Sunday, July 15, 2012

Blog Friends, Dragons & Chicken House

Yesterday my blog friend Gracie from "One Saylor's Log" and I met for lunch.  We have so much in common and it's SO nice to be able to discuss blogging with someone who actually cares. :-)  Most people really don't get blogging and why we do it and what we get out of it.  But another blogger does!  I've only been blogging for 2 years and have learned a lot the hard way.  Gracie is a newer blogger and brought a written list of questions to ask me.  It was fun to share some of the knowledge I've gleaned along the way.  We chatted long after lunch was finished.  A nice time.  

I went shopping afterwards and got new area rugs for the kitchen and master bathroom.  I enjoyed driving home in the sunshine.  I've meant to stop and take a photo of our local dragon to share with you and this seemed like the perfect day to do so.  There is a Job Corps which is a vocational training center for disadvantaged youths in Springdale, the little town at the bottom of the road that goes in front of our farm place.  The kids made this statue in welding classes.  It replaced the rather dubious statue they had before of a naked woman holding up the Earth.  :-)  Do you like him?
When I arrived home I was THRILLED to see that Dayle was moving the chicken house to the new location we had decided on.  He began cleaning it up last evening and plans to paint it barn red with white trim.  This time we're going to make their run like Fort Knox with all kinds of chicken wire reinforcements.  I'll show you the project as we go along.  I can't wait to get 3 or 4 new chickens!  I want a Cuckoo Maran that lays dark brown "chocolate" eggs, and an Araucauna which lays mint green ones.  
While I was outside giving Dayle my 2 cents worth on location and paint colors (grin) I snapped some photos of our flowering things in the yard.  This rose is probably my all-time favorite - it's called "Double Delight" and my sister's MIL actually tested it for Jackson Perkins and was able to name it!  It has visual beauty and the aroma is fruity and heavy - it's a perfect rose.  
This is the pink one our son planted for us.. it's fragrant and beautiful, too.  I so wish I knew it's name. 
I'm blanking on this flower name.. hmmm.. but isn't it pretty?  (ETA: It's an Alstroemeria - thanks blog friends!)
The hydrangea is getting prettier by the day!  Do you see that Dayle mowed the weeds in the forest behind there?  I like it! 
The Astilbe is poofing out too.. it has a glorious aroma!  I know this as I had my nose in it while I was pulling weeds and breaking off old flower heads to get this lovely "natural" photo of it. LOL! 
The flowers are even more amazing up close! 
We're enjoying a lazy, grey, cool day so far.. watching Pioneer Woman on the Food Network and starting to think about lunch.  We had corn on the cob for dinner last night. :-)  I think I'll work on the hat I'm making for my DIL later.  Do you have any fun plans for the day or the week?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. They will be some lucky chooks! Can't wait until you have new 'babies'. :)

  2. Lovely, lovely roses. Sounds like a very nice weekend. Have a great week-to-come!

  3. Glad you feel ready to replace your chickens Teresa I remember the awesome eggs they laid. Your rose really does look perfect. It's work for me in the morning. Have a great week.
    Jane x

  4. Hi Teresa I've had a good weekend glad you have. The rose is gorgeous. Love the dragon sculpture. Looking forward to seeing the chooks as you call them :-)I think the flower youwere not sure may be an Alstroemeria
    Love Anne x

  5. Alstromeria? Beautiful pics and glad you had a lovely lunch with your chum. Wish I could meet-up with my bloggy pals but they live too far away!Have a good week,Teresa.x

  6. Alstromeria? Glad you had a lovely lunch with your chum. Beautiful floral pics as always. Wish I could meet-up with my bloggy pals but they live too far away! Have a good week, Teresa.x

  7. That statue is fantastic! I would think that it would be a far better statue then the old one. lol. I love the roof on that building. The roses are so pretty! Our astilbies are pretty much done for this year. The daylilies have some buds on yet, so hopefully they will be in bloom for a few days yet. I told Jeff that plants are miraculus. With us being almost 3 inches behind in rain they are doing fantastic. Your chickens will be happy. It must be so cool to see the colored eggs, Hugs, Teresa

  8. Hi Teresa! How nice that you and Gracie got to have a nice long lunch! She is such a sweetheart!!! I would love to meet you both for lunch!!!
    Just TODAY I was thinking to myself, and wondering if you had any plans to get more chickens!!!! How odd is that? I am so excited for you. I did have Cuckoo, and lost her back when I was having some troubles with beginning my flock. I never did get more chicks this spring, because every time I went it to the feed store, they didn't have the breeds I wanted. I wish to vary my flock in color and also color of eggs. I do have two green egg layers in my flock.
    Love your coop and can't wait to see it all spiffed up and ready with new chicks inside!!!
    We have been puttsering in the yard, and in the pool. Just got out to make lunch. I am waiting until it cools off some to go back in to read my book.

  9. Goodie!!! Chickens!!! We didn't even get to talk about chickens :) Thanks for such a fun visit yesterday! [I will send you an email technical progress report :)] Your flowers are sooooooo beautiful! Is the white with red stripes some sort of lily? Happy rest of your day...the sun is coming out over here... Hooray!

  10. I am so glad you and Gracie had a good time, I love her blog and just like you she is as lovely as can be. Dayle is a keeper, always working so hard and cooking too!
    hugs to you dear Teresa,

  11. Yes, I love the dragon. It's very cool. I bet the kids thought so too and had fun making it. They should be proud. I bet it will last and be there forever! Your flowers are gorgeous! The Double Delights are wonderful. I have some in my yard too. I had some pink ones called Queen Elizabeth, and they grew like crazy and were very prolific. I haven't found any since. I think I got them at Walmart so you'd think they were quite common. Have a great week! I'll be happy to get home on Thursday after surgery, and I bet it won't be long until I'm online reading blogs again.

  12. Love that dragon. How cool is that? You really do live in a fantastic place and how wonderful that you enjoy it to the fullest.

  13. Can't wait to see your new chickens. I am toying with the idea of a hen house like yours.

  14. That dragon is amazing and to think it was made by kids !! They did a great job. Teresa, your garden is wonderful and I love seeing your beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Now, I've never heard of chocolate or mint green coloured hen eggs .... you learn something new every day. Hope you'll show us some of those when you get your new chookies. Have a good week. xoxox

  15. The flowers look great! We have resurrection lillies starting to pop up here. To be honest I never heard of them till we moved here and you see them throughout the neighborhood. I miss having all my roses :( but my tomato's are going crazy :)

  16. I love chickens (dont have any) and look forward to progress shots. That dragon is amazing too. I also have a blog, but new to it and you as a follower, so count myself lucky ☺☺ How do you get the picture to go right across on the top of the blog? I just dont seem to be able to see where/how lol. Beautiful flowers as always, fantastic property. take care.

  17. Hi Teresa, Happy I had time to say Hi! Things are crazy at my end. Loved seeing your post today and the great time you had. All your flowers are beautiful, my astilbes are in full swing too. Boy is Dayle a hard worker!
    Take care and have a great week, xoRobin❤

  18. I'm looking forward to seeing your mint-green and chocolate-brown eggs. :-)

  19. OK, so I'll visit your garden as well. Are you going to put some fence up to protect the chickens from the foxes?

  20. Teresa~
    Glad you and Gracie could get together and talk about one of my fav subjects:) Someday, hopefully, I will be able to get together with you two!
    I used to watch chickens for a B + B we lived near; I always loved the pastel colored eggs--and they were good for eating too!
    It is pretty here right now--sunny but not too warm. My best friend is over and we're harvesting the lavender today...we are trying something new so cross your fingers for me that it will go well (or wish me luck)!

  21. Mrs. Teresa, How wonderful it is to be able to share your knowledge with someone who "gets it". I am pretty isolated around here as most people I know don't crochet, blog, garden...Must be my "old" soul.

    The flowers in your yard are lovely! I love seeing your pictures of them!

    Also, I wish we could have chickens where I am but unfortunately, my town won't allow us to have chickens...even if they are fenced in.

  22. Hi Teresa,
    Your flowers are beautiful and that dragon sculpture is awesome!!!! :)
    Lee Ann H
    Crochet...Gotta Love It! Blog
    Crochet...Gotta Love It! Website (crochet names and rosary patterns)

  23. I'm enjoying time off from school this week, being with family and normal summer stuff. The dragon is cool and Job Corps is one of the places I've considered working at once I finish grad. school. Your flowers look stunning. I was growing a new flower and think the chipmunk has been eating the leaves. My lemon mint has been growing rapidly. I so enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it.

  24. You live in such a lovely spot! Your garden is stunning. What a darling little chicken house...I am sure your girls are very happy with it's new location and colour...everyone needs a change. Happy week to you.

  25. Love the dragon and love your yard even more... Such gorgeous flowers. Love all the space! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  26. Your chicken house will be so pretty with its new paintwork...the girls will love it, I'm sure, and it will look delightful on your farm! Such lovely pictures of the flowers, Teresa. And lovely that you met up for lunch with Gracie!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Helen x


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