Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Making Jewelry

I have my pine cone earrings and necklaces in the gallery at Vista House - they called and said they were down to 10 each, so I'm making more to take up for the gift shop there.  I really enjoy working with the silver and beads.  I bought some Oregon stones from my friend Marguerite, also a jeweler and is the new Executive Director for the Friends of Vista House - a job I created and held for 15 years.  The clear ones in the center have a yellow tint, called "Oregon Sunstone".  The denim blue is Lapis Lazuli.  The pinkish ones are Pink Opal, the agate-y ones on the right are called "Sage Amethyst".  The green/brown ones are called "Owyhee Jasper".  I also have some turquoise, agate, new jade and carnelian.  Which stone is your favorite?
Here is my work tray, it's made of oak with a velvet tray insert.  The abalone shell that I use to hold my ear wires is one that Dayle actually found while scuba diving on a 5 day trip in the Inside Passage off Vancouver Island in the San Juans of Washington state.
I designed my jewelry card and print it on recycled brown paper cardstock, and cut them out using scissors and punch the holes myself.  I'm a one man (woman) operation. :-) 
I write the name of the stone on the card so the buyer knows what they are getting.  See Dayle's feet?  Seems they are in a lot of my photos. :-)   
I really like this sage amethyst - it's got mossy looking inclusions in a grey agate stone.  VERY earthy, don't you think?  If you want to check out my Etsy shop, click HERE
We got a call from our son yesterday asking if we could keep the boys for a few hours while he and Kristi helped her mom move some things to their new home.  Grandpa whipped up some home made macaroni and cheese and while it was in the oven Caleb curled up in his lap to watch old cartoons and Hayden was on my lap.  Grandparent bliss.
Dayle told me he could handle things while I went swimming.  When I got home the kids were here and Kristi proudly showed me the dollhouse that her dad gave to her.  Isn't it pretty?  The windows even open!!! 
The interior is just as wonderful, all the rooms are wallpapered and it's in excellent condition, it even has nice molding along the floor.  There is just a few things that need repair, such as the front porch railings and the curving staircase needs to be re-installed. 
Even the floors are beautiful.  They didn't have a safe place to put this since the boys are so little, so I offered to let them put it in our guest room upstairs.  Her dad has the furniture somewhere, he will look for it.  
So, I will get back to work.  It was hazy this morning and the temperature got down to 57 degrees F and it's cleared up and is up to 68.2 now.  Lovely summer weather here.  I hope it's nice where you are.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Your jewelry is always so pretty! It looks like a very nice hobby to work on while sitting at home in the evening. I love learning about the stones!

  2. I love the jewelry that you make and the doll house is wonderful. 68 degrees sounds like heaven. Here in Phoenix we are alread past 110 with an excessive heat warning. The opposite of heaven. Have a great day.

  3. I love a stone called 'Apache tears' what is that? Do you know? I love your jewelry and I also love your glamorous nail polish...I am not however so keen on Dayle's feet! lol Thank you for your lovely blog comments and now you have inspired 'An idea to be born'. xxx

  4. I love your earrings and the new dollhouse is wonderful! It inspires me to get working on my dollhouse when I get a chance. It's finally cooled down a little bit here to the upper 80's but that won't be for long. I'd love to have the weather you're getting now.

  5. Hi there Teresa it is really hard to pick a favourite from all those beautiful stones but I especially like the sage amethyst. Glad you had a lovely time with your grandsons. We had Ella this afternoon and took her out to lunch as it is her last full afternoon with me. Next week she finishes nursery for the summer holidays ( what summer?) and in September will go into school - Reception Class. This afternoon I took her to Stay and Play at the library while grandpa was in a meeting there.
    I wish we could have some of your sunshine it has been rain,rain and more rain.
    The dolls house is wonderful. On Thursday there is going to be a talk at the library from a couple who are renovating a dolls house. I will be there as it is where I hold my knitting group- I will have to try and get some photos. Love Anne x

  6. L O V E the earings!!! You are so talented...How much do you sell them for?.. I would love to buy a pair from you. Oh and that doll house is just gorgeous!!

  7. Beautiful dollhouse. What a treasure for her! I bet you just hated for the boys to come. lol

  8. The doll house is pretty!! my favorite stone is probablu fluorite... although I don't think I can choose.
    I reply to your comment in my blog!

  9. Hi Teresa. We are home and I am catching up with everyone in between loads of laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, watering, etc. I have so much to say....let's see!! LOVE the doll house! Love the VW bus. We had a VW Westfalia camper bus. LOVED that thing!!! Then got Volkswagon Vanagon. Hated to get rid of the bus, and sure wish we had it now!!! Love your jewelry...and love the roses! Looks like you had a wonderful family celebration on the 4th
    Missed ya,
    XO Kris

  10. The Lapis Lazuli is my favorite stone. The dollhouse has some amazing detail and promise! So glad you are getting good time with your family here as well as planning to visit your family back East in a few months! I am loving our weather, too:). Is your Scrabble app working? Mine isn't :(. Let's set a date to get together!
    Hugs from Gracie <3

  11. Mrs. Teresa the jewelry you make is gorgeous. I love the Amethyst ones. Amethyst is my birthstone so it holds a special place.

  12. Glad you are having some nice Grandparent time. That dollhouse is lovely. I used to make jewelery all the time, gosh I have so many bracelets and earrings. I love what you are making, isn't it fun to have almost instant gratification, much faster than crochet.

  13. Oh your jewelry just inspires me! I got one-two items from you and I just love love them! Those stones look gorgeous and the cards are so lovely! How talented you are!!
    Hope you have a happy new day! :)
    Best, LS xx

  14. I love your earrings. Beautiful with the stones and pine cones. And, what a dollhouse!!!!!

  15. Oooo...the turquoise and lapis blues are screaming out to me today. So pretty! I have a box full of beads and jewelry making supplies I bought a couple of years ago. I found I don't have the patience for it after I bought it all. Imagine that! That's so neat that your jewelry is selling so well you have to replenish their supply. How fun.

  16. Great, beautiful earrings!,,
    I love amethys vcs i locomove Thelo color purple.

  17. I initially came here to look at the jewelry which is lovely but I'm just as impressed with the dolls house, it looks nicer than my own place.

    Rhodium Jewelry

  18. Your earrings are super Teresa, there is nothing like semi precious stones. My favourite of yours is the lapis. I am also a big fan of rock crystal and black agate. The hand printed backing is perfect for them, no wonder they sell well. Great dolls house, you could have a whole street soon if you DIL leaves hers there. Glad you are getting some summer weather as sadly we are still getting so much rain.
    Jane x

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