Thursday, July 26, 2012

New MacBook and Yarn

My new MacBook Pro with Retina display arrived at my Mac store, "MacPac" on Tuesday.  I picked it up and brought it home and proceeded to try to transfer all my data over - it's called a "migration".  To my great annoyance, it stuck at 17% for an hour so I finally pulled the plug.  ::sigh::  Yesterday I took both computers back and had them do the "migration" while I went swimming.  Success!  I am coming to you now on a very nifty new machine!  It's way lighter, faster and the screen is crisp and beautiful.  Here it is right out of the box.  
The beginning of my failed attempt. 
And here it is in action.  :-)
When I arrived home yesterday hubby showed me a package that had arrived - new yarn! I fell in love with the colorful shawl that Pammy Sue crocheted so I ordered the yarn and have printed up the pattern and I'm ready to go on it.  Thanks for the inspiration, PS!
This yarn is called "microfiber" and is very soft.  It's a small skein and the yarn is fine, but I like it already!
I will be heading off to Multnomah Falls to volunteer soon - I will get some photos to share.  Thank you all for not getting tired of my waterfall photos.  :-)  And thanks for all the sweet and thoughtful comments about the "monkey boy" photos.  Hubby is almost done with the chicken "fort" and will be cutting the hole from the little coop to the new chicken yard today.  Suffice to say, this one will be extremely well secured and safe from predators!  I will show you photos of them frolicking soon!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. LOVE your new yarn,pattern for the shawl and most of all your MACBOOK!!!It's gorgeous! I'm totally procrastinating here because my youngest boy gets married tomorrow and I'm so nervous for him, I have to take my mind off it somehow so where better than somewhere in Oregon! Have a great weekend, Teresa.

  2. Hello Teresa your Macbook looks fab. The yarn is gorgeous!!!!! I am off to look at the pattern. Love Anne x

  3. Ohhhhhh pretty pretty, Teresa!!! [MB, yarn and pattern =)] Our guests left this morning, and now I can focus on learning how to use this MB I am typing from. [Soooooo excited!!!] We went to the Falls on Tuesday and I looked for you just in case it was your volunteer day. We had lunch in the awesome "glass room". Am looking forward to seeing the finished fort and your new feathered friends.
    Hugs from Gracie

  4. HI there.
    *is jealous* of Mac book.

    I want I want.

    You lucky lady! I love the colours in that yarn.

    CN x

  5.'s nice and very happy that it's up and running for you!
    That yarn is beautiful....curious of what you will make from it!
    When you said that your hubby had a package for you....I was holding my breath cause I thought at first it was the one from me....and thinking...that was fast :)It should be arriving to you very soon...Now you can get excited all over again!

  6. Is he spoiling you again?? New computer AND new yarn? Who could ask for more? Can't wait to see your yarn all crocheted up.

  7. Whewie..what a beaut she is!!! I would love to own one too. But for now, my little Dell is good to me. We have a Mac desktop too.
    I also love Pammy's shawl. How pretty that yarn is. Are you keeping it or making it as a gift?
    Have fun today at the falls, and I can't wait to see the new digs for the girls!
    : ) Kris

  8. Look forward to more of you awsome pics. Heading off myself for a week.
    One thing a blog is great for is sharing what we do ☺☺

  9. You might enjoy watching the online episode about Oregon on Aerial America by the Smithsonian Channel (

  10. I see you're having fun already with that new computer. Lucky you ! The yarn is beautiful and will make a gorgeous shawl. Have a great day. xoxox

  11. Congratulations on the new MacBook, and the yarn!! I'm looking forward to seeing the start of that new shawl :-) x

  12. Look at you keeping up with the times...yahoooooo! Enjoy my friend. xoxoxoxo

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