Saturday, March 17, 2012

Out & About on St. Patty's Day

How is your weekend going?  How did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  I descend from McAlister's so I have a bit o' the Irish in me.  My GGGrandfather McAlister married an Indian woman and I've always thought it was funny that my little sister was red haired and freckled and I was olive skinned, with dark brunette hair and high cheek bones.   
I headed out early in the afternoon to Rooster Rock State Park to do some volunteer work for the Friends of Vista House - doing an art review for the shop.  Here is the view upriver from Rooster Rock State Park - see Beacon Rock up there?  I just never get tired of looking at the Columbia River Gorge.  
What was typically Oregon in Spring - the view above had some blue sky and sunshine and I turned around in the very same spot and took this shot of Vista House on Crown Point, 733 feet above the river, and it was raining on me and my iPhone. :-)
Then I called my honey and said.. are you ready to take me out to lunch and shopping?  :-) And he knows me so well that he had just emerged from a shower all spiffed and ready to go.  When I pulled into the driveway to get him I noticed that my Star Magnolia buds were getting close to bursting, so I rolled down my window and got this photo. They're so fuzzy and sweet.
As were driving to our lunch spot I snapped this quick photo of an art installation near our light rail system stop.  Aren't those wild?  They remind me of porcupine quills, knitting needles or a spiked mohawk hairdo.  LOL! 
After a yummy lunch of salad and halibut, we went grocery shopping for some healthy things such as yogurt, fresh fruit, vegetables and cheese.  On the way to the car I spotted this ornamental plum or cherry tree and gloried in the pretty pink against the grey sky.   
Click click...  
Spring is nearly here and none too soon for me!  Tonight we will watch "Black Swan" that arrived from Netflix today.  I'm kind of worried that it will leave me depressed from what I've heard of it.  Fruit salad for dinner!  Nope.. no corned beef and cabbage, although I had wanted to make that.  Enjoy your weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. What beautiful pinks and a lovely outing.. :) Those are really wild art displays on colorful. :)

  2. Your street art is awesome compared to ours !! It really puts ours to shame. I'll try and get a pic of it one day to show you.

  3. I love the bright pink quills and all the blossoms are so pretty. Black Swan is a strange movie for sure. xx

  4. Ah, beautiful photographs Teresa and it's so lovely to see those first signs of Spring...Hope you enjoyed the film and you are having a lovely easy Sunday!
    Susan x

  5. Hi Teresa,
    Quick pop in to say Happy St. Patty's day. Babysitting littles. xoRobin❤

  6. Beautiful photos as always Teresa! You live in such a beautiful area!!! Have fun today with your son and his family!!

  7. I always enjoy seeing pics of your lovely area. I do like those "quills"! Also those blooms are beautiful!

  8. Lovely pictures Teresa, that Dayle is so cute spiffing up for you!

  9. Black Swan does not sound like my cup of tea. Is it only me that think those spikes are weird....I am absolutely certain that I could grow to like them and that they make an impact, but ???? what a statement? Glad you had a good day and that you are sticking to your healthy regime, ya put me to shame! :) x

  10. Thank you for the clicks and clicks.
    Flowers, it's a dream for me.
    In France, near Germany where I leave, it's not spring today.
    I can just see green grass and rain, rrrr.
    Read you.
    Julie xxx

  11. What beautiful blossom pictures.

    I've got Black Swan to watch, hopefully this coming weekend... so I hope it's not too depressing...though i'll probably be click, click, clicking my knitting needles all the way through it, to the annoyance of my other half!!

    Fleur xx



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