Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blue and Green

Hubby filled in for my sister Denise and was my partner for volunteering at Multnomah Falls.  It was an odd day as it was rainy, but when I went to the espresso cart for our mochas, the sun was shining!  The barrista said, are you going to get your picture while I make these?  LOL!  She knows me well.  So, off I hiked up to the viewing plaza and used my new Lumix camera and got this *GREAT* sunny shot with lots of water coming over the falls.  I'm quite pleased with this camera!
Before we began our shift we had lunch in the lodge restaurant and I got a photo of this cute little hummingbird at one of their several feeders there.  I find it charming that the staff there keeps these feeders filled for the adorable little birds.
On my way up to the plaza. 
The falls are 620 feet with both falls combined.. yes, the math is off, but there is another drop between the falls. 
The Benson Bridge and lower falls. 
I zoomed up to the top of the falls.   
Here is a broader view of the area, the trail to the top of the falls goes to the left, but the viewing platform at the top is closed for the next year due to a landslide up there. 
These are tiny little pink flowers that are all over in the plantings on the way to the falls.  I think this is a "Stinky Bob" or Geranium Robertianum.
My favorite moss covered rock with 3 moss covered trees and ferns. 
Another wildflower that might be a "Fragrant Fringecup".
Glorious sunshine on the forest. 
More Fringecup and ferns. 
After a nice afternoon of visiting with people from all over the world in the visitor center, we headed home.  I wheeled over and jumped out of the car to get a photo of this patch of Lupine.  Pretty!
Don't you just love wildflowers? 
A shot looking eastward of the Columbia River Gorge with a stormy sky. 
And now we're home, relaxing and I'm sharing our day with you.  The weather is supposed to return to sunny and dry tomorrow and for the weekend.  YAY!!  Our son Shawn has invited us to his house for a tri-tip steak dinner on Sunday.  I hope you have a fun weekend planned.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Goodness. Green is possibly my favorite color and I always get such beautiful green pictures when I visit.....and blues...and purples :)

  2. Wow, that camera has an excellent zoom on it!!! What fabulous photos!!! And yes, I love wildflowers!! Not enough of them here!!!
    Have a fantastic Memorial weekend!!!
    XO Kris

  3. Your new camera really brings out the various shades of green rather beautifully doesn't it? As usual, breathtaking views of the falls - it must be awesome to be able to see them 'in person'. Have a good weekend. xoxox

  4. So glad you enjoyed sunshine, green and blue today and shared them with us(: I love wildflowers, too, especially lupine. When we lived in the mountains in Colorado our neighborhood covenant said we could not plant grass...we had to let the wildflowers be our lawn. We were so excited when we found a beautiful purple-blue columbine growing in our yard, the Colorado state wildflower! Thanks for sharing the falls and river and flowers with us, Teresa. [Great practice with the new camera!!!]

  5. What a beautiful place! I bet you never get tired of looking at all these beautiful scenes!

  6. All I can say is WOW. The photos have taken my breath away! What an incredible experience...and the wild flowers too. The camera is taking lovely shots...but then so is the person holding it!! Thanks for sharing this tremendous experience with us. Joan

  7. Beautiful photos Teresa, you must be in awe every time you visit the Falls. Lovely. Dayle is a sweetie helping you out. Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

  8. I swear that one day I will get across the country to see those falls. They always look so stunning!

  9. Teresa, It is all so beautiful, what a lovely place to volunteer. AND they are so lucky to have YOU!!! Your camera takes great pictures. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!
    Off to the airport soon...........on my blog xo

  10. So beautiful....I love all the green...our area is just like that!
    Thanks for the tip on the verification code...I never thought of that. I have that up because a way back I was getting some crazy guy/gal leaving crazy comments......but now that I preread the comments before I publish I guess I can take off the verification code....may do that...when I have a moment! Why is life soooooo busy...I am craving summer!

  11. Visiting from koralee's blog. Love, love visiting Multnomah Falls whenever I can travel out the gorge. I have heard good things about Lumix cameras, enjoy.

    Your question on koralee's blog, no you don't need word verification if you moderate comments. I get about one crazy post a day, but just delete instead of putting it in my comments and actually Google moderates Anonymous comments. They let me see them, but not add them to my comments.

    Writing from Portland, Oregon

  12. I am loving your blue and green posts Teresa, they are my 2 fave colours. You are getting some great photos with you Lumix...great aren't they are just SO compact. The falls are looking SO lush at the moment, I love seeing them anytime of year.
    Have a great weekend, it's hair and make up practice for The Wedding for Milly and I ;0)
    Jane x

  13. Your new camera takes wonderful pictures! Those waterfall pictures are amazing. Everything is so lush and green. Must be all the rain y'all get there. We just get too much sun and heat. Everything looks like it's about to burst into flames in mid summer, including me! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  14. Thankyou for sharing your day with us Teresa and what a lovely day it was to. DH and I were up early to go to the supermarket as I've visitors this weekend. Eldest DS is on his way here as I type with my grandsons- unfortunately won't arrive until nine ish (tonight) my DIL is going to a leaving do for someone at work. Ds is competing in a triathlon tomorrow morning. I will take the boys to my younger son's so that all the children can play in the garden there which is bigger than ours. On Sunday everyone will have unch at ours.Anne x

  15. Oh I hope the steaks are GREAT

  16. I love your part of the world - so rich in geographical beauty:)

  17. Your pictures are always great, Teresa...but your new camera is AmAzInG!!! Such fabulous shots and zoom ins! Have a great weekend :)
    Helen x

  18. What a gorgeous spot! Fabulous pictures. I'm stopping by from Pembrokeshire Lass.


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