Friday, May 11, 2012

Flowers, Falls & Weinermobile

We picked up some new pansies the other day to fill in our pots on the window boxes on our garden shed.. and they had some new varieties I'd never seen with frilly edges - have you seen these?  Aren't these adorable?
Here is another color.. there was a third but it didn't have a pretty bloom on it. 
And our bearded iris has bloomed.  I want some other colors of these. 
I love these.. my mom loved them too and they remind me of her. 
Our lilacs are at their prime right now.. it smells great outside right now. 
Dayle hung up a new American flag on our garage barn the other day.. it looks nice! 
We went to dinner at Tad's the other night and the sun was sparkling off the river, it was great.  You can see the bridge downriver and even the cliffs of Washington state in the distance. 
Here is their famous sign.. cute. 
I drove to Multnomah Falls to volunteer yesterday and in the parking lots was the Oscar Mayer "Weinermobile".. I got a photo of it.  :-) 
The ferns are sprouting out new growth in front of the lodge.  This variety is called "Maidenhair Fern" and they grow wild all around the falls. 
This is the "Sword Fern".. they are wild and native all around the falls, too.  They also grow all in our own woods here, and all over in the gorge. 
I got this shot of the falls.. still lots of water going over and see all the new green of the deciduous trees? 
It was still cool enough that the lodge had a wood fire going in the great room. 
On the drive home I got a somewhat fuzzy photo of the larkspur which were in bloom all the way on the historic highway. 
I pulled out in the scenic viewpoint on the way home and got this shot of a perfectly clear sunny day in the Columbia River Gorge.. beautiful.
I hope you have great plans for the weekend.  We're going to our DIL's college graduation tomorrow and to my son's house for a Mother's Day BBQ on Sunday.  Happy Mother's Day to my readers who celebrate tomorrow!!  Have a GREAT weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Everything is blooming gorgeous! Have a wonderful mother's day...Thanks for being there friend!

  2. You are surrounded by such beauty. I am a bit jealous. Happy Mother's Day to you, enjoy the graduation and the lovely dinner at your sons.

  3. Hello Teresa such beauty. Isn't nature wonderful and you take such beautiful photos of it. You live in such a lovely part of the world.
    My lilac is just beginning to come out.
    Have a wonderful time at the graduation and my best wishes for a very Happy Mother's Day. Anne x

  4. Oh the beauty that surrounds you!!!! I have not seen the frilly edged pansy before. I will look for them. Love your lilacs and iris. Mine have bloomed and are now almost spent. I wish their beauty lasted longer. The Falls are always so beautiful. I know I say this all the time, but I sincerely want to visit one day!! Happy Mother's Day to you!!!
    XO Kris

  5. Love the clear day shot! It looks so peaceful! Amazing pics as always.

  6. The pansies are absolutely pretty with their frilled edges. I loved the iris also ...and the ferns but the other photos of the falls etc were stunning. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your day. Joan

  7. Frilly edged pansies. No I have not seen. Yes, I want and need some. Fabulous. Wow, I haven't seen the weiner truck in years. But then it's along drive from Chicago to Oregon in a weiner truck. Have a fabulous weekend. Hey, how do you keep your bearded iris standing up. Mine are tall and always fall over. Once again a beautiful day out your way. Have a fab weekend.

  8. Your pansies are so pretty Teresa...I haven't seen them before.
    You do live in such a beautiful place...I love to look at your photographs and you American flag looks wonderful too!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother's Day!
    Susan x

  9. I LOVE your barn. My irises bloom a tad bit later than most. I love yours.
    Happy Graduation and Mothers day

  10. These are all such beautiful pictures! I especially love the new pansies with "ruffles." Looks like you live in a beautiful part of the country. Thanks for the post. Happy Mother's Day.

  11. Lilacs are my favorite flower! Yours are gorgeous. You took some great pictures. It was fun seeing them all. Have a great weekend!

  12. Pretty flowers and nature pics, as per usual. You do make me envious of your green thumb. I must thank you for posting the picture of the weinermobile! That is absolutely priceless :D

  13. Happy Mothers Day to you too Teresa. Those pansies are gorgeous - I don't think I've seen the frilly ones either. Always enjoy looking at your great pics. xoxox

  14. Wishing you a very blessed and happy Mother's Day! We will, hopefully, be spending at least part of it with our oldest son.
    Aren't the flowers of spring wonderful? This year I am enjoying them even more than usual. Our irises just started to bloom too--the Japanese irises will soon start too.
    PS: LOVE that lodge and those falls:)

  15. Happy Mother's Day, Teresa! Thank you for the wonderful bouquet of pictures(: I have seen the ruffled pansies but never tried to grow them. Our lilacs have finally started to open up and my youngest daughter brought in some for us to enjoy inside. Tomorrow we hope to go to Chariteas in Sandy for tea to celebrate Mother's Day. [the picture of the Weiner Mobile makes me smile(:]

  16. Oh Teresa, I am so far behind with visiting blogs and it appears I have missed a ton of things going on with you. How lovely all your pics and I looked back a bit on posts and love the one of the grand kids in the Jeep. LOL, they look like they are out on a safari when out in the high grass of the field. That birthday cake sounds so yummy and made me hungry. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself so one of me could sit all day and read blogs and the other me could sit and knit, crochet and quilt. No wait, I would have to do a 3-way clone, the 3rd me would have to go clean the house, lol. Have a happy and safe Mother's Day weekend.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  17. You live in an amazing part of the world - fabulous photos.

  18. I love those pansies Teresa, I shall look out for them in the nurseries over here. Everything is greening up over there for you, looking great! The sun has finally come out today and I have finally been able to cut the lawn. Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow.
    Jane x

  19. Muito lindo, muuuuuuuuuuito lindo mesmo.

  20. Beautiful, as always!!! Love the waterfall.
    Happy Mothers Day to you!
    Shari :)

  21. Teresa, love all your photos and silly me loves the ocsar meyer wiener mobile! I once saw it also but can't remember where but it was on the east coast! Always enjoy your shots of the falls.

  22. Beautiful photos Teresa. Just catching up on your blog - I loved the shot of the boys off on an adventure in their jeep :-)

    Happy Mother's Day to you :-) ((hugs)) Joanna xx

  23. Happy Mothers Day Teresa, your part of the world looks really beautiful in this post. A Weiner Mobile ... what is that? Can that be safe!

  24. You really do live in such a beautiful spot. Love all the purple and lavender flowers in your yard.
    I love the Weiner Mobile! xoxoxo Happy Mother's day.


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