Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dollhouse Home Tour

I've been showing bits and pieces of my dollhouse and I've gotten some questions from you so I thought I'd give a "home tour" of my little tiny Victorian house.  At this time it's in our living-room and it's not the brightest room so it's hard to get photos.  Yesterday the sun was slanting through and so I got some pictures.  I found this amazing house on Craigslist and got a smokin' deal on it.  I'm not 100% in love with the paint color.. do you think it might look better with white trim instead of the darker blue?
This is the "attic" so I got a little trunk to put up there.. and put a vintage brass candlestick there and a few tiny clay pots.  I need an old dress form and baby buggy, don't you think? :-) 
Next on the top floor is the bathroom.  I just got the yellow towel sets hanging on the bathtub.. I need a towel rack.  I had the cabinet, it's unfinished, should I paint it white or stain and varnish it to match the other wood in there? 
Next to the bath on the 3rd floor in the turret is the "conservatory" where a wicker table and chairs is ready for reading and sewing.  Almost all of the things in this house came with it, I've only bought a few new things for it to add my own touch to the decor.
On the 2nd floor is the master bedroom and it has some really neat furniture in it!  This is the dresser, all the drawers open!  
I'm not sure what to call this piece, do you know what it is?
Here is the whole room, the 4 poster bed, the commode with the pitcher and bowl on it.  I need a nice blanket for the bed but the hand crocheted one to fit this is pretty spendy.  
To the right of the bedroom is the nursery.  The doll doesn't really fit size wise, but she's the only "person" I have so far.  She's an antique porcelain doll with a hand crocheted dress and pantaloons on her.  The house came with two hand done needlepoint "carpets".   
This is the front hallway, this is the grandfather clock.. and see the fretwork over the door to the living room?  And those are POCKET doors there, amazing detail!
This is a bad photo, I have to use a flash to get the black piano to show up.  The piano is one of my new purchases. Can you believe the inlaid parquet floors?
This is the sideboard in the living-room.  See the chocolate cake there?  It's made by a fellow blogger from the Northwest - Vicki at Turkey Feathers. Do visit her Etsy shop and see her neat miniature baked goods.  I need some cupcakes for my dollhouse!
The living room is a pretty "busy" room - I need to put the Christmas tree in the attic until the holidays come back around.  The stockings are glued firmly on the mantel.. see the spinning wheel and knitting basket?  There is a checkers game going on the table. 
The kitchen is the least nice room in the house, it's small and there is not room for much.  I wish it was bigger. Sorry for the fuzzy photo, it's hard to get a good shot of it.
Another shot of my porch swing and afghan.  I ordered 4 pillows to use here and there to match this.  Coming soon!
The front door actually has a very thin piece of real etched glass in it!
So, there is the tour.  Did you have fun?  What do you think I need to add?  Change?  It's been a lot of fun to "play" with this.. the grandsons all think it's pretty cool and are very careful with it.  I look forward to someday when my granddaughters come back to Oregon to visit.. I just know they're going to love it as much as I do.  Thank you for visiting!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Its a beautiful house Teresa with so many cute tiny things, thankyou for showing in such detail.

  2. I love your little house Teresa and think the blue trim looks good - I wouldn't change it. The toilet cistern in the bathroom brought back memories of when we I was very young and we had an 'outhouse'. I think the cabinet would look good stained to match the other pieces in there. That master bedroom is gorgeous - couldn't you make a crochet blanket for the bed? Nursery is cute - a doll house in a doll house:) Do I see a baby gate at the top of those stairs??? You say the living room looks 'busy' - I reckon it looks inviting - something for everyone in there. Thanks for the tour - I loved it and I'm sure your little grand-daughters will love your house too xoxox

  3. Your tour is great fun to take! I like the blue trim but if you do not I think you should choose a color other than white. I vote for varnishing the cabinet to match the other furniture. Is the mystery piece of furniture a type of tallboy? The detail in the house is amazing! And Teresa! Do I see Buddy in the living room? Thanks for sharing your doll house with us! <3

  4. Ooh, can I move in here Teresa?...I love your dolls house and I think the trim looks lovely ...Your granddaughters will have so much fun when they visit!
    Our dolls house is waiting to be restored and I must visit Vicki's Etsy shop when I begin adding more pieces to the rooms...
    Thank you for letting us have a peek through your little house!
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Susan x

  5. Your dollhouse is gorgeous! I have never seen one like yours before. Look at all those details, not only the furniture. The windows, the stairs, the doors, the wallpapers. I would stick to the blue.

  6. Hello I do love your dollshouse. I think I quite like the blue trim. I would stain the cabinet to match other pieces I think.
    Is the piece of furniture you have no name for a 'chiffonier'if you google it you can see an explanation and photos and see if the description matches your piece. My next door neighbour designs and makes little people for dolls houses and one of the ladies at sugarcraft also makes things for dolls houses as well.
    Thanks for sharing. Anne x

  7. Thank you so much for the tour!!! That is just an amazing house. I like the blue trim and,yes stain the cabinet I think. As I was touring all I could keep saying was WOW :) (out loud no less...) Have a great time "playing"!!

  8. OK, so I'm ready to move in! It's absolutely adorable! The piece in the master bedroom has different names in different regions. Some call it a highboy, others may call it a chiffonier. I do believe my grandmother called hers a chiffonboard...I know that's not spelled right though.

  9. Teresa, que incrível, é muito lindo.
    A sala com o piano, é tudo bem pequenininho?
    Nossa! Que riqueza de trabalho (peça).

  10. Teresa, I have been trying to make a comment on here but have not been able to for some reason???? I ADORE that tiny afghan on the porch swing!!! The pillows will be the perfect addition!!! The home tour was so fun. Makes me miss my dollhouse so much!!! I love all of the attention to detail you have paid. The chocolate cake is so fun. I had a little plate of donuts in my house and a black cast iron stove. I need to find that stuff!!!!
    Big hugs your way.

  11. That was a beautiful tour Teresa, your dollshouse is quite stunning. I prefer the outside boards blue and I think you could go for a white cabinet in the bathroom but that's just me ;0) The tiny crochet pieces are so gorgeous. My Mum has a friend who used to knit for dollshouses using pins but sadly her eyesight failed so she had to stop a few years ago. Enjoy adding to your home and I am sure when your granddaughters visit they will love it as much as you do.
    Have a great week,
    Jane x

  12. I just love your house! May I come visit again and stay in the lovely bedroom. I would even try my hand at crocheting a bedspread to pay for my stay! :-)

    I agree with the other comments. I like the blue trim but if you don't, it's your house after all. And the cabinet would look great stained to match.

    Have a wonderful time decorating! (I love the yarn and spinning wheel!)

  13. Your dollhouse is so pretty! Your interiors are pretty much finished compared to my dollhouse where I have to do the entire interior rooms! I have lots of furniture to put in it but the wallpapering, painting has been holding me back. I don't know if you seen it on my blog, but I built it about 20 years ago and then put it away for quite a while. Now I am back "in love" with it after all these years. I even bought a new dollhouse to build. It's still in the box. I will have to keep looking at yours and see if I can offer an opinion as to what you are asking. It looks wonderful, though! ~Hugs, Patti

  14. What a lovely home tour! Amazing little things...all of them! What fun!

  15. J'ai adoré faire la visite de cette merveilleuse maison, si chaleureuse, si vivante. Tout est parfait. Encore de bien jolies photos, merci pour tout.
    Julie (sorry I write in french)

  16. why is miniature so dang cute

  17. This is so charming! You are blessed to have such a lovely doll house...the furniture is adorable. xoxo Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi Teresa, Loved the tour of your most beautiful home. I love the trim in the blue and I think the bathroom furniture piece would look good in white. I love white furniture in kitchens and bathrooms. I think your granddaughters will love your dollhouse.
    Thanks for the fun tour, xoRobin❤

  19. If I could somehow shrink myself is there any chance I could come and live *in* your dolls house because it really is beautiful! What a fantastic hobby :-D I used to love Sylvanian Families when I was a kid, this takes me back a little :-) xx

  20. This is so, so very beautiful! Can I come and live in it?!

  21. I think I would like to move right in. It is beautiful, every single corner.
    Hugs to you,

  22. I loved the tour of your sweet doll's house. It is delightful, with all those special little touches. I loved the blue trim against the white. All the rooms look lovely but I especially liked the nursery with the little white cot and the rocking chair and toy box, and toys, and little girl doll. The teeny crochet blankets are so cute too.
    Wishing you a happy week, Teresa.
    Helen x


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