Friday, March 23, 2012

Snow White...

Snow Bright... Mt. Hood was so pretty today with a fresh coat of pure white snow.  I had lunch with my older sister -- we share a love of coconut shrimp from Red Lobster, it comes with coconut & pineapple sauce.. yum.  Then I went and did my lap swimming for an hour.  When I was heading to my car the mountain was so pretty and the sun was shining, so I thought I'd take a drive to Sandy and out to the viewpoint to get a photo to share with you.  Sorry it's fuzzy, all I had was my iPhone and I zoomed in to get this and you lose a lot of definition when you zoom.  All the brown in the forest are the deciduous trees of winter, no green leaves.
This is unzoomed.. you can barely see the mountain.  That is the Sandy River comprised of snowmelt from the mountain and all the rain falling over the countryside drains into it.
A closer shot of the river below. 
This is from an interpretive sign at the viewpoint.. I read it today while enjoying the fresh air and warm sun on my back.  Can you imagine travelling across the wild country of America in a wagon pulled by oxen?  Those were some brave people!  If you have a hard time reading this, click on the image and it will open up bigger.
Dayle is at Portland Yacht Club scrubbing our sailboat, Stargazer, and he bought a brand new sail cover for her today.  Poor ol' girl was needing some attention.  The boat, that is.  I just called him and he said he went down below in the boat and slipped somehow and fell down and hit his head.  Oh my goodness!  I guess he might need some attention of his own when he gets home.  Poor ol' boy!  Have a great weekend!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I hope your husband is ok!

  2. Beautiful pictures even if you were not entirely happy with the zoom! The sun was so wonderful today and I'm glad you got to enjoy it along with the other good things you did. I did inside chores but got outside to wrestle with the trash so enjoyed the weather, too. Hope Dayle's bump heals quickly! <3

  3. What a stunning mountain. The only time I see anything like that is some big fluffy clouds on the horizon, and I can pretend in my mind that we are close to some mountains.

    Being an ignorant English woman, I am surprised that the emigration and trailblazers was happening as recently as the 19th century. I kind of thought it was much longer ago than that.

    Hope the bang on the head doesn't need to much nursing.

  4. Mt Hood looks amazing and the zoom on the iPhone is amazing too. Hope Dayle is ok.

  5. Teresa your photos are so lovely. I love the snow white mountain, just amazingly beautiful. (even though I am sick of snow, it is still magical) Gee, I hope your husband is OK. I'm sure you will take good care of him!
    Have a nice weekend, xoRobin❤

  6. The mountain looks beautiful Teresa. Hope your DH is ok. Anne x

  7. What a beautiful part of the world you live in, with some fantastic history. I hope hubby has not seriously hurt himself, a bump on the head is not nice at all! xxx

  8. Gape Dayle is ok. If he's anything like Tracy, he hit the hardest part of his body :)

    1. Oh dear...I hope Dayle is ok.....dang fat fingers!


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