Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Farmyard Safari

One good thing about a dog who has to be walked on a leash is that you get out and about several times a day.  This gives you the opportunity to get some fresh air and see what is blooming in the yard.  In our front entry area there are a few narcissus, real sweet.  
We have creeping myrtle all over the place here.. sweet flowers. 
This shrub has pretty fragrant white flowers each spring -- I'm not sure what it is but it grows like a weed and I've hacked at them a lot.  Do you know what it is?  The leaves look like a rhododendron. 
More photos of my dear star magnolia.   
Gorgeous with a faint sweet aroma. 
The dandelions are happy that Dayle hasn't mowed for a while. :-) 
Here is my Japanese Rose or Kerria Rose.. which is naughty as it's infiltrated my huge magnificent magenta rhododendron.  But the flowers are cute. 
Any day now our place will be a rhododendron delight.   
I'm standing at the base of this pinky one on the left and the king of all rhodies, the magenta one, on the right - it soars almost 30 feet tall! 
At the base of my very old and big lilac is some silver dollar wildflowers.  It's neat as the flowers are pretty and when it dries you are left with some very pretty dried flowers that look like silver dollars. 
Here is our row of roses that our son removed at his house and planted here on the farm.  They are real survivors.. I can't wait until they bloom.  As you can see, we have a wild, wild, wild garden.. it's not manicured, it's not fussed over.. but we enjoy it.
So.. how does YOUR garden grow?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I love your rhododendron-type plant but I'm afraid I've no idea what it is! Not easy to find out either, how do you Google "plant with white flowers, looks like a rhododendron" hah!

    Your garden is beautiful, I am itching to buy some plants for my balcony :-) x

  2. We are hitting my favorite time of year on your farm. I just love how everything is blooming and gorgeous. I can almost smell the flowers!

  3. Looks so beautiful, what a lovely part of the world you live in!


  4. What a lovely walk in the garden. I hate to tell you how mine grows !! Well actually, it grows way too quickly, especially the grass. My son-in-law (they still live here at home) takes forever to get around to mowing it.

  5. Oh so wonderful!!! I love all the photos! How blessed you are to have those beautiful flowers by you!!!
    Have a great rest of the week!
    LS xx

  6. Beautiful pictures Teresa. By the way my garden is growing too much, I need to trim.

  7. Everything looks so bright, colorful, and green!

  8. What a home sweet home! Flowers always make me smile

  9. My garden? Do you really want to know? It grows like a sub-tropical jungle full of native bushes and bush turkeys. Bush turkeys love to mess up tidy gardens, scratching any leaf litter into great mounds where they lay their eggs. They don't do that in our garden, as apart from the grass lawn everything is just wild bush.


  10. Beautiful garden photos Teresa. How does my garden grow?...well you have seen plenty of photos on my blog. It's tiny, it's sunny and I love it!
    Jane x

  11. Now that the laundry is done and away. I must get outside and have a lookie see to see what a bloomn' here.

  12. Wow your garden is lovely, untamed and a great thing to behold. Thanks for sharing.
    My garden grows perennially
    a bit annually
    sparingly with water
    with something new each year.
    Im excited for my poppy to bloom this year.

  13. Hello Teresa your garden is beautiful. Ours is small but I like it. I really need to get out there and do a bit more but when weather is fine I seem to have to be elsewhere or have something that I must do. Our Star Magnolias got a bashing today - there was rain and hail. Also a bit of thunder thrown in!! Anne x

  14. Hey there! I back tracked a bit to your Sunday post and the dollhouse, and I really need to get the million bloggers on my list to my home page cause I missed the post, and so I am a Susie come lately. The question to ask is if you would be happy living in a house like your dollhouse and I could honestly say I think your house wins hands down. What is it about dollhouses anyways, I could look and fuss with one all day long. So easy to move the furniture around, and the toilet (no worry about plumbing there, lol). I see ceiling lights in yours, did I read somewhere that you can light it up? Oh how sweet that would be at night and especially during Christmas. Teresa, I also checked out your garden and you have got some beautiful bloomers (no, I'm not talking about your undies, lol)......thanks for sharing. Love your blog.
    Susanne :)

  15. I JUST came in from my yard...I was taking photos of the rhodies! Some are still buds, others have burst...how I LOVE them! We never had them in Los Angeles - so I love living someplace where they thrive! Such fabulous blasts of color! I love your photos! Looks like you've mastered that big girl camera of yours! Annette


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