We have homemade biscuits, little dough like balls with a sort of jammy filling - can't recall what it is at the moment. There is also mulled wine - alchoholic or alchohol free. Enjoy all your wonderful get togethers. Anne x

  13. I enjoyed all your cosy and interesting pictures today, Teresa. The Lodge looks a lovely place to visit, and the views from there are spectacular. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  14. Hi Teresa!

    Love the pictures of the lodge. I've eaten there but I've never been in the Falls Room. We'll have to check that out next trip to Portland! I stole your idea and posted pictures of some of my favorite ornaments on my blog. You're a MUCH, MUCH better photographer than I am though.

    Dennis and I are leaving early Sunday for a week on Maui. Most of my Christmas prep is done, just the food to prepare! We have a Christmas party tomorrow night then need to be at the airport at 4:00 Sunday morning! Oh my!

    Love the crocheted owls and your stockings. Such talent!



  15. You are such a busy lady! It looks like you are having a wonderful time getting ready for Christmas. Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Hello busy lady! First off, your new header picture is fabulous! The lodge...oh the lodge! How I would love to go see it in real life. And I shall never, ever tire of seeing those falls! NEVER!!! Yes, Kate's card is adorable! She is such a wonderful gal!!! Hope you had a terrific night with your siblings!!!
    PS I am so sorry I have not had time for Words with Friends!!

  17. Mrs. Teresa,
    You are one busy lady! As usual your pictures and tour were absolutely wonderful. I hope one day my family can visit the falls. Merry Christmas to you!

  18. Your lodge is gorgeous! I love your stockings, they are so cute!

  19. Christmas joy is happening around your home for sure my those sweet stockings.
    Hugs for a great weekend. xoxox

  20. What a busy time you are having. Love the pictures of the falls and The Lodge. It looks pretty all lit up. Have a great weekend xx

  21. Oh my, live in such a beautiful place!...I love your photos of the lodge...
    You should definitely turn your stocking design into a pattern's so pretty and festive!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  22. YES PLEASE! (Crochet stocking pattern)

    CUTE! (Kate's card) Verrrrry cute! She's too darned clever!


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