Thursday, January 12, 2012

Frozen Falls

I volunteered at Multnomah Falls today with my sister Denise.  It's *COLD* and the wind is blowing fiercely!  We have the famous "East Wind" here and it blows like crazy down through the Columbia River Gorge.  It gusted to 85 mph at Vista House this week.  The falls freeze every winter and it gets really pretty.  This is the beginning - it will get a lot icier!  They're also predicting some snow here.  Winter has arrived.
The photo below is walking up towards the falls.
The Benson Bridge and the lower falls and the pool at the bottom.. the ice is closing in. 
Another shot of the Bridge. 
And another. 
When it gets icier it builds up..  
 Heading back to the Visitor Center.
I've been picking up a few new doll house things to add my own personal touch to my house - below is a cake plate and candlesticks.. aren't they cute?
I also got a trunk to decorate the attic which is empty and bare.  Isn't this adorable?  See the little gold key in the top tray?  It's papered inside with vintage look paper - now I have to find some "attic" stuff to put in it.  I also want to get a vintage looking dress form.  What else would you think should be in the attic?
How cute is this?
I need some brighter light to get a photo of the new things in the dollhouse.  
I've also purchased a baby grand piano, a spinning wheel, a sewing box and a few sewing baskets, some pewter things - bowl, charger, candlesticks, chamberstick, pitcher and 2 mugs.  Coming soon will be a little Cairn Terrier for the porch.  :-) 
My pretty kitty was on my lap yesterday and I got a photo of her.  Awww.. have you heard this song on the Big Bang Theory?

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur.
Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr purr purr.

Is it stuck in your head now?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. The falls are beautiful, great pics! The dollhouse items are cute, can't wait to see it all decorated! That is a pretty kitty and I love that song on the show, too funny! ♥

  2. First Teresa, every time I see those falls, I am in awe! I so hope to see them in person one day! Gorgeous! Love your doll house things. You can really tell the scale of it with it sitting there on your keyboard like that! I sure wish I still had mine!!! Your kitty is pretty. I have a very pretty long hair calico too. She doesn't like our dog, so she rarely comes into the house anymore, but she does sneak into our bedroom for sleep time once in a while when it is really cold. I love cats, and miss her being in the house all the time. Our dumb dog just won't leave her alone. I am careful to make sure she is in the garage at night, and I put a heating pad with a soft blanket on it for her bed on cold nights.
    : )

  3. I will never get tired of looking at these falls. They are stunning. Are you not having the funniest time with that dollhouse. Great finds. oooops. I hear the plow, better go check the end of the drive. They are bad about plowing us right in. 5am is going to come too soon for me to shovel. I asked for it, I guess I got it.

  4. Teresa, I just get blown away by your stunning photos of the falls. It is a very special place. Are all these taken on your iPhone? Amazing quality. Your cat is gorgeous too. Bet she's spoilt rotten. Those dolls house things are very cute and I'm looking forward to seeing how they go in your house. D.xoxox

  5. Stunning pictures Teresa! It's really cold here now too, got snow the other day and winds too. Love all your dollhouse finds. You are finding some lovely items. That teeny tiny box is awesome.
    Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog, I appreciate it more then you know.

  6. The falls make me want to wander away for a vacation. I wish we had more majestic mountains and falls but I guess rivers will have to do. Love the pictures and the truck is adorable!

  7. What an awesome sight the frozen falls are Teresa. Nature really is beautiful. I love your new dolls' house buys, it's a good job they are tiny as imagine the bill with a real grand piano, spinning wheel etc etc!
    Enjoy your weekend and keep warm,
    Jane x

  8. O.M.G. Teresa, you made my day quoting soft kitty. I was watching a marathon last night and twice sheldon made penny sing soft kitty. You had me actually laughing out loud at my desk. Now it is going to be stuck in my head all day haha

    On another note, I want to say thank you for your comments on my blog and your thoughts and support. It really means a lot.


  9. Beautiful even frozen!! Just gorgeous. =)

  10. Beautiful pictures of the Falls Teresa. And it looks like you are having a fantastic time with your doll house. Happy Weekend, and a big hug for you.

  11. Gorgeous pictures of the falls and that is such a beautiful kitty!

  12. Stunning views of the icy, wintry Falls! And I do love that little trunk to go in the doll's house attic...what a sweet idea, and a lovely little thing it is! You will have such fun adding small finds here and there!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  13. Hi Teresa the photos of the falls are stunning- I so want to come and visit them. Have planted seed in DH's head. Love the little bits and pieces for the dolls house and your kitty is beautiful. Anne x

  14. Hi Teresa- I, too, was watching a Big Bang marathon,last night and now I'm singing Soft Kitty too!!! I'm hoping to head to Portland in the next week or two to see my daughter, maybe I'll see you at the visitor center. It depends on the weather. Snow is predicted for next week and I don't drive the gorge in snow if I can avoid it. Love your pictures.



  15. Gorgeous photos of the falls. I am waiting to see them in some episode of Grimm.

    I love that little trunk. It looks like a little wood trunk that you can get at Michaels. Now I want to make one.

  16. What a pretty area....oh yes..winter has come here too...snowing right hoo...I now want nothing but Spring! Oh well we get what we get...happy cozy weekend.

  17. WOW! The waterfall is AMAZING! I'm very intrigued by your dolls house, it sounds amazing Teresa, and the things you bought for it are beautiful. I hope we get to see your dolls house in all its glory, I'd love to see it. Perhaps more trunks in the attic? An arm chair too? some books? Those flowers your husband bought you are absolutely beautiful, I'm rather jealous, in the nicest possible way of course! Happy new year! Vanessa xxx

  18. Lovely pictures of the icy falls. Love the bits you have got for your dolls house - the trunk is wonderful. I am singing soft kitty warm kitty now - we love the Big Bang Theory in our house, Sheldon just cracks me up - love it when he gets Penny to sing to him and makes her start from the beginning when she goes wrong lol! ((hugs)) Joanna xx


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