Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summertime, and the Livin' is Easy

Dayle was mowing the yard and came in to tell me that he saw a nice buck was sauntering across the flower field across the road from us.. so I grabbed my camera and went out with him to see it.  I saw it had gone up the hill and snapped this photo, just as it decided to lay down and hide a bit.  Do you see him?  When cropping this shot I realized how pretty it was with the picket fence of our neighbor's house and the rose bush and all, with the afternoon light slanting across everything.  
Coming back to the house I saw this flower, it comes back every single year without fail.. do you know what it is?
Then I spotted this rabbit in the front yard lit up by the sun.  I think it's neat that the animals seem to be enjoying the summer, too! :-) 
I can't get enough of Rose Campion.. it's an old-fashioned farm flower and I adore it.  We have it all over. 
These flowers seem to be saying.. "LOOK AT ME"! 
My pinkie purply Astilbe is blooming.. pardon the weeds.. we're a wild farm garden here. :-) 
It's absolutely perfection here today.  Our windows are open and cool breezes are blowing in, scented with grasses and pines, the birds are singing and we're enjoying our day.  I will head out to swim in a bit.  I hope you are having lovely summer weather where you are!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. Wow another day in paradise. Lovely photographs as ever. Thanks for the Apache tear info and yes I am missing scrabble too! Booo! (I am getting tired of you whooping my butt sure is about time you let me win)! lol xxx

  2. Oh dear, I'm afraid if that Stag was in Scotland, someone would take a pop-shot at him!Wish it was summertime here!Glad you're enjoying yours.x

  3. Teresa~
    I LOVE your photo of your buck and rabbit visitors! How wonderful:) I always get very, very excited when we get wildlife visitors too!
    I think your pretty pink flower is a spirae of some kind. We have 2 of them, although they are probably of a different variety. You have an amazing place; I am glad that you were blessed to find it!

  4. Those purple flowers look kind of like verbena, but I'm not sure about that. Love the rabbit picture. He's so cute. It's just plain HOT & humid here. Yuck.

  5. It is so exciting to see the wildlife living in our midst, isn't it. 4th of July morning I glanced out the window just in time to see a doe dash across Orient Dr. and up our driveway!!! Thanks for sharing all your lovely photos with us :)
    Gracie <3

  6. That's a nice buck there....he big! It something that he just decided to lay down right there!! I love all God's creatures... big and small!!
    Thanks again for being so nice to me today..I am much better now!!

  7. What a fabulous tour! My atilbe isn't ready to bloom quite yet so I'll just enjoy yours! :)


  8. Nope .. still cold wet and dreary here :( Sounds like you're having a lovely pleasant day though. Enjoy !! xoxox

  9. Beautiful pictures Teresa! It's HOT here in Spokane. 101 yesterday and 99 today on our back deck-in the shade. We're not used to this much heat. Hoping for cool in the next few days.

  10. Really great photos Teresa and I am so jealous of your hot sunshine. It is still very very wet here and looks set for some time to come as well. Between the torrential rain storms the sun does peep through. Our hosepipe ban just got removed so there is something possitive and have never seen the countryside so lush at this time of the year. Is that flower from a viburnum??
    Jane x

  11. I am jealous!!! The only thing wild around here is the (usually loud) neighbors and it has been so hot here everything wilts by 10 am. :(

  12. Beautiful pictures, Teresa...I loved this post and seeing the flowers and views around your lovely farm. The buck and the bunny were extra treats! The sunshine and the picket fence and roses are delightful!
    Have a happy day!
    Helen x

  13. Afternoon absolute favorite time of day to shoot! There is something so magical about the way it bathes the earth! My hubby and I have a phrase that we use often when communicating and that phrase is "great light". It's that light when the sun breaks through some storm clouds in the late afternoon or evening when the shadows are long. Indeed, it IS great light! I saw a bunny last night at my girlfriend's home! We went to an evening meeting of the local camera club - and when we got home, the bunny was scampering across her driveway! So glad your summer is enjoyable. Our temps were horrific for a couple of weeks, but have backed off for now. It's nice to have a bit of a reprieve. I can only imagine what our electric bill will soar to be after the heat we had for two and a half weeks! Hugs, Annette

  14. Such a beautiful place you live in Heaven on Earth!

    Love the flowers and the rabbit is so sweet....

    What'cha hooking up lately?

    Blessings always

  15. Beautiful photos Teresa. We have small deer here that roam behind my house. They have been staying more to the woods as it is really hot here. I love to see their beautiful faces.
    Have a wonderful day,

  16. I was wondering why you don't do Ravelry anymore. You are missed.


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