Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monkey Boys

Our son Travis and his family came out to the farm yesterday to spend the afternoon and evening with us and his wife Kristi even brought dinner!  The boys decided that the chicken yard that grandpa was working on was the perfect "jungle gym"!  They scaled the 6 foot fence back and forth, even though there is an open gate door.  LOL!
Dayle has built a cover over their run to keep them dry during the rainy season.. meaning "most of the year". :-)
Travis BBQed steaks for us and Kristi had made homemade potato salad with bacon in it, and brought baked beans and chocolate pudding for dessert.  The boys dangled their feet in the pond... Hayden's face is a bit dirty, eh? :-) 
Of course they couldn't just stop at dangling their feet.. pretty soon they were wading...
Then climbing around to the waterfall... 
I grew up watching Tarzan of the jungle.. these two remind me of little forest imps..  
OK.. into the old clawfoot tub... time to wash up and get warm! 
Grandpa sits and watches them have fun splashing.. I've never shown you our old-time bathroom, have I?  We have the old wall hung "water closet" with a pull handle. 
This morning the TV news broke into our Young and Restless soap and showed the landing of Air Force One and President Barack Obama jaunting down the steps to do a campaign fundraising luncheon here in Portland, Oregon.  That is one beautiful airplane!  I took this photo with my camera of the TV news! :-)
I did get my new computer today but am having technical difficulties transferring all my data and applications over.  ARGH!  So, I see a trip to my Mac store tomorrow.  
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. I get such a kick out of the boys! They are all boy, aren't they!!
    LOVE the claw tub!!! LOVE it! We had one in our first little house, and oh how I loved to take a bath in that thing!!!
    XO Kris

  2. Oh what cute boys! I love all photos of them, just too cute! And, oh my, the claw tub with two boys in, too sweet! Sweet Grandpa!!! Glad you are having a great time with the visit of your son's family!
    Love, LS xo

  3. I just love the photos of the boys clambering around, just how they should be spending their time!

  4. Yea,you got your MBPS!!! Sorry you are having trouble transferring data. Over the last few days I have tried to post from my phone and iPad unsuccessfully, but on my MBP I have not tried yet because I have been entertaining guests.. I have at least gotten my photos transferred from my phone to the MBP. Still have to go over to the MacPac store to pick up the little speaker that has not come in yet.
    So glad you had fun with your family! It is great to see your grand boys enjoying life! And the chicken fort is looking safe and secure and certainly has the boy's seal of approval =)

  5. My, those boys look like they are having a grand time! How wonderful Grandma and Grandpa's house must seem to them.

    I LOVE your bathroom. I had a tub just like it in our first house back in Nebraska. I miss it still. It's the only tub I've ever had long enough to stretch out my legs.


  6. LOVE your bathroom--brings back memories; makes me long for an old fashioned farmhouse too! Your chicken yard is looking great--so agree on your comment about our 'wet' season--LOL.
    Was your son a lot like his kids? I love seeing my grandchildren acting like their parents (my kids) did:)
    Hope you are enjoying our 'dry' season...

  7. I loved seeing the photos of your two little grandsons playing so hard and then in the bath !! Brings back fond memories of my 2 girls when they were young. Your bathroom reeks character - just gorgeous. xoxox

  8. What fun those 2 lovely boys have with your Teresa. Great photos of them by the pond..bless! I love your bath...really brings back memories for me as a child! The chicken run is coming along nicely, what a fab home those chooks will have.
    Jane x

  9. Looks like a wonderful family time. I bet your grandsons will remeber doing this when they have their own kids and want to do it with them! Joan

  10. What a great place you have for the boys to play and expend all that boyish energy! They will always remember these happy days with you both :)
    Helen x

  11. Looks like your grandsons had a wonderful time. You have a fun place there for them to come and play. I love your old fashioned bathroom. I have never thought of putting bacon in my potato salad. I think I'll give that a try! Have a great day!

  12. Looks like the boys had the best time! I am in LOVE with your bathroom.

  13. The boys are soo cute! Looks like that have a great time when they come to visit you! Be on the look out....your package is on it's way!!!
    Shari ")

  14. The boys are gorgeous and what fun they were having. I am looking forward to having my two grandsons here in August. Love the bathroom Teresa and the food your DIL provided sounded delish. Love Anne x

  15. Beautiful boys and yes very much boys lol. Gorgeous pictures Teresa.
    Love that bathroom too ☺☺

  16. Those are 2 happy boys, that's the good life. Playing and running around, getting dirty. It was a main reason for me to leave the city (Amsterdam) when my boys were little. They will remember.
    Love your bathroom!

  17. I grew up with 5 younger brothers and as the only girl I found them so darn annoying. I had 2 daughters and was thrilled. We now have our first grandchild, a boy....and what can I say but he is a pure and simple JOY! I am finding out as an adult that I judged my brothers too harshly and boys will be boys. I see from your postings that you always seem to have no dull moments with those cute grandsons of yours. You have a lovely farm and home Teresa, and adorable grandchildren. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Susanne :)

  18. What a wonderful way to spend the evening! And dinner too :) You are a lucky woman!



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