Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Green & Eclipse

Green.  I love the color, the word, the meaning of the word.  Here in Oregon, USA, we pride ourselves on being green.  We led the charge on recycling by enacting the nation's first "bottle bill" in 1971 where you pay a deposit on most bottled items and get the money back when you return the bottles after use.  We recycle, grow gardens, carry re-usable shopping bags to the grocery store, ride bikes, have carpool lanes on the freeway, a light rail system in Portland, and many other things. I noticed that a new leaf is opening up on the Bird-of-Paradise plant that my daughter gave me when she moved to Ohio.  It's big and so neat how the light shines through it.
You can see the other leaf through the new leaf. 
I added 3 jadeite bowls to my collection from eBay.. I love the translucent green of the glass.  It's vintage made by Fire King in the 30s.  They call them chili bowls or cereal bowls. 
The rain came back after a lovely run of nice weather... the moss on the garage roof is happy. 
I love variegated leaves on any plant, and these on my ficus are just neat to look at. 
The 2nd plant my daughter gave me when she left was this heart leaf philodendron and it's just thriving and filling out like crazy.  It likes the kitchen window. :-) 
See the rain outside the garden window?   Poor flowers are going to be ruined by the rain and wind.  :-(
Did you have the eclipse of the sun like we did?  I had big plans for photographing it, but it was not to be.. our rainy cloudy weather moved in the day of the eclipse.  My sister Denise, her husband Steve, and son Shane, had driven down to California to do some hiking and exploring - luckily Shane got some good shots of it and offered to share them with me.  I'm so proud of my nephew, he got a Master's degree and has a great job not far from Washington DC and is an avid traveler.  I'm very impressed with his photographs and he is allowing me to share his website of travel photos with you - click HERE.  The first eclipse photo shows you the 4 photos he got and how it changed throughout the eclipse.
And the individual shots. 

They are calling this shot the "ring of fire".  I love it!! 

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.. thanks, Shane!  I had to stay home from swimming today.. hubby and I both seem to be reacting negatively to something we ate recently.  I'm hoping we'll be better tomorrow.  I hope your week is going well.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Please thank Shane for me, too, for sharing the eclipse pictures. I had not seen any and his are great! And Teresa, I love all of your green pictures. Thanks for making the time to share them with us. We just had a thunder shower go through, I wonder if it is headed to you? Hope you and Dayle will be well soon! <3

  2. Love all of your green photos. I adore Fire King and have several pieces myself. I have the blue Charm lunch set.

  3. Lovely pictures, as always. :)

    I love green, too...but I really love green and pink together...I know, that's strange.

    Hope you and your hubby get to feeling better soon. :)

  4. Very cool photos of the eclipse. I believe I did enjoy them as much as you! ;)

  5. I'm so glad I got to see the eclipse through your photos. That gentleman is a gifted photographer! I wasn't able to see it from here in Ohio. We were sun shiney all day. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh, I do love the green of the Pacific why do I live in Arizona?? Thanks for sharing all of the lovely photos of your plants. Love you plant window. We had one of those in a house we lived in in Utah some years back.

  7. Oh my goodness, now I know for sure .... photographic expertise runs in your family !!!!!! Shane's pictures are beautiful and I've just spent about an hour looking at some of the different places he's been. Fantastic. xoxox

  8. Lovely plants and those eclipse photos are amazing. I would think that is very difficult to photograph and he's done a great job.

  9. That eclipse is awesome. But I love, love, love your green bowls and cake stand! The color is STUNNING

  10. I want a chair on your back porch so I can soak up all the loveliness. A cup of tea...needles and/or hooks....sounds like heaven. Thanks for sharing the eclipse pics. They are soooo cool!!!

  11. The eclipse photos are fabulous! We, of course, had cloudy skies :(

    Loving all of the green you shared, especially the jadite... something I too collect... and it's the color in my kitchen! Is your cake stand replica jadite? It seems that even the replica cake stands are something you have to save up for!


  12. love your moon here in Chicago we saw none of it

  13. Wonderful pictures from you and your nephew Teresa. Such beautiful 'greens' I too love green.
    Hope you and DH are feeling better. Anne x

  14. When ever I think of Oregon I think of green too, lol. You are so right, it would seem everything I have ever seen of your state shouts out that color and the coolness it gives off. God sure knew what he was doing when he made the sky blue and the vegetation green. I never tire of those 2 colors. It reminds me too of England and Scotland, so lush and gardens over flowing with plants and flowers. Here in Ohio we are too dry, we need rain. I see so many bloggers now who are sick of rain and want sunshine. It would be nice if we could have a happy medium of both. I'm sure your daughter is happy to know that the plants she left with you are thriving. You have a green thumb. Have a good weekend.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  15. Take care of you both.
    Good health.
    And thank you to you and your nephew for the beautiful pictures.
    Read you soon.

  16. I experienced a total eclips myself about 12 years ago in August. We just had to drive about 60 kilometers up north into Germany. And we saw it, the ring of fire. It was an extraordinary experience. It got darker not quite like sunset but nevertheless, everything got quiet. The animals behaved very strange. They didn't know what was happening. It was a bit scary although we knew. I think that in prehistoric times when nobody could explain an eclips was very very scary.
    Some years later we went to Spain to see a partial eclips, which wasn't as impressive at all but worth a trip anyway.


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