Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gorge Day

Hubby and I volunteered at Multnomah Falls today.  My sister is visiting Florida and so hubby subs for her when she can't work with me.  This first photo is the gorge from my viewpoint on the way home.  The sun was shining on the snow on the cliffs in the distance.  
The sun was also shining on the cliffside by the waterfall.  A lot of water was coming over the falls due to so much rain and snowfall here.
The green lichen was bright today. 
I took a photo of this old plaque installed on a drinking fountain installed by the Daughters of the American Revoltion in the plaza near the falls.  I'm a member of DAR - and am very excited as the water fountain has been inoperable for many years and water has been brought to the fountain in the last few weeks during some work being done on the plaza when removing some trees and filling in the holes in the concrete.  Yay!
The water in Multnomah Creek is running clean and cold.  Soon there will be a Spring run of the salmon spawning here. 
I turned and got a shot of the falls from the bridge, the arched rock walls are a common design theme along the Historic Columbia River Highway. 
 Here is a shot looking across the Columbia River to the cliffs on the Washington side and the Union Pacific Railroad bridge.  I love the old wooden sign that shows the distances via rail to Oregon and Washington cities from this location.  Note the sand bags - they are there to keep the creek from overflowing onto the walkway from the falls out to the freeway parking lot.
The sun was sparkling on the river looking West towards Portland. 
Here is Vista House and Rooster Rock.. notice the snow on Larch Mountain? 
Spring in Oregon? LOL! 
We awoke to snow over the farm for the last 3 days - this was this morning.  It's mostly melted by now. 
We are now resting in our easy chairs by the fire, Buddy the dog is glad we're home.  I started on Teddy Bear #4 today - for Michael, our oldest grandchild.  Denim blue.  OH.. I got the neatest email today.. a man had googled trade beads and found my blog post about them and said he'd found a bunch of Russian blue trade beads in a construction site and asked me if I'd be interested in them.  I wrote back and said.. tell me more.  :-)  I'll let you know what happened.  ALSO - today while we were volunteering we met a young woman that lives in far north Canada, near the Alaskan border and told us of the wonderful artwork by the native people of her area.  They are the Haisla people.  She made baskets of cedar and all kinds of art.  That was neat!  I hope you are having a great week.  Our son has invited us to dinner on Sunday.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Hi Teresa, stopping in for a long overdue hello. I've missed your wonderful pictures of the falls.

    Duane got a smoker a couple weeks ago and has been making smoked salmon. I bet smoked salmon from the fish in that creek would be devine.

  2. Another lovely day. That first photo is a real stunner but I like the rest too. The railway bridge was interesting - my American geography isn't too great but I did recognise some of those names. You're turning into a real teddy factory aren't you? What colour is No. 4? Have a great weekend. xoxox

    1. Hi Dorothy, Teddy #4 is denim blue.. which will be fun. :-)

  3. H Teresa,
    I am way behind in my blog reading. I have missed a lot here. Your grands are adorable! The scarf from Meredith is gorgeous! The pretty. But I know you are sick of it! Hey, what do you store in those barns???
    How exciting about the beads. What did you tell him??????
    Your pics of the falls will never get old for me!! LOVE them!!

    1. Hi Kris, the barns.. well.. the shed behind the house holds a bunch of boxes of things that I need to deal with, but I'm half afraid of going through them as I'll want to bring the stuff in the house but we don't have room for more stuff.. LOL! The barn has a tractor, riding mower, a 1927 Chevy, 2 Sunfish sailboats on a trailer, a dingy boat.. and tons of other stuff that needs to be gone through. I could have one helluva garage sale here! We're going on 30 years here and have accumulated stuff all those years.
      ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Hi Teresa, Great pictures of the falls and gorge. It is just so beautiful where you live. All that water and I can just hear the waterfall! Sorry you woke up to snow, at least it was just a dusting! I hope we don't get more snow but I have a feeling we won't get off that easy. Can't wait to see your next bear. Take care and thanks for visiting me, xoRobin❤

  5. A denim teddy sounds really cool. I saw the snow on the news and thought of you. You live in such a gorgeous place and it is so nice that you appreciate it so much. Hope the beads turn out to be something special.

  6. Hi Teresa beautiful views you do live in a stunning part of the world. We are enjoying lovely sunny warm spring days at the moment. Blossom is breaking out everywher so pretty. Look forward to seeing Denim Ted. have a great weekend. Anne c

  7. Sounds like you were surrounded by beautiful views and beautiful people. I love when you share all of that gorgeous scenery with us. Have a wonderful week,

  8. Brrr! You are having a very chilly start to Spring. By the fire with Buddy sounds like the right place. Good luck with Bear number 4, you will be making them with your eyes shut soon :)

  9. As always, very beautiful. I've determined that I'm going to have to visit your lovely state at some point and experience all it's beauty first hand. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Teresa, every time you do one of these beautiful posts I get itchy feet and want to hop on a plane. I live in a beautiful place myself but the space you have around you is just amazing.
    One day hubby and I will do that road trip and see The States in all it's guises.

  11. Beautiful photos are always...I just love visiting your blog, it's always like a little slice of happy. :)

  12. So glad you had a good day at the Falls! I love learning about the history of our area and the folks you meet. I will be interested to see how your blue bear shapes up! <3

  13. Good morning Teresa. I tried to comment last night from my ipad, and after typing it all out, it went "poof" and I couldn't find it. At any rate, I love your gorgeous photos! And your historical snippets are always of such interest to me!! How fascinating to think of those people who paved the way before us. How difficult their lives must have been!!!
    We are back to some chilly and rainy weather here this weekend. But since I know Spring is just around the bend, I am okay with it!!!


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